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Great tough chronograph

"Great tough chronograph"

Verified Owner Comments: First and foremost, great customer service experience. Watch arrived 2 days after ordering, excellent communication throughout. I had been looking for a pilot style chronograph for quite some time, but could not find anything I really liked.

However, when I saw the Sinn 144 Black edition, I immediately purchased it. I have really enjoyed the watch in my short time with it. I really like the look on the watch. It is different than most other chronographs, but not in a overly showy way. It is a tough watch and can be worn essentially doing anything. I have found it to be very accurate (+2-3 seconds a day).

The watch wears well on my 6.5 inch wrist. It has a size/weight to it, btu can fit under most shirt cuffs. I measured the height @ 14.2 mm not 14.5 mm. Reviews online also found that it is skinnier than mentioned on the product sheet, The only potential negative in the bracelet is not designed for wrists smaller than 6.5 inches. I had to remove all the links and use the microadjust clasp to the 2nd shortest length. For wrists smaller than 6.5 inches, I do not think the bracelet will fit. Overall it is a fantastic watch.

If you are looking for tough, waterproof, overengineered chronograph, then the Sinn 144 is a great option

Love my first Sinn

"Love my first Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Easy transaction. Shipped on time. Happy with my purchase. My first Sinn watch. Overall I really like this watch a lot. I own a Damasko watch as well and feel like the germans do their watches like their cars and over engineer them. I wanted a chronograph that was tough and waterproof that I didn't have to worry about taking off along with being tegimented and black and this watch seemed to check all the boxes.

So far I really like the look/layout of this watch and the overall feel. It seems to wear a tad smaller than the 41mm probably because of the black color. Still unsure of the Concepto movement as I don't have any experience with them. So far keeping good time just a few seconds fast every day but still a little early to see what it will settle into. The chronograph pushers seem a little on the stiff side for what I am used to compared to my Speedmaster. But it is a different chronograph movement so not a fair comparison. The chrono seconds hand is nice orange/red tint and high vis for sure.

If I have any complaints they are small. First off the white sub dials do sometimes hide the hour hand a little at first glance since dials and hands are both white but not too bad. I still like the white sub dial contrast and would not change that but a small amount of black around the perimeter of both hands would have taken care of that .I wish the bracelet had an easy micro adjust instead of the standard pin adjustment for micro adjust. I work in construction and and go to gym regularly so my wrist size varies quite a bit through out the day. Not a deal breaker just wish they would have a quick micro adjust on metal bracelet. Lastly this a small gripe and not sure others have had similar issues but when I put rubber strap on I had a hell of a time getting it to line up with watch case. There are 2 holes on each lug one low and one high. Not sure of the reasoning for this but it wanted to set in the lower set and the strap does not flush out with the case like I prefer. I did finally get it but did bend spring bars a couple times. Anyways small issue but when I buy a watch I really appreciate others giving as detailed of reviews as possible before I make a purchase.

Thanks WatchBuys for making Sinn watches available in the US and will buy from you folks again.

German precision

"German precision"

Verified Owner Comments: Transparent transaction on behalf of watchbuys was appreciated. Will purchase additional watches in future.

As for this 144 black jubilaeum 11. Extremely well built. Reminds me of a 2003 BMW M5 I owned in past. Bulletproof. Have not sized my strap yet. Bracelet is comfortable though should have a closure that is up to par with all this watches attributes. Silky feeling on as it is a demure on the wrist.

Panda design works well on this model. Muted and flys under the radar as far as styling . Loving it so far.