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Sinn 105 St Sa is fantastic

"Sinn 105 St Sa is fantastic"

Verified Owner Comments: This Sinn might be the perfect watch. It is extremely well finished and had such a clean design. My only regret is not getting the bracelet (i will be ordering one ASAP) This could easily be a person's one watch.

Watchbuys were fantastic, quick, and kept me informed of my watche's progress in shipping.

Sinn 105 - Great Experience

"Sinn 105 - Great Experience"

Verified Owner Comments: First some deserved praise for Watch Buys. I realize that $1,700 is just scratching the surface of what one can spend on a watch. For me, it's a significant purchase. Watch Buys delivered top notch customer service from the moment I placed my order. They called me, confirmed my order, discussed my wrist size to ensure that I had the proper strap, and helped schedule a convenient delivery date to ensure that I was home to accept the package.

I had considered purchasing a different brand through a gray market dealer. However, working with Watch Buys as an authorized dealer has been a great experience.

Now a word about the watch. The Sinn 105 St Sa W. Is fantastic. I wanted something that looks great that I can wear every day. This checks both boxes. I opted for the day/date version. I don't hop time zones enough for a true UTC function, but the multi-directional, dual-function bezel gives you that dual time zone option if you need it, while keeping the functionality of the countdown timer. I don't consider myself a Sinn fanboy. In fact, this model was a late entry into my list of possibilities.

I'm glad I bought it. It is rugged, beautiful and unique. It is definitely worth a look.

Great All Around Watch, Especially if You Travel

"Great All Around Watch, Especially if You Travel"

Verified Owner Comments: I couldn’t be more happy.

The reason I specifically chose the Sinn 105 St Sa W is it’s softer aesthetic, moderate size and 12 hour/60 minute bezel. Combined with everything that is Sinn (attractive, accurate, reliable) it is my perfect everyday and travel watch.