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857 utc tegimented on bracelet

"857 utc tegimented on bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Thanks watchbuys for another great watch. Super legible, large watch with great wrist presence, but wears small and is very comfortable. The bracelet was easy to size, and the watch works flawlessly. The tegimented steel finish is not only tough, but has a cool industrial look that I really like.

Thank You again, Watchbuys.

Excellent Pilot Watch

"Excellent Pilot Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm currently training to be a military aviator and wanted a tough watch with a GMT/UTC complication for use during flight training and beyond, which led me to this Sinn.

It's great to read in terms of legibility, UTC is integrated very well on the dial, and the watch is most definitely tough. This Tegimented steel is no joke, I haven't managed to put any scratches on it after a solid three weeks of daily wear. Pair that with the magnetic resistance, and the cool copper sulfate capsule and I'm thrilled.

In terms of options I'm very glad I chose to go with the 857 over the 856 to get the bezel. It's very functional (I use it all the time), and adds to the overall tool aesthetic of the watch. I'm also glad I chose Sinn's bracelet. Like I said the Tegimented steel looks and performs great and the bracelet is very high quality in terms of finishing and function.

Very happy with the watch and how the Watchbuys folks went above and beyond to answer my questions and were very proactive in updating me on the status of the order once I had it placed. Thanks again!

857 utc ultimate everyday timepiece

"857 utc ultimate everyday timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: I have worn this watch every day for 2 years, in my collection I don't have anything that is as hard wearing or beautifully utilitarian! The styling is slightly confused , divers and pilots but I actually prefer this to my Rolex Sub!

Beautifully made and it's one of those watches that people own that KNOW about good watches.



Verified Owner Comments: I've been wearing this watch everyday for about 6 months and like it. Very nice size and weight. I bought the rubber (latex) band (large clasp) after the initial purchase and am impressed with it as well.

The steel one was fine, was just looking for something different and the rubber one happens to hold the watch a bit more firmly on the wrist while mountain biking. I do wish the watch was easier to read in the dark. It has decent glow power but the hands are too similar in shape and size to be totally legible in the middle of the night.

Overall, would recommend it though. Very well made.

No regrets...very cool watch.

"No regrets...very cool watch."

Verified Owner Comments: I have had this watch for 6 months now and I love it.

I spent a lot of time looking for a rugged but classy sport watch, and decided on this one over an 856 to get to the right case size. I had some reservations about the bezel, but one thing worth mentioning is that the numbering is in gray, matching the case metal, so it doesn't "pop" as much as it appears to in the pictures. The yellow UTC hand is not unattractive or distracting.

I wear this piece often, and the tegimented case is pristine. Looks great with a pebbled reddish-brown strap. If Sinn would "get the red out" of the U2 model, I'd buy it.

500 days of Sinn

"500 days of Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had my 857 for about two years and wear it daily.

There is almost no noticeable wear and tear. The clasp on the metal bracelet is the only piece that show signs that it is worn at all. It still catches the eye of watch enthusiasts who often ask who makes it and how nice it looks.

I love this watch. That is the reason I have not bought more watches...I would still want to wear this one.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this watch. There are very few true dual time-zone watches that have a diver-style bezel. This is one of them.

The watch is an ideal military timepiece. The tegimented steel is also fantastic. Looks like titanium, but with a more solid feel.

Also, watch is not too big. I also wear a Submariner, and have a relatively small wrist. I was worried it would be too clunky for me, but it's perfect.

Fantastic watch.

"Fantastic watch."

Verified Owner Comments: This really is a nice watch.

If you are thinking about getting one, DO IT! It's well worth the price.

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