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An almost-perfect watch

"An almost-perfect watch"

Verified Owner Comments: First and foremost, the Watchbuys team was very courteous and helpful during and after the purchase. When I busted a screw bar while changing my watch strap, they were able to promptly get me a replacement.

Short review: An excellent watch with a beautiful, legible dial. With a slightly smaller crown, slightly smaller lugs, slightly more lume, and omission of the day/date divider, I would call it a perfect watch.

Read on for particulars:

Case: Here is where I suspect lie most complaints about the watch. The crown is a little hefty, and the lug-to-lug length is about 52mm with a bit of a curve on the lugs. If you have a small wrist, it may be pushing the limits of fitting comfortably, especially with the metal bracelet.

I didn't find the crown itself to be uncomfortable, and it has a nice feel to it when adjusting time or winding the watch. Not to mention the watch is water-resistant to 200m without a screw-down. That being said, if the crown were 3/4 or half the size, I think it would be an improvement. And though the lugs are a bit large, I do find that the watch sits comfortably on my wrist.

Dial: The dial is lovely. The pictures do not do it justice. Thanks to the anti-reflective coating on both sides, and the clean matte dial color, it looks even better in person. The arabic numerals are very legible: white with a crisp metallic outline. The tic-tac-toe airplanes and FORTIS logo look nice without detracting from the legibility of the watch.

The wall of text on the bottom is a bit much, but likewise doesn't detract from the dial. One minor nitpick about the watch would be the day/date divider. I think the day complication sits flush with the divider and light throws shade on both sides in a way that makes the complications seem a little off-kilter from one another. Furthermore, since the numerals already have a white/silver color scheme, I think omitting the day/date divider would have been the right call.

Lume: The lume is good, but not great. If lume is important to you, you may be more interested in the Fortis Spacematic or Cosmonauts, both of which have a lume dial. Metal band: I think the metal band is great and really understated.

It's comfortable, has screw-down pins, and the micro-adjustments leave a lot of room for adjustment that can be done at a moment's notice.

Cordura strap: If you've got a smaller wrist or the weather's hot, the cordura strap is a great choice. It also add a sporty pop of color compared with the metal band. It's initially a little stiff but it softens up pretty quickly.

Fantastic watch!

"Fantastic watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a very unique watch. It was produced as a limited production and was and was promoted by

WatchBuys promoted by WatchBuys in one of their roadshows. I did not procrastinate and bought it immediately. The next day it was out of stock. I love the extra strap and tools that came with this limited edition. The quality of the watchmaking is very obvious.

I had a little difficulty sizing the metal strap metal strap and watch

buys took me through the process. Great Service.