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This is the tool watch to have

"This is the tool watch to have"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is the tool watch to have. It perfectly and effortlessly rides the fine line form and function. The design is beautiful in it's simplicity. The finishing is, to the naked eye, flawless.

The weight is perfect. It is not so heavy that it's a bother, but not so light that it feels cheap. The matte white dial is smooth and contrasts nicely against the black bezel. The thin silver ring of the case along the inner edge of the bezel prevents the all-black bezel from appearing too wide and overbearing. The bezel action is smooth but crisp, very satisfying to operate. The crown is perfectly protected by the subtle crown guards. It is easy to operate with just the right amount of grip built-in.

The h-link bracelet is smooth and comfortable, with the perfect amount of taper down to the clasp. It is easy to size with the included Allen wrenches. The water resistance and ruggedness give me the confidence to wear this watch all day, every day. The looks make me want to wear it all day, every day.

WatchBuys' called me after I placed the order through their website. They wanted to make absolutely sure that I had ordered the correct watch, to see if I had any questions about the watch, and to make sure someone would be home when the watch was delivered, as a signature was required. I had a few questions about sizing the bracelet, which were answered to my satisfaction. The representative was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The watch arrived on time, and it was very well packaged as to avoid being damaged in transit. This is my first Sinn and my first purchase from WatchBuys. Neither of these will be my last.

Very satisfied...

"Very satisfied..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My concern prior to purchasing the 105 was it's sizing. Generally, on my slightly over 6.5 wrist...40mm is as large as I like to go (without looking like I'm wearing Daddy's watch) this one is 41mm. But with a lug to lug width of 46.5mm, it sits perfectly coupled with the 11.9mm height, its and easy wear.

The bracelet secures the watch exceptionally, eliminating the necessity of having to re-position with every turn of the wrist, and sizing/removing links was not a problem whatsoever (even for my non-mechanically inclined brain)...excellent design in developing a very secure and comfortable linkage system. My other hope was for a well regulated movement.

Plunking down $2K for a Sellita 220...I wasn't so sure. But Sinn has managed to get this piece to within 3-5 secs./day (fast), with consistency. So...more than satisfactory in my opinion for the price-point. There's still a place in my heart for my Oris 65, but she's always been 10-12 seconds slow. (Also a Sellita movement.) Other Sinn owners have reported similar performance in their watch movements. An added note...I don't prefer automatic self winders, as I don't like the 'feel' and/or the sound of the flywheel moving.

This one is virtually un-noticeable when the watch is being worn so no complaints there. Another reviewer reported difficulty reading the face at different angles, secondary to the white dial. That, has not been my experience as the hour, minute and second hands are clearly in contrast to the white facing. And for night reading, I've been impressed with the duration of luminescence (as usually, blue varieties of lume are not quite as bright or lasting as the green). This one however, gives off enough light to be able to read the time throughout the night.

Considering this, I don't think most buyers would be put off by the fact that the markers are blue rather than the product description reading 'green'. I really think you'd be hard pressed to find a better, more accurate tool watch at this price-point. This one's a wear-er and I believe would hold up under the daily rigors of first responders, active sportsmen, and desk jockeys alike.

A modern classic?

"A modern classic?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This timepiece has a clean, almost Bauhaus style, look and feel. The dial is completely matte, and the white reduces the visual size of it in combination with the contrasting black bezel.

The blasted metal surfaces are expertly done, and the completely matte finish works exceptionally well in a business casual environment.

I chose the day/date version over the UTC because I felt the Sellita SW 330-1 movement is not quite suited to GMT/UTC functionality.

The SW 220-1 in this one though is a workhorse, and mine is keeping +2s per day out of the box! It is a wonderful watch that works well in the everyday wear slot. Now to try some alternate straps...

A Little White Sinn

"A Little White Sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Love the modern dial design of this watch. Need more watches with a modern look, rather than only vintage designs. Great fit on my 6.5 inch wrist. Yes, the hands can be difficult to see in certain lighting and angles, but I love white dial watches and can live with that. Lume not the brightest, but it does last through the night. Is keep excellent time. Highly recommend.

On wrist every day since it arrived

"On wrist every day since it arrived"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 105 St Sa brought me back everyday until I finally pulled the trigger. The bracelet is comfortable, the bezel rotation is solid and satisfying, the lume is pleasant (blue-er tint?), the vertical day/date is a nice change, and the time has been right on. I've worn it every day since it arrived two+ weeks ago.

I keep coming back to Sinn because they're comfortable, no frills timekeepers.