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Low-Key, Cool Instrument

"Low-Key, Cool Instrument"

Verified Owner Comments: The single photo of this Hanhart special edition doesn't do the watch justice. It is a very well put together timepiece. Just the right size at 40mm case size. It looks great and sits comfortably on the wrist. It's easy to read and stands out to those who appreciate rare, specialty watches.

The band is very soft and the combination of the watch and black calf-skin band is very light and easy to wear all day. If it's still available and you have the $ for a one-of a kind, limited edition flieger watch, you won't be disappointed with this one. 2 things that could have been improved: (1) the lume works but isn't the best/brightest, (2) I don't think the case is anti-magnetic like the Sinns.

Love the watch!

"Love the watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I spent a lot of time searching for a mechanical GMT pilot watch that wasn't too big, too expensive, or too flashy. This Hanhart was one of very few that ticked all the boxes, and I love the cockpit clock-inspired design.

I've had the watch for a couple of weeks now, and it's everything I hoped it would be. Build quality is fantastic, and the accuracy has been amazing so far (+0.4 spd average over two weeks.)

Watchbuys was great to deal with as well. No surprises shipping the watch to Canada, and it even arrived next business day (ordered Friday, received Monday.)

Week on the wrist

"Week on the wrist"

Verified Owner Comments: 40mm case, 20mm lugs, sapphire crystal, and flat case back! The watch looks and feels great on. After 7 days the watch is +27 sec fast, so less than +4 sec per day. 20mm will make switching out the leather strap easy. The leather is of good quality and is very comfortable.

Due be aware that is certain indoor lighting the matte black dial does look more of a dark brown when viewed straight on, but will look turn black when viewed on an angle. Outdoors the dial is very high contrast back and white. The lume on the hands and numerals is not the brightest but still visable at night.