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Old School German craftsmanship at a sane price

"Old School German craftsmanship at a sane price"

Verified Owner Comments: Jan 2022: As a collector of travel/GMT watches, I realized I was interested in something simpler, more artisan and not in the realm of crazy expensive ($10k+).

I've been aware of Watchbuys for many years and found myself always coming back to the Dornbluth page because of their interesting complications, handworked movements and classic, simple styling. I finally pulled the trigger for their Weltzeit watch after trying to learn as much as I could about it online. What attracted me especially was the simple, adjustable hour hand for new local time done via a button above the crown.

Home time would continually be tracked on the 24 hour scale on a subdial at 6 o'clock. Very straightforward. Something else that attracted me was the beautiful treatment to the movement that Dornbluth does in-house, such as engraving the balance cock, adding a central seconds capability and the overall classic German style decorations. It is a beauty to behold. I paid for the watch in January 2021 knowing it would take several months to receive as Dornbluth is not a mega, mass production company.

Little did I realize it would take several months OVER the initially estimated timeline. This is where I felt Watchbuys could have done a better job of keeping me up to date on the status of the watch (yes, I am aware of the various Covid strains and supply chain issues). I had to initiate contact with Watchbuys well after the initial due date to ask how progress was going and received a sort of rote, imprecise reply. I later on contacted Dornbluth directly and received a more precise update. Eventually, however, I got the watch from Watchbuys just days before Christmas. That was a pleasant coincidence.

Bottom line: Would I buy from Watchbuys again? Most definitely! Was customer service good? It was good but could have been a bit better as far as updating me. Nothing to go full out Karen over, however. How is the watch? I absolutely LOVE this watch! From the packaging down to the functionality and beautiful movement. I'm a huge fan of Dornbluth & Son now!

So in closing, I'd like to thank Watchbuys for carrying these less mainstream German brands and making the purchasing experience smooth and easy. Best wishes for the future and looking forward to more interesting watches! Thanks!