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A modern classic?

"A modern classic?"

Verified Owner Comments: This timepiece has a clean, almost Bauhaus style, look and feel. The dial is completely matte, and the white reduces the visual size of it in combination with the contrasting black bezel.

The blasted metal surfaces are expertly done, and the completely matte finish works exceptionally well in a business casual environment.

I chose the day/date version over the UTC because I felt the Sellita SW 330-1 movement is not quite suited to GMT/UTC functionality.

The SW 220-1 in this one though is a workhorse, and mine is keeping +2s per day out of the box! It is a wonderful watch that works well in the everyday wear slot. Now to try some alternate straps...

A Little White Sinn

"A Little White Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the modern dial design of this watch. Need more watches with a modern look, rather than only vintage designs. Great fit on my 6.5 inch wrist. Yes, the hands can be difficult to see in certain lighting and angles, but I love white dial watches and can live with that. Lume not the brightest, but it does last through the night. Is keep excellent time. Highly recommend.

On wrist every day since it arrived

"On wrist every day since it arrived"

Verified Owner Comments: The 105 St Sa brought me back everyday until I finally pulled the trigger. The bracelet is comfortable, the bezel rotation is solid and satisfying, the lume is pleasant (blue-er tint?), the vertical day/date is a nice change, and the time has been right on. I've worn it every day since it arrived two+ weeks ago.

I keep coming back to Sinn because they're comfortable, no frills timekeepers.