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Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’m really enjoying this watch. Perfect size and weight for my 7.25 inch wrist. The lume is exceptional for a printed dial. I have worn the watch for 10 days and it is running + half second a day.

Green is Glorious!

"Green is Glorious!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After doing extensive research on Sinn as my next watch purchase I decided 2 models the 104 and the EZM3. Initially I was leaning towards the EZM3 but after more thought I decided on the 104 as it is a bit more versatility and had more options with dial choice.

After much pondering and going back and forth the black dial with Arabic numerals model and the green dial model I chose the green dial. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice, the dial really pops in sunlight yet looks almost black in low light, quality is unbelievable for the price. This is a well built watch and I feel confident it will give me reliable performance for years to come.

I was also blown away by the customer service of Watch Buys, they called me after my online purchase and went over all of my shipping information and answered a few questions I had concerning my watch. I couldn’t be happier and plan on doing business with them in the near future.

What a great company to buy from .

"What a great company to buy from ."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I can’t say enough when it comes to dealing with Watchbuys . The staff was so very easy to work with both before and after my purchase. They are all about the customer experience.

I purchased a 104 and couldn’t be happier. Truly a superior watch at this price point. Thanks for such a great experience and a wonderful watch .

104 sinn

"104 sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First thing to say Watch Buy is one of the best online sellers I have ever worked with right there with Monta Watches.

The 104 is just as reviewed by so many tubers it is a true tool watch got mine on the bracelet but the clasp feels a bit tinning but for a dub $2000 watch the rest of the bracelet is very comfortable and well made I have an 8in wrist and the bracelet does just fit so keep that in mind. I bought the green dial but it is not green like other watches most of the it looks black until the light hits it very low key and cool. The only bad thing to say is it’s low power reserve but if you wear all the time or use a wonder it won’t matter my biggest disappointment was its accuracy about 10 sec fast a day I have other watches SW movements that are under 5sec better fast than slow.

All things said it’s a good one watch collection something you can dress up or work all day with this should be in any watch collection and hold its own

Beautiful tool watch

"Beautiful tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been a fan of the 104 in all of its iterations, but when I saw a picture of this green dial I was enthralled. In person the effect is just as impressive if not more so.

The shimmering green dial is super stealthy black at certain angles and lights, and the green really only asserts itself when presented in the light. It is not out of place in an office environment, and I love it on the Sinn brown vintage cowhide strap.

Echoing many other people’s sentiments, the H link bracelet is adequate but has some flaws. It has a very difficult clasp to open which makes it pretty much unwearable to me. The end links also do not blend nicely with the perfect case and lugs of the 104. Otherwise, the 104 itself with metallic green dial and stick indices is a home run combo!

Absolutely lovely dial

"Absolutely lovely dial"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I assume if you're reading this review you're familiar enough with Sinn as a brand. The watch is incredibly solid as always and will stand up to lifetimes of abuse. Absolutely functional in every way, the countdown bezel being fantastic for timing cooking etc.

Lumed syringe hands, indices and seconds track make reading the time instantaneous. Currently running within 3 Spd with Sinn's regulated Sellita. Where this watch stands out from my other Sinn's is the dial. While it looks black in most light, occasionally it will get hit by a ray of light and BOOM you get this lovely metallic pearlescent green, reminiscent of an 80's bowling ball or diner booth. I love it, currently my favorite watch.

I can't take it off!

Above and beyond

"Above and beyond"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am a regular customer at watchbuys.This is my 3rd watch from watchbuys and as usual exelent customer service, wanted to pay in full for the watch instead doing only deposit but there wasn't an option so I called them and while being on the phone they sent me a link where I was able to do it right away, very helpful people, they don't play other AD's games.

I am sucker for 104 I like a lot the white dialed one but went for the shimmering green dial 104 it is really unique and I feel like I hit a jackpot. (Hey Sinn give a 104 lime ceramic bezel insert please) Marvelous time piece and very reasonable priced, looks amazing on a H link bracelet but I also like the fact that is a strap monster, currently I have it on a chevron green and black natos but once the summer is here I'll put the H link bracelet back on.

Edit Actually its my 4th watch I bought from them I forgot the Nomos Sun Dial pendant :) Will definitely buy from you again.