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Sinn 358 Sa DS special

"Sinn 358 Sa DS special"

Verified Owner Comments: Could not be more satisfied with my purchase of my Sinn 358 Sa DS on fine link bracelet. Had been on the email watchlist for close to a year.

Shipment was delivered earlier than expected. Got a call from watchbuys to confirm my purchase prior to them shipping the watch out. (Presumably to prevent fraud and to confirm shipment to correct address) Excellent timepiece I had been wanting since its release. Quality craftsmanship from Sinn and excellent customer service from Wathbuys.

Beautiful Dial

"Beautiful Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: The Dial is what ultimately sold me on this watch and I am not disappointed. The dial changes colors from brown to gray in the light and the subdials add just a perfect amount of contrast with great lume. A very easy to read dial.

A major concern for me was the thickness but it wears thinner. In the past 10 days, watch has ran around +-2 spd unless the chrono is used and then the watch runs around +5 spd. Bracelet is hefty, which I like. There is no micro adjustment, but links are different sizes so the bracelet fits very nice.

I received a confirmation phone call after my purchase and it shipped right away. Overall fantastic watch, good purchasing experience.