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Hanhart 417ES

"Hanhart 417ES"

Verified Owner Comments: I couldn’t be happier with this watch. It surpassed my expectations in its quality and looks. It fits on my 7” wrist perfectly.

I am also extremely impressed with my experience dealing with Watchbuys. Their customer service is the very best. They contacted me right away to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted, and I had my new watch in a matter of days. This is my first dealings with Watchbuys, but will definitely not be my last. Thank you Watchbuys. I will be back soon.

First Cronograph

"First Cronograph"

Verified Owner Comments: As an owner of a nine watch collection, I was on a mission to add my first cronograph to it. After checking out and considering many options over the course of a at least a year, I finally chose to purchase the Hanhart 417ES. I am beyod thrilled with it. It is a classic and simple design.

It is bold on the wrist without compromising its straightforward elegance. A very masculine watch. The SW510M movement inside this watch has been extremely accurate even though it is not COSC certified. The winding and cronograph actions are very satisfying This watch is proof that one does not need to spend $5,000 to $10,000 to own a high quality, high performance cronograph that also looks great on the wrist.

This is my second watch purchase from WatchBuys and both times the process has been straightforward, predictable and simple.

Hanhart 417 ES Chrono

"Hanhart 417 ES Chrono"

Verified Owner Comments: Watchbuys customer service was excellent. I received a call from them shortly after placing my purchase order to review details, confirm strap size and to allow me to ask questions.

The watch was delivered in days. The follow up with the phone call and the very quick delivery was greatly appreciated. The watch itself, the Hanhart 417 ES, is a beauty! In my opinion it looks better in person than in the photoraphs.

I have not done a study on seconds gained or lost but my watch is very accurate and has required little adjustment over a week. The quality of this timepiece and the strap is obvious. With a 42mm case you might consider the watch to be large. However, it does not overwhelm my slender wrist and the fit is very comfortable. The case height with crystal is thick at >13mm, a feature I like.

In conclusion Watchbuys customer service was very professional and I am very happy with my Hanhart.

Wonderful time piece

"Wonderful time piece"

Verified Owner Comments: I was very happy to be able to buy this watch. The craftsmanship is awesome. The hand wind movement is smooth and solid.

The case polish is fantastic. I very much enjoy the bund - it make for a very comfortable wear all day. The strap is a bit short though and barely fits my 7.75 wrist. I would not hesitate to add another Hanhart to my collection.