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For the watch: Sinn U50 S Black on Strap
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Sinn U50 is a winner

"Sinn U50 is a winner"

Verified Owner Comments: I am extremely happy with the Sinn U50 S black on rubber strap.

The watch arrived just 3 days after ordering it through Watchbuys. I was given a call by customer service to confirm the order and mailing address. The Sinn U50 is a very well built & tough watch & is very unique. There is no other diver quite like it.

U50 S

"U50 S"

Verified Owner Comments: Usually good customer service with Watchbuys. Always get a live, knowledgeable person on the phone with every call. Extremely responsive.

Regarding the watch, this is my first Sinn. I have multiple Pateks, Rolexes, Cartiers, IWCs, an AP, etc. I have not worn a single other watch since I got my U50. Most comfortable, functional, and easiest to read time piece I have ever owned.