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Fantastic dive watch

"Fantastic dive watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’m feeling it’s time for a nice new watch and I could not stop looking at the Sinn U1 & U50. I ultimately decided to go with the U50 - I admit I was surprised at its size when it arrived. I’d been staring at macro photos online for a while and I guess it grew big in my mind.

I’m falling for it fast now that it’s on wrist. I’m digging the slightly smaller size more and more. The strap parts and rubber feel top notch - the rubber does attract dust, but it’s not a deal breaker (and their H-link bracelets are great if you go that route). This isn’t my first Sinn and I usually want to spread my more expensive brand names around - but this one was too fun to pass up. It makes me grin whenever I look at it. I’m super happy I bought it!

U50-T Great Watch

"U50-T Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Love this watch. Sinn is extremely underrated in my opinion.

I own other tool watches from brands like Rolex, Omega & Breitling, but I can honestly say after receiving my Sinn U50, this is now my first true tool watch. this is the real deal. I love how simple and subtle the watch is paired with its amazing quality. Also the rubber strap is Premium quality and extremely easy to size.

Very satisfied with my purchase. My experience with watch buys was great as well. I really appreciated how they contacted me and confirmed my order and shipping address before sending the watch. Great costumer service. A+

Sinn U50-T Fully Tegimented

"Sinn U50-T Fully Tegimented"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Incredibly happy with this watch. Ultra durable and sits comfortably on the wrist.

Beautiful watch and strap

"Beautiful watch and strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is gorgeous. Moving the bezel is extremely satisfying, the tegimented finish seems strong and looks great. The silicone strap is comfortable and looks great. All in all, I'd highly recommend this watch!

Very Pleased

"Very Pleased"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn watch. I thought I'd try the silicone strap this time, and I am quite pleased. This setup seems appropriate for a dive watch. It is very comfortable, and the clasp works quite well. With my 7.5 wrist I was concerned that the U1 (44mm) might fit me better, but the U50 (41mm) looks just fine and is much thinner. I imagine the U1 would have been too chunky for me, so I am glad I went with the U50.

I tested the watch on my Weishi timegrapher, and right out of the box it was showing +2.5 seconds per day (average of 6 positions), which I consider to be excellent. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase!

Absolutely love it!

"Absolutely love it!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Stunning craftsmanship and perfect size. Love it!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: This face and band come together as a very subtle but solid combination of comfort and looks. I often only feel the watch there in the slightest of ways. Highly recommend it for a daily driver that looks nice any which way. Take your time sizing the band take it one notch at a time. As others have stated, the lumens could be a tad brighter, but they are still quite visible.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am a structural engineer by profession and the metal used in the watch case as well as the Sinn tegimented metal treatment as opposed to applying a coating on the surface attracted me to this dive watch.

The watch is very substantial yet unpretentious. I truly enjoy the craftsmanship and built quality of it. It is also a wearable dimension without it being a bulky piece of metal on your wrist. True to its German DNA in every aspect of the design. Very satisfied.

Also extremely satisfied with the Watch Buys and their customer service. I received a call before shipping the material and a representative explained to me the product and their return policy and double checked everything was right, which I appreciated. Overall very satisfied.

Sinn U50

"Sinn U50"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Received this superb timepeice in a flash via first class customer service.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is an amazing watch. It wears perfectly on my 7 inch wrist. It's thin and light, but has enough weight to feel very solid.

The fit and finish are extraordinarily well done. As a tool watch, the U50 has it all – extremely strong, light, thin, high WR, salt water resistance, magnetic resistance, low pressure resistance. Go anywhere, do anything (maybe not a wedding for some, but I'd wear it to one, goes under a shirt cuff easily at 11.5m thick).

Also, a quick note about the submarine steel. It appears to be incredibly strong (this version is fully regimented), and the matte gray look of it is perfect for this watch.

Sinn really nailed it with this one.

Glad I didn’t hesitate

"Glad I didn’t hesitate"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and I am extremely impressed.

The HODINKEE review caught my eye and convinced me to leave the Rolex/Omega groove I normally occupy. Give this watch some time and it will win you over with its rational design and utter functionality. Very wearable on my 7” wrist.

Superb finish and quite comfortable and top drawer customer service from Watchbuys. Treat yourself!