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First of Many to Come

"First of Many to Come"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first Sinn purchased and by no means am I a watch snob, just a nerd that happens to like watches. I have a smaller wrist, 6.75in, and was a little Leary about how the bracelet was going to fit as I always have trouble with that for some reason but the micro adjustments made it fit perfectly. The case size is perfect for my wrist, even though I can wear up to a 44mm case, this one just sits more comfortably than others.

As for the dial, aka the main reason for my purchase, it is gorgeous. When not in direct lighting it produces a subtle brown hue. When in direct lighting of any type it shows off iridescent reds, greens, yellows, and a hint of purple with some orange. The indices go very nice with this dial. The lume is pretty good. Not bad, not super great. Kind of midfield.

The accuracies is something that bothered me at first but having had the watch for almost 4 weeks now it has settled into around +/- 4 to 5 seconds a day, which is outstanding. I can say that temperature greatly effects this movement as I have it in a few other watches too, so always be mindful of that

Lastly I have to give it to the team at Watchbuys. As being a first time customer they reached out to me and explained how everything would go once the watch had shipped and let me know that if I needed anything after receiving the watch that they would be more than willing to assist. Found out that they are local to me as well.

Stealthy stunner

"Stealthy stunner"

Verified Owner Comments: I first tried on this watch at the Sinn store in Frankfurt. The 556 case is a terrific all-purpose size and the applied indices and polished handset give this model a more formal appearance than the traditional 556. While in some situations the MOP dial can appear a simple dark grey, when the light catches it, it explodes with color.

I find myself admiring it throughout the day to see how different patterns emerge. The watch was out of stock during my time in Germany, but Watchbuys notified me (well ahead of the estimated time) when they became available again. Customer service was great and the shipping was fast. A great all around experience and a watch I expect to enjoy for a long time.

One of the most engaging dials I have ever seen

"One of the most engaging dials I have ever seen"

Verified Owner Comments: I hesitated to purchase this watch for quite some time. Don't make my mistake. I haven't been able to stop looking at this dial. It catches my attention unlike any other watch in my collection.

In some angles, the dial appears flat and inky black like how the standard 556s. In other light it can look textured and show flares of pinks and greens. With intense light, the colors really stand out against the inky black.

Sinn 556 I MOP

"Sinn 556 I MOP"

Verified Owner Comments: This 556 has been on my wrist almost everyday since it arrived. It's been very enjoyable to wear thus far—it was easy to size with the included tools and the proportions are great for my 16.5cm (6.5) wrist.

The black MOP dial is really special and versatile. It's an inky, gloss black in most low lighting environments, but then has waves of gray and big rainbow pops of color (mostly pinks and greens) in higher lighting environments. Depending on the angle, the dial is constantly changing, which is really cool. The fact that each MOP dial is unique is a great feature in my opinion.

The lume is strong and impressive, and the simple design and layout of the hands/dial make reading time in the dark very easy. The H-link bracelet is a smart looking design. The stamped clasp is bulky/clunky and rattles a little, but I think it's because it houses the dive extension and doesn't bother me that much.

The watch has been running +10s/d on average since arriving, which is technically still within spec for it being a Premium (Top) graded SW200-1 movement. I'm hoping it will settle down a little bit during the rest of the wear in period and be a little more accurate afterwards.  Will be keeping an eye on that, but overall very happy with my purchase.

The customer support I received pre and post-sale was both timely and positive. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from WatchBuys again.