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For the watch: Sinn 556 A RS on Strap
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Perfect “Tool” Watch

"Perfect “Tool” Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: It is easy to read, relatively thin, and is beautifully finished. The leather band looks good with it, the red accents aren’t too much. Love the transparent back. Overall it is an excellent tool watch.

Shipping was fast and communication with Watchbuys was excellent.

Outstanding Watch!

"Outstanding Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 A RS is a versatile everyday watch on either the vintage style leather strap or the steel bracelet (I got the fine link bracelet, which pairs perfectly with this watch). The 556 A RS comes in a fine satinized finish, and the red seconds hand really contrasts well with the jet black dial.

All in all, a tremendous value, with the typical fast and professional WatchBuys shipping. A real winner!

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: IT is a very good looking watch. It is comfortable (leather) and it fits great in my wrist. The date window is too small to be useful, but I do not mind. The watch is about +7 seconds a day... I was expecting less but for that you need to buy COSC . Excellent buy, I will buy it again ... I may look for another Sinn in the future.

Sinn 556A RS

"Sinn 556A RS"

Verified Owner Comments: First off, kudos to Watchbuys for making this purchase so pleasurable. Shortly after ordering I received a phone call from Trey at Watchbuys wanting to confirm the order regarding the Sinn 556 A RS. It speaks volumes about Watchbuys that there would be a representative who would reach out to thank me for my purchase and also to ask if there were any questions that I had regarding this watch.

The shipping was super fast and watch arrived in a couple of days. The pictures of this watch were one thing. The actual watch is quite another. It has presence, to be sure, and the black leather strap with red stitching is a nice thick one. The unboxing is akin to the scene in "Pulp Fiction” where John Travolta is unlocking the briefcase and opening the top. My Sinn 556A RS represented the gold light that was emanating from the briefcase.

This watch is simply beautiful, well made, and has that cool hip vibe to it. Thank You very much Watchbuys!

Love Sinning!!!

"Love Sinning!!!"

Verified Owner Comments: First off, great watch! I’ve owned an Omega Seamaster and the quality is just as good, if not better in some ways!! And Watchbuys has been fantastic, fast and responsive … thanks guys!!

Great all-round watch

"Great all-round watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Easily one of the best value watches that you can buy right now. The quality and execution are top-notch, as one ought to expect from the Germans. It is easy to read, accurate, and well proportioned for any wrist.

WatchBuys provided excellent customer service and was quick to ship my order.



Verified Owner Comments: Transaction was smooth and easy. Shipping was on time and fast. Watch is perfect, new favorite. It is beautiful, clean and simple. Makes me want another Sinn. Would definitely recommend Watchbuys to purchase your next favorite watch.

Sinn 556 A RS

"Sinn 556 A RS"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this watch! It is so versatile. Perfect size and weight.

I can wear it anywhere I go and not feel out of place.

This is my second Sinn watched purchased from WatchBuys. I cannot say enough how I appreciate the professional and pleasant experience to transact with this company. Thank you WatchBuys!

The Best 556?!

"The Best 556?!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my third Sinn 556 so you already know that I love this watch. The proportions are perfect and the 556 has plenty of wrist presence but it is neither too large or too small. This just right sizing contributes to its versatility where the 556 looks equally at home with casual dress or in all but the most formal of settings.

The brushed stainless steel contributes to this versatility and is amazingly well done, looking equal to the brushwork on Swiss watches costing several times as costly. The dial of the 556 A RS is what makes it my favorite 556 compared to the anthracite dial anniversary edition and the 556 I. The deep black of the matte dial is stunning and the white numerals, markers and hands appear almost floating on top of the dial.

All Sinn watches feature excellent readability, but I think the 556 A RS is at the top of the heap. At night the lume is good, and remains readable most of the night. Although it may not be best in class lume, the awesomely sharp definition of the numbers and markers shows you the top quality of the dial printing and attention to detail of this watch. Just because it's one of Sinn's lower cost watches, they take evident pride in the design and build.

Finally, the red second hand adds an element of interest to the dial missing from the other 556 models. It's functional (It is a Sinn after all) because it pops on the black dial, but it also makes the watch a bit fun, but not frivolous. A date on the dial is vital for me... the 556 A implementation is ideal. It doesn'd distract or detract from the design in any way, but it's there if (like me) you need the date. The orientation of the date number in the date window at the 4:30 location is a thing of beauty. My only small negative on this watch is that the accuracy is not quite as good as my ETA powered 556 models. This watch runs slow by about 7 seconds per day... within spec, but not as good as the others that were within 2-3 seconds per day. Also, I would prefer that my watches be calibrated so that they run fast, rather than slow. But overall I love the 556 A RS and highly recommend it.

And having purchased a number of watches from Watchbuys I have nothing but good things to say about the buying experience.

Beautiful craftsmanship

"Beautiful craftsmanship"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 has such a unique, stunning aesthetic for its face. The red second hand adds dynamism to it.

The machining of the case is top-class, as is the rear view into the watch's mechanism.

The strap is strong, yet soft and easy wearing. It is substantial without being oversized, slim without being delicate.



Verified Owner Comments: I found the service to be impeccable and the watch a well-crafted instrument. I highly recommend this vendor both for its service and the watch that I purchased from them.

High Quality Timepiece

"High Quality Timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: It is a timepiece built with the excellence of German quality, with a very good finish in the details, the durability and the tesustencia of the materials can be appreciated. In addition to its versatility, it can be used both as casual or as formal.

Sinn watch

"Sinn watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent watch at this price point. Customer service was impressive

First Sinn purchase, Flawless

"First Sinn purchase, Flawless"

Verified Owner Comments: Purchased my first Sinn, 556A RS. Watch is wonderful, very accurate (seems to drop one second per day.)

Purchase experience, delivery and follow up was exceptional (watch was delivered in two days less than promised.) I will be getting another Sinn soon! The 556 is a great place to start Sinning !

Better than the Explorer!

"Better than the Explorer!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had several Rolex including the explorer I saw this watch and for the price I was interested. After Receiving it I’m impressed the quality is super 3 seconds fast a day even though not cosc Certified.

The guys at watch buys were great switching out the standard band for the long version. Way to go Sinn

My 1st Sinn, won't be my last.

"My 1st Sinn, won't be my last."

Verified Owner Comments: I have been wearing Seiko automatic watches for many, many years. This year I finally decided to buy a Sinn. I have a small wrist and I really like the case size of the 556. It fits me very well and I love the simplicity & legibility.

The red second hand really helped to add more visual excitement to the watch. I'm now saving up for another Sinn.



Verified Owner Comments: Easy process. Customer service excellent.

The watch itself exceeded my expectations. Good quality . A very legible dial . Handsome watch . Not a lot of thrills . The red second hand does give it a little personality. Band it came with very low quality . Rubber strap I added I love it . Rubber strap makes a difference. Seeing movement is nice . There is some finishing on it so that good too. All around nice watch.

A very fair market value. A utility work watch that looks nice but you can actually wear and use without worrying about messing it up. I’m a new fan of the brand . Watchbuys was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks