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A highly useful modern tool watch

"A highly useful modern tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 105 has everything I look for in a tool watch. The domed crystal allows for an unimpeded view of the crisp, legible, symmetrical dial underneath. Day and date at a glance are highly useful in my daily routine.

The black bezel, bead blasted case, and bracelet are nicely built without the bling I usually don't need. The size and thickness make this watch comfortably wearable. The only negative for me is the clasp. I don't want a diver's extension on a watch like this. I want tool-less micro adjust. Please Sinn. Otherwise, a fantastic watch!

great watch, as reviewed elsewhere

"great watch, as reviewed elsewhere"

Verified Owner Comments: As can be seen on reviews on YT, this watch is a beautiful and fantastically functional watch. The face is a beautiful matte black, the hands and hour markers are clear and unambiguous without being ostentatious, The bead blasted SS finish is even and pleasant, and the dark tegimented bezel is beautiful and functional.

Also of note, the lume is excellent. The time can be read in all hours of the day and night in all light conditions.

On the down side, the matching bracelet is a bit loose, as has been mentioned in online reviews. I would consider the strap version over the bracelet were I purchasing this watch again.

With respect to accuracy, it seems to lose a second or two a day.

German Excellence

"German Excellence"

Verified Owner Comments: After owning this fine German piece for a few weeks now, I finally feel comfortable leaving a reviews. To put my opinions into perspective, my collection ranges from $20-$6k per piece.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly for some, the accuracy is more than acceptable, with mine running +/- 3 seconds per day. Secondly, the looks. This watch is really stunning yet understated in the metal. The matte dial and anti-reflective coating is flawless. Highly legible and functional complications with the bezel fulfilling numerous practical abilities.

I generally run from day-date or even just date only watches like the plague, they never look symmetric or well done. This watch is a complete exception, perfectly executed. I bought this to be an everyday beater with approx half my time on computer and the other half with hands on patients and I have no doubts this watch will hold up for some time.

I look forward to my next Sinn timepiece from Watchbuys! Very unique personal and professional experience from an online retailer.

Fantastic Watch!

"Fantastic Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the modern and unique design of this watch. I purchased it with the bracelet but it looks just as good on all of the various other straps Ive tried with it. This watch is a 10 out of 10!

My first Sinn and I'm impressed

"My first Sinn and I'm impressed"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought this after making a decent profit off a 16800 Submariner that I had for nearly a decade. Love the unique look with the day/date at the 6 o'clock index. It's incredibly well built and quite accurate. My only minor gripe is there is room for improvement in the clasp. I'm not worried about it failing, but it doesn't feel as well-engineered as the rest of the watch.

Sinn addicted

"Sinn addicted"

Verified Owner Comments: From the first EZM1 to now more than 15 Sinn watches I continue to be impressed with the passion for engineering, design and as Louis Sullivan said, "form follows function.” The new 105 is beautiful in the stark simplicity of the dial making reading information instant.

And, the matte bezel and satinized finish makes this tool watch a touch softer on the eyes. Nothing more can be said about the Watchbuys team. They got it right. Very informed about every detail of their offerings, attentive to the smallest concerns and I feel after all these many years buying from them that they are my friends as they would certainly be to first time buyers as well. This is how a community is formed.