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Sinn U50 T

"Sinn U50 T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Good looking watch. The watch itself wears well and is very high quality. Runs a few seconds fast per day. The bracelet was difficult to get sized just right. I wish it had better micro adjustment.

Bought the olive grey textile Sinn strap, which has been on the watch since day 1 and suits the watch very well. Despite fumbling around trying to get the textile strap on, there are no scratches on the lugs. The tegiment seems to be more than marketing hype.

First Sinn watch. Won’t be my last. Overall very happy with the watch.

Best Diver's Watch

"Best Diver's Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My U50 Tegimented watch has the tough pedigree and reliable accuracy of a go anywhere do anything watch. The U Boat steel has a warm smooth tactile feel that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The U50 is a subtle, time at a glance tool watch that efficiently does its job. It is thin for a diver's watch and that speaks to the great wearability. One the favorites of my collection.

Sinn U50 - Exceeded Expectations

"Sinn U50 - Exceeded Expectations"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my first Sinn watch, first purchase from WatchBuys and first purchase of any watch online. The watch and process exceeded my expectations. Trey was very helpful in selecting a delivery date when it was convenient for me to be home. The watch arrived in perfect condition.

It has a very solid and high quality feel, similar to a modern Rolex. The size is perfect for my 6.75 inch wrist. It's running +4 seconds per day which is as good or better than my METSAS certified Tudor BB Ceramic. It's amazing how Sinn achieves 500m of water resistance in such a slim case. It wears very well under tight shirt cuffs, sweaters and jackets.

The bracelet is very good. I do not understand all of the fuss about the clasp. It works fine and is comfortable. Another couple micro adjustment holes would be nice, but after trail and error I got the right combination of links and holes to fit the watch to my satisfaction. This will not be my last Sinn.

What Happened...?

"What Happened...?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The U50-T Makes me feel guilty for not exposing it to the extreme conditions it was designed for. The feel is so solid and impervious that I find myself taking it off every once in a while just to enjoy the hefty nature of this instrument. The bezel is unusually pleasurable with its reassuring snug engagement. The crown feels and threads competently. The wind is smooth and effortless.

The lume is visibly active the entire night. Timekeeping is within chronometer specs. The H-link bracelet is notably comfortable with an impressively substantial feel. So my question to Sinn is, What happened with the Clasp?! This Tinny stamped clasp does not belong on this high quality instrument. To the Good Folks at SINN: Please develop a sturdy milled replacement clasp worthy of this marvelous timepiece - For the love of all that is German Engineered.

Other than that, I am extremely happy with my purchase of this watch, and the excellent communication and service from WATCHBUYS.

Excellent Tool Watch!

"Excellent Tool Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch! It looks great and is keeping excellent time. The hands are easy to read at any angle, and the bezel is nice and firm. A quick pass with my flashlight made the lume last for a couple of hours. Very happy with this purchase.

5 Stars

"5 Stars"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Perfect tool watch that filled with German DNA. Very special watch with amazing capabilities. Low key and underrated, when people see you wearing this watch will definitely know you're a watch enthusiast. It's brilliant.

Sinn U50-T

"Sinn U50-T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is the perfect tool watch.

Awesome watch.

"Awesome watch."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch. Only four out of five stars though, as the lume (which is acceptable) should be better for the price. It's keeping COSC standards for time, and looks GREAT. It's my new daily wearer. I am not afraid to wear it.

If I hit a doorknob with this watch, I have to check the doorknob to make sure that the door still works! The watch is built like a tank and masculine, yet classy and small enough to wear anywhere. Buy it.

New Favorite

"New Favorite"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Aging eyes and presbyopia led me to search for the most legible analog watch. I am not disappointed as I can easily read the time on the U50 without glasses. The tegimented case and bracelet are quite beautiful and have a very pleasant, smooth, silky feel unlike other higher end watches in my collection.

The bracelet is excellent for me and fits my 6.75 inch well with the removal of two links. This is my first watch with a Sellita movement which caused some degree of concern however, the SW300 is an excellent timekeeper and is running consistently at about +1-2 SPD over the last three weeks.

In form and function, this watch is a bargain and I believe it competes with watches at a significantly higher price point. The U50 also has the cool factor that can not be denied. Enthusiastically recommended.

Perfect yet bittersweet

"Perfect yet bittersweet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: No watch enthusiast is the same or values the same qualities in a watch. I will say though that this watch is completely perfect for me as an everyday watch. Equal parts beautiful and useful. It’s bittersweet though as I have neglected the rest of my collection for weeks since buying this.

It may be the novelty but I will say the saying of "buy once cry once” applies to this watch. It is objectively expensive, but I have six other watches that don’t get worn because of how much I love this one…aside from a gshock for heavy duty working. Save your money and get this, you won’t regret it.

Most versatile watch ever!

"Most versatile watch ever!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: If you are looking for robust watch, the Sinn U50-T will be the one for you. It is my second Sinn watch and also second purchase from Watchbuys. I've satisfied with my two Sinn watches, U50-t and 556i-m.

This German watch and purchasing experience from Watchbuys won't disappoint you.

Fantastic Size, Fit, and Finish

"Fantastic Size, Fit, and Finish"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been eying this wonderful piece of technology for some time now. As an owner of a U1, I am familiar with the capabilities, look, and feel of these watches, but always thought the U1 was a little large for my wrist.

As soon as I opened the box for the U50 I was amazed at how it looked, so much better in person. At 41mm, this is a perfect size and actually fits me a little smaller than expected. I believe this is a perfect size, and if SINN were to make a few other models in this size, my collection would grow. After 3 consecutive days of wearing, I am at +8s/day. Well within tolerance.

Thank You SINN for a quality product that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Great Watch But...

"Great Watch But..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Love the watch. It's a perfect size for my 7 wrist. However, the bracelet color doesn't really match the color of the watch. Apparently, the Submarine steel of the case takes the Tegimenting process differently than the regular steel of the bracelet. Why can't they make the bracelet out of Submarine steel too?

A Man’s Watch

"A Man’s Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love my Sinn U50T on bracelet! I have always admired German engineering and quality. The watch has a strong presence on the wrist with its industrial looking grey tones much like titanium. It’s not one for the ladies as it presents a masculine appeal. Sinn is getting much wrist time among my extensive collection.

Sinn U50-T

"Sinn U50-T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am very pleased with my purchase experience through WatchBuys. It was a seamless process from start to finish. I spoke to a rep with several questions and was very impressed with the reps knowledge of the product.

I love the watch and after about two weeks it’s running at plus two seconds a day so well within chronometer standards. The Tegimenting seems to be worth the extra cost. The shipping was fast. Im very happy.

U50-T on Bracelet

"U50-T on Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Nice watch, keeps great time (+1spd). Definitely recommended.

Shipping was fast, will purchase from Watchbuys in the future.

Beautiful watch, but not perfect

"Beautiful watch, but not perfect"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Overall, this is a beautifully made piece. The tegimented steel is durable and feels silky and fantastic. The proportions are classic and functional. Unfortunately, the lume is poor at best and that is disappointing.