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"U50 T SDR"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been looking at this watch for a while. At first was interested in U1, but I already have at Tudor Black Bay bronze 43 mm so U50 was a better option. After I had a chance to see the watch in person, decided to buy it.

It’s a great watch that I can wear everyday. Perfect size for my 7 1/4 inch wrist. Very stylish. I bought the one with black bezel. Bracelet is good.

Working with WatchBuys was easy. Great transaction. Definitely will consider more Sinn watches!

Everything I Hoped For, Stunner

"Everything I Hoped For, Stunner"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: For those that know, for those that do not care for jewelry, or marketing and status, or nods to vintage design, this is the watch. Just screams tool, utility, no nonsense. I have small wrists and the sizing is perfect. The heft, the feel, everything about this piece is obsessively satisfying

Perfect size

"Perfect size"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I had a U1 for a year and decided to give the U50 a shot. They are definitely two different watches, but the biggest difference to me was that the dial design just looks better on the smaller U50. Both watches are great, but I now prefer the U50 to the U1.

Great purchase - Watch and Customer Service

"Great purchase - Watch and Customer Service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First off, the purchasing experience was great. This was a large purchase (for me). It was great having a follow up call the day the watch would be shipping to confirm all the details entered online. Watchbuys confirmed I was purchasing the exact watch I thought I was, the shipping address, payment details, etc.

The watch shipped and delivered in the time promised. The watch is fantastic. Prior to purchasing, I watched every video on youtube and read every review. You don't see these out in the wild, so it was purchased without ever being seen in the metal. It does not disappoint.

I work for a German company and experience German quality and workmanship every day. Sinn reflects these ideals. This watch looks and feels like a no-nonsense quality tool, and it is. In addition, the movement is spectacular. The watch has been running about 0.5 second fast per day. I am very pleased with this purchase.

The perfect watch?

"The perfect watch?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolutely stellar timepiece. The case proportions and no nonsense utilitarian design is a winner.

Awesome Watch

"Awesome Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've been wearing the u50-t for a few months now and it's been fantastic. I wanted a hard wearing tool watch for outdoor adventures and played its roll flawlessly, still looking new even after several scree scrambling treks. Proportions are nice on my 6.5 wrist, definitely not small but the short lug-to-lug helps it wear well.

Like many, I was attracted to its thinness, and while it is thin, visually it doesn't look quite as thin as it sounds because it the midcase is a flat slab that doesn't visually break up the case at all. Bezel action is solid and mechanical feeling with defined clicks not a ratcheting feeling, which I like. Overall great watch, would recommend.

Perfect Everyday Watch

"Perfect Everyday Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’m writing this review after owning the watch now for approximately 3 months. I am a dive watch enthusiast. I enjoy the utility and aesthetic of dive watches and I’ve owned a few in my life.

This Sinn U50T SDR ranks at the top for the following reasons. (1) The size at 41mm is very manageable on my 6.5 wrist. I’ve owned and worn larger but have always found myself gravitate towards this size due to the balanced proportions on smaller wrist sizes. (2) The comfort is unbelievable. I have not personally weighed the watch but it’s lighter than any Tag Heuer, Tudor and IWC I’ve worn (with the bracelet) while still feeling robust. The tegimenting is certainly cherry on top because I know the bracelet can take the abuse of everyday wear. (3) It keeps excellent time. It runs about +4 seconds a week. Looks is subjective but I think this watch holds its own against some of the most popular dive watches in this price point.

The SDR definitely has a sporty allure due to the red hands and bezel markers. On another note, WatchBuys replaced the first watch due to a QC issue. They sent out a replacement watch no hassles. Great customer service.