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The Perfect Do-Anything Watch

"The Perfect Do-Anything Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very impressed with the quality and looks of this watch. The 38.5mm case is the perfect size for my 6.75 wrist, and the watch is extremely legible under a wide variety of lighting conditions. It truly is a do-anything watch, wearable with shorts and a T-shirt, or a sport coat and tie.

Impressed with the great customer service and attention to detail of the WatchBuys staff, too.

Perfect Strap Monster

"Perfect Strap Monster"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The perfect watch to switch straps. Has an incredible lume. Keeps great time. I bought it with the H link bracelet and purchased 7 different NATO straps. watch is simple enough to wear with anything and classy enough to dress is up with a leather strap and wear it formally.

I also have a few rolexes. But I wear this watch almost more frequently as a daily piece that I dont feel bad to beat up.

Better than I imagined.

"Better than I imagined."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been eying the 556 for a few years going back and forth the indices and numerical version. Decided on the indices because of the intensity on the black dial. The watch is beautiful and better than the online pictures.

I went with the red second's hand because I love the way the red pops with the ink-black dial. I didn't expect much from the bracelet but it too is a gem. I am very pleased with the watch and the service from Watchbuys.

Sinn 556 I RS - Perfect Buy

"Sinn 556 I RS - Perfect Buy"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Exactly the watch I wanted, glad I caught a restock. The hex-cell screws make sizing the bracelet extremely easy, even for novices, compared to other typical watches. The red hand second is such a nice little touch.

Extremely quick delivery, and WatchBuys customer service called to confirm shipping details immediately. Top notch service for a top notch watch.

Sinn 556 IRS

"Sinn 556 IRS"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Exceeds expectations. Dial and sapphire crystal are eye catching and h link bracelet is well made.

Very pleased with watch and the professional purchasing experience with Watchbuys.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My 556 exceeds all expectations - looks great, keeps perfect time, and ordering was a breeze. Nicely done!

Versatile everyday watch with a pop

"Versatile everyday watch with a pop"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I chose the Sinn 556 I RS because of its versatility and everyday wear.The ink black dial, white indices and red second make the watch pop with an attitude. Although I purchased with the H bracelet (I recommend) I am looking forward to swapping out straps with this strap magnet.

Dressing up or wearing jeans the watch gives versatility in wearing choices. Wearing a Sinn in itself says a lot about your choice in watches...You know value, quality and style.

The purchase process with Watchbuys was very positive experience with their knowledge, professionalism and expertise.

100% Satisfied

"100% Satisfied"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watchbuys’ customer service is a model for the industry. They have mastered the impossible by providing truly personalized service online. From purchase to delivery the buying experience is efficient and professional.

The Sinn 556 is a "Goldilocks” watch to me - not too big, not too small, not too flashy, elegant in its simplicity. It is just right. Instant legibility in all conditions and very satisfying on the wrist. I am proud to wear it everyday and I look forward to enjoying it for many years.

Solid everyday watch

"Solid everyday watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolutely love this watch. The gloss black dial is a thing of beauty, I can't stop looking at it. The red seconds hand is a real eye-catcher too.

The h-link bracelet is very comfortable and easy to adjust for a perfect fit. I have a 7-inch wrist and the size of this watch is perfect. Easily dress it up or down.

The Best!

"The Best!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've been considering this watch for years, and I'm so glad I finally made the purchase. I haven't taken it off since I received it almost two weeks ago. This design is deceptive: it's simple, but so legible and well-executed. having owned Casios to Tudors, I can say that this is the finest watch I've had the good fortune to own.

556i RS

"556i RS"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Easy ordering, fast shipping. Courtesy call was a nice touch. Watch was pristine and running at +1 sec a day on the timegrapher out of the box.

Very satisfied with my purchase and gladly do business with you again.

i is for inky

"i is for inky"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I really love this 556i with the red minute hand. The glossy black background really makes this watch pop on the wrist.

This is my 2nd Sinn watch and I've consistently been impressed by the quality of the watches and the service of watchbuys. If I were to suggest something - get the h link bracelet. It's a looker on the wrist. Now I want more Sinn watches...

Sinn 556 I RS and Sinn Strap

"Sinn 556 I RS and Sinn Strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great customer service. Answered questions and quick ship.

Arrived well packaged and communicated from purchase to receipt. Keep up the great work!

Sinn 556 I RS My First Watch

"Sinn 556 I RS My First Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I did a ton of research online prior to purchasing this watch, which is my first. I received just what I was expecting in the way of form, function, fit and finish.

The Sinn 556 is perfect for my everyday watch. It's proven to be tough enough and beautiful at the same time.

What I wasn't expecting was the personal attention I received from Watchbuys after I placed my order. I really appreciate the phone calls, they're a welcome touch these days. Thank you Watchbuys for making my first watch purchase a great experience. When I'm in the market again, Watchbuys will definitely be at the top of my list.

Sinn 556 RS

"Sinn 556 RS"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Thrilled with my purchase!

I was also impressed with Watch Buys’ excellent customer service, and their return policy, which allowed me to see the watch before making a final decision.

Fortunately, the watch is even better in person than I expected!

Good looking watch

"Good looking watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Sinn 556 l RS on H link bracelet is well made , easy to adjust to the wrist thanks to Sinn and WATCHBUYS for the tools that are included and like the review title says good looking watch.

Thank you WATCHBUYS, Service is A-1

Elegant and rugged.

"Elegant and rugged."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: As soon as I received it, the 556I RS became my favorite watch. The versatility is unmatched. You can put it on any strap or bracelet and wear it for any occasion. The watch is very well built.

I get nothing but compliments while wearing it. I would highly recommend this watch. I’m not a 1 watch kind of guy, but this watch could fill that role if you are looking for one. Buy this watch!

Sinn 556 I RS

"Sinn 556 I RS"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am really pleased with this watch. It is just the right size for my medium wrist. It’s very legible, so I can see it without my reading glasses (well, I do struggle with the date a bit.,.). The included tools made it really easy to size the bracelet myself (the hex screws are a great idea).

The accuracy of the watch is so far superb. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and it is still within 5 seconds. I found that it runs a bit fast on my wrist, and a bit slow sitting crown up on my dresser so the two effects keep it right on.

Watchbuys was excellent to deal with. They called me to confirm the details of my order, and shipped it promptly. I think I had it in hand within 2-3 days. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

Sinn 556

"Sinn 556"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A really great watch delivered swiftly. Wear this every day. So easy to read. Simple, elegant, functional and durable. Looking for my next Sinn.

Should have bought one sooner!

"Should have bought one sooner!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Beautiful and 100% practical. Super legible: the hands and indices really pop off the inky black dial. Brushed finish: if it picks up a scratch, I can dress it out with scotchbrite. Perfect size, great bracelet.

Running very well: less than +1spd. Great service from WatchBuys too!

First purchase at Watchbuys

"First purchase at Watchbuys"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Everything about my experience with Watchbuys was first-rate. A very thorough and professional organization. Will definitely buy from them again when the need arises.

Fantastic Tool Watch for the $$

"Fantastic Tool Watch for the $$"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Have long admired the simple and austere aesthetic of the Sinn 556 - don't know that you can get a better engineered tool watch for the price. My wife loves the way it looks on my wrist as well.

Would absolutely buy this watch again and it has become a part of the regular rotation.