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Great Experience Overall, Incredible Watch Dial

"Great Experience Overall, Incredible Watch Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: I had very great service from a specific individual named Daniel (funny enough we have the same name). UPS tried to deliver the watch on two separate occasions, both of which were early afternoon while I was at work. UPS had re-routed my package to a facility, and it was honestly a headache to get the watch.

Daniel was there to always help and provide updates, however.

The watch dial itself is spectacular. I specifically love collecting watches with unique dials, and this dial holds its own versus my Omega, Rolex, and others. The changing hues, depending on the light and angle, is mesmerizing and I continue to find new color patterns. Very quality watch too, as it is Sinn. Highly recommend!

Elegant, Rugged, and Understated

"Elegant, Rugged, and Understated"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 MOP Black is an elegant yet robust watch that offers an incredible amount of value to the owner. From an aesthetic standpoint, this model essentially gives you two looks in one, since the dial can take on a number of characteristics depending on the lighting conditions. It can range from a dark slate-ish black to a fiery display of reds, greens, purples, and blues.

By experimenting with different strap/bracelet combinations, this watch could be a real chameleon. The german-engineered ruggedness of the case, as well as the impressive 200m water resistance, makes this an ideal watch to enjoy on the daily without fear of damaging it. Lastly, the movement is incredibly reliable and well finished, and can reasonably expected to run accurately for years without service intervention. A seasoned watch technician can regulate these movements to run as accurately as +/- 1 second per day!

Overall, I find it difficult to find a comparable watch to the Sinn 556 MOP at this price point. In this extremely competitive field of sporty-meets-dressy designs, this model might stand alone.

Incredible watch

"Incredible watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Honestly one of my favorite watches and my first Sinn. The comfort of the bracelet and the size make it a perfect everyday watch that is subtle most of the time and has some amazing pop in the light. I don’t know what it is about it but it’s become the main watch I grab everyday just because it works for almost anything. Love it!



Verified Owner Comments: The MOP dial almost feels like it’s becoming more and more interesting the longer I have the watch. In different lighting and and situations I notice new things about it. I missed the fact that there is no date when I ordered and that’s pretty much the only thing I’d change. Love wearing it and hope to have it for a long time.

Subtle but colorful

"Subtle but colorful"

Verified Owner Comments: Very nice watch with a touch of color. Overall very pleased. -Pros Dial in MOP Finishing & applied indices 38.5mm is perfect for a field watch Accuracy & precision +2spd -Cons A bit thick Doesn't always sit flat on my wrist- better on bracelet? Buying the bracelet later, unavailable with bracelet

Sinn 556 I MOP Black On Strap

"Sinn 556 I MOP Black On Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a beautiful watch that manages to be very versatile even though the dial is so distinctive. The 38.5 mm size makes it suitable as a dress watch, and the case is thin enough to slide under a shirt cuff. But the 200mm water resistance and robust stainless steel allow it function very well as a sport watch as well.

With MOP, every dial varies - the MOP on your dial may look significantly different from someone else's. I was initially a little disappointed in what I perceived as a lack of iridescence in my dial. But bear in mind that Black MOP is very dark and in certain light just looks black or charcoal gray. In other situations, it really pops. That's what makes it a unique watch. Black MOP has a more masculine feel than white MOP, although I could certainly imagine this as a unisex watch.

The strap is pliant and very wearable, but I'm hoping to buy a steel bracelet soon so I can more comfortably swim with it. Great watch overall - would be an interesting yet wearable addition to anyone's collection.

Absolute stunner

"Absolute stunner"

Verified Owner Comments: If you think you want this for the dial just go ahead and buy the watch. You won't be disappointed. The photos don't do this watch justice. The colors change depending on lighting condition, it's like the photo is showing you just one way the watch can look, when it really looks different each time you check.

It really is much, much more fun to wear than I expected. Craftsmanship is fine for the price. Movement is well decorated and the strap is comfortable. But this watch is 100% about the dial. You know if you want it.

Great Sinn

"Great Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second special order Sinn and I am very pleased with the process and product. Accuracy of this watch is within COSC when fully wound. Natural dial material is more diffuse than pictured and predominantly grey until certain angle of light hits it the Alcantara strap accentuates this (seems a bit darker to me in person vs photo).

Light play on indices is clear without being overstated given the middle is less reflective lume visibility of lume is good, especially on the hands (strip within indices is very narrow). AR is above average and case is perfect.

Great watch, great service

"Great watch, great service"

Verified Owner Comments: My experience was excellent all around. Questions I had before and after purchase were promptly and accurately answered. Shipping and notifications kept me in the loop.

The watch itself is unique, solid and very accurate. Face varies depending on light sources from black to iridescent. Pictures cannot do it justice.

Beautiful dial

"Beautiful dial"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has a beautiful but somewhat subdued black MOP dial. It has the appearance of clouds and is colorful in reflected light. I ordered the H link bracelet as I prefer it to the stock strap. It is a fine size for my 7.5 wrist and is quite accurate. A welcome addition to the collection.



Verified Owner Comments: This is the third Sinn watch I’ve purchased from Watch Buys. I had seen the mother of pearl dial offered on the Sinn 556 in the European market, but due to its unavailability in the US market, I had to wait patiently for the day it would become available to me.

This model has been sold above retail on the gray market for awhile (an indication of its desirability even when sold as "used”). As soon as I learned that it was available for purchase on the US market, I bought it without hesitation. After waiting 30 days for its arrival, I received it with great joy. It looks great and runs great.

The black MOP dial appears solid black in some light but suddenly transforms into a multi colored display with a slight turn of the wrist. This is by far one of the best quality mother of pearl dials I have seen. The strap comfortably fits my 7 inch wrist, but if you have a slimmer wrist you may want to request a short length watch strap instead of the provided standard length.

Don’t hesitate to add this classy timepiece to your collection. It’s suitable for both casual and business wear, a truly versatile watch. The noble simplicity of the design gives it a timeless appeal.



Verified Owner Comments: I received my Sinn 556 Mother of Pearl, and I have to say, this watch is even more stunning, in person. I love this because it works for both men and women. I am a female with a 6 wrist and the 38 case fits beautifully. My husband has much larger wrists than I do, and it looks great on him, as well.

Watchbuys kept me informed while it was on order. It came in way sooner than I had anticipated, so that was an extra bonus. I love doing business with this company because their customer service is amazing! Sinn is a great watch brand and we will always continue to buy them from Watchbuys. I can't say enough about them.

Sinn 556 black mother of pearl

"Sinn 556 black mother of pearl"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great watch and I’m very pleased with it! The black mother of pearl dial gives off multicolor light reflections in the sun or under bright light but "sits quietly” as a plain black dial in lower light. It’s a different look but I wanted a watch nobody else would have.

It’s also true what internet posters say that pictures on watch forums or even the ones here on Watchbuys. don’t really do the dial justice. I bought the watch somewhat on faith about how it would look and was not disappointed in the least. It is keeping great time and the build quality is high. I was nerding out peering through a loupe for the first few days (good thing I’m working from home) to appreciate the quality and detail. 556 is not a "dressy” line but this model works as a dress option especially being three hand only. tried the watch on a matte black leather strap and its look went more formal.

Drilled lugs for strap changes are a nice feature from Sinn and I predict this watch will be a strap monster. That said the OEM gray fabric strap is well made and comfy but did stretch a bit as I wore it.