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Great product and great customer service

"Great product and great customer service"

Verified Owner Comments: I’ve been looking at this watch on the bracelet for a while and finally decided to purchase it before the price increases kicked in. Unfortunately, the only available model at the time was on the leather strap so I had to purchase the bracelet separately.

I was contacted prior to the watch being sent out for delivery and mentioned that I would like it if they could switch out the leather strap for the bracelet before sending it out for delivery. They explained that the watch would not be returnable if they did that for me. I completely understood the reasons behind this and was happy to forgo the ability to return my watch.

I received the watch with the bracelet attached and could not be more happy with my purchase. I did not receive the tool kit with my watch, probably a mix up because of my unique request. When I called them about the missing tool kit they were very apologetic and immediately sent me a tool kit.

I love my watch and will definitely be doing more business with Watchbuys.

Great product - no complaints

"Great product - no complaints"

Verified Owner Comments: Great product. Fast service. No complaints. Watch wears really nicely.

Beautiful White Dial

"Beautiful White Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: Beautiful, clean white dial really looks great. The bezel is rock solid with clicks every hour making changing time zones easy.

Nice size and thickness on my 7 1/4 wrist with a very shallowly domed crystal.

Very well done watch

"Very well done watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The dimensions, weight, and construction of this watch is very satisfying. It has been very accurate and the power reserve is such that with daily wear, you'll never need to fuss with it.

The UTC function works very well and is easy to use. I have the white dial and while I love the style, I sometimes have trouble finding the hour and minute hands quickly in less than ideal light. That's really more a comment on my aging eyes than the watch though. I'm very satisfied with this watch and I'm looking forward to getting into some different time zones with it!