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The perfect daily watch

"The perfect daily watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I decided to purchase this Sinn 105 UTC to replace my previous daily watch which was a Hamilton Khaki that I had for over 15 years. Although 105 is a 41mm watch, it feels like a 40mm watch when you wear it. The bracelet was very easy to adjust and I have been wearing this watch every day since it arrived!

Every click, dial adjustments feel solid and well built. I appreciated the personal call from watchbuys to confirm my purchase and shipping methods to make sure everything was correct. Thank you!

Sinn excels

"Sinn excels"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 105 doesn't disappoint. The fit and finish are excellent. Even the crown threading is way better machined than my higher priced luxury watches. Very impressed.

Sinn 105 St Sa UTC on Bracelet

"Sinn 105 St Sa UTC on Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the watch. It took me a while to figure out that this style of German Tool Watch is my thing. Several Youtube video reviews helped. The mat black dial, bead blasted metal finish and simplified graphics are great. The Swiss movement keeps time to +3 seconds a day. One thing that can be improved - the bracelet clasp. I'm not the first one to point this out...come on German designers catch up.

What a beauty

"What a beauty"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch was a gift for my father. Not only was it a last minute buy for the holidays but the Sinn 105 St UTC is virtually impossible to find anywhere. Watchbuys had it!

I made the order and called into Watchbuys to confirm the shipping address. I unfortunately dont remember the gentleman’s name who helped me but he was extremely helpful, personable, and professional. The entire process took no time at all and having ordered online (not something I usually do for a watch) the service made me feel completely at ease.

The watch showed up at the door the NEXT day. My father was shocked with the gift, it wears better than he thought. It is now his favorite watch and loves to show it off. Thank you Watchbuys for excellent customer service and inventory! Will be purchasing again.

My favorite sinn

"My favorite sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: I own a 556, 856 and 356. The 105 is my favorite Sinn. Incredible watch. Incredible service from watch buys. A++

Sinn 105 UTC, a great GMT watch

"Sinn 105 UTC, a great GMT watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I am really happy with this purchase. I had searched for a gmt watch that can do the following: 40mm in size, water proof of at least 100m, bi-directional rotating bezel, 12mm in thickness, GMT/UTC function. Sinn 105 UTC met all my criteria, a great watch at a great price.

The staff at Watchbuys are great and extremely helpful. A great place to buy German watches.

My second Sinn

"My second Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been looking for a new watch and Omega has been on my radar for some time.

Although the quality of a speedmaster is undeniable and so it's good looks, Sinn offers something a little different. Watches with a purpose. Having owned a 156 for close to 30 years, I think of it as a tool, a needed piece of equipment and also a watch that has a presence. This is what I found in my new 105 UTC. For I know I'll have it on my wrist for the next 30 years with my 156. The 105 looks good on my wrist and at 41' it's a perfect size. The dial and bezel are well balanced and a good fit for a small wrist.

I find the glass back a bit superfluous but I like the no nonsense easy read of the dial. UTC arrow is all there and gives the watch a little bling. The bezel is firm and I like the tough finish as opposed to the bezel on my 156 which has worn out over time. I also find it easy to read a different time zone just by moving the bezel.

Watchbuy made it easy to get and I thank them for that. I also appreciated the phone call with the info

Good Quality and Value

"Good Quality and Value"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second watch purchase from Watchbuys. I bought the 105 UTC simply because I liked how it looked. It appears to be slightly better quality than my 104, which has served me well for the last six years and, which I still use.

I don't like a lot of bells and whistles nor do I need a stop watch on my wrist. The UTC hand is a nice feature for travel, though.

My favorite watch

"My favorite watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Awesome watch from Sinn. Great service from WatchBuys through the whole special order process.