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You will not be disappointed

"You will not be disappointed"

Verified Owner Comments: This is an amazing timepiece. The bead blasted case is a must have. It looks and feels like the German quality we’ve all come to love and admire. You will not be disappointed.

Watchbuys does an amazing job of making sure you are satisfied with your purchase, and also gives you a call before they ship to make sure you are satisfied. Get this while it’s still available!

Sinn 104 Matte Special Edition

"Sinn 104 Matte Special Edition"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had this watch for 9 months. The matte finish really makes the watch for me along with the matte dial, and the simple white hands and hour markers. The bezel insert and the crystal are the only "shiny” parts of the watch and are a nice accent. The slight dome in the crystal prevents it from acting as a flat mirror, and the anti-reflective coating is excellent.

In most situations the crystal is not visible, including underwater. Overall, the watch is nice and low key. A great watch for most situations. I only wish the case and bracelet had Sinn’s Tegimented treatment for increased scratch resistance. It is sturdy, though. I’ve dropped this watch onto a stone floor from about 5’ (~1.5 m) and given the bracelet some "character”, but the accuracy of the watch was not affected. A good size for my 6.75” (~17 cm) wrist. Love the fact that it is day/date. At first my watch lost ~2 seconds per day, but I find that if I keep it well wound, I can control its accuracy by storing in different positions overnight. Stored face up, ~-2 seconds/day is typical. Stored crown down, it gains ~+3 sec./day. And so I can keep it very close to my UTC reference.

The watch hacks and can be wound by hand. One minor improvement I would make is the clasp. I believe Sinn uses this bracelet on a variety of watches. It is stamped metal and has a diver’s extension, though this is not a diver’s watch, per se. I think the extension is unnecessary. The extension interferes with my ability to use the smaller set of micro-adjusts (2 holes) on one end of the clasp. In my case I cannot close the clasp if that micro-adjust is set to the inner (shorter length bracelet) holes, no matter how loose (outer hole) the micro-adjust on the other end of the clasp (3 holes) is set to. This was a minor setback, as I was able to obtain a good fit by removing (and moving) links using the included tools. Watchbuys service was excellent and I recommend.

I believe this watch (in the matte finish) is coming to the end of its production run as I write this (late August 2021). I’ve no connection to Sinn or Watchbuys, so I say if you are at all interested, this is a great watch for the money and deserves your consideration.

Matte finish for the 104 is the future!

"Matte finish for the 104 is the future!"

Verified Owner Comments: I received this watch last week and have worn it daily in various environments and situations. From casual wear to suits, in rainstorms and heat to air conditioned relaxation, at play and at work - it looks right at place and feels quite comfortable.

The greatest appeal for me of this well-loved model is the matte finish. It sets off the watch in a traditional tool/sport watch way that makes it even more handsome and versatile than the polished version. I think that this limited edition could possibly be the future for Sinn 104 watches, that’s how impressed I am with the matte finish. It has a traditional and classic appeal that makes it stand out from other similarly styled watches. The movement has been running extremely accurately, which, for me, is of great importance.

I highly recommend this watch to both the novice watch lover as well as a seasoned collector. Sinn is doing something very special with their watches and are worth keeping in view. The H style bracelet, too, is attractive and comfortable - it is very substantial yet feels "right” on the wrist, especially in warm and humid weather. No unpleasant squeaking noise from the bracelet when I rotate the wrist! Customer service is very good - polite and thorough. You get the impression that they are watch lovers speaking to watch lovers.

The only negatives (if you can call them that) is that the watch was shipped via FedEx with a signature confirmation. This form of shipping is fast and safe - but unless you’re home to sign for the package when it is delivered, then you must either wait for a return delivery the following day or go to FedEx distribution to sign for it. In my case, I missed the Friday delivery (by 10 minutes!) and had to wait until Monday to get the watch because neither delivery nor pick up was available over the weekend. If after 3 attempts at delivery are made and you are not available to sign for the watch, then it is returned to the seller. Also, instructions are not provided on how to use the small wrenches included with the watch to adjust the bracelet.

I did discover a third party YouTube video that taught me and once learned, the adjustment was easy. I’m summary, I judge this watch to be an outstanding and essential part of my collection. Eminently wearable for most occasions of life!



Verified Owner Comments: As expected, this Sinn watch is a accurate and beautiful on the wrist. As usual, wonderful service from Watchbuys. I highly recommend them and the watch!

Great experience buying, happy with the watch

"Great experience buying, happy with the watch"

Verified Owner Comments: First off, easy ordering process from Watch Buys. This was my first time ordering and everything went great and the shipping was fast.

Now on to the watch... Let me say I haven't taken the watch off since I got it except for when I get in the shower. I set the time the day I bought this (two weeks ago) and it's running around 20 seconds slower over that timeframe. So less than 2 seconds slow a day. It's extremely accurate, and I couldn't be happier with the movement.

The h-link bracelet is comfortable to wear as well, I don't know that I'll take it off and replace with a chevron strap i bought for it. As for negatives, I would have to go with the fact that this watch seems easily scratched/scuffed.

I have a developer job so I'm at my desk all day typing on a laptop or keyboard. My first day wearing this watch and the clasp was already scratched up pretty bad. Luckily the case is still looking good, but I do worry it will get scuffed up like the bracelet did. I've owned a few cheaper watches from Hamilton and the clasps didn't look this bad until I wore them for over a year. I would caution those who buy this to take the bracelet off when you first get it and replace with another strap if you ever plan on selling this watch in good condition. I don't plan on selling it so I'm ok with having a beat up looking bracelet. If I do end up selling I'll buy a leather Sinn strap to include just because I'd feel bad selling it with this bracelet. I know that last paragraph sounds horrible, but I would buy the watch again, I do love it.

Best Value

"Best Value"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn, and what a great watch. If I could only have one watch, this would be it.

Tough as nails, bead blasted finish looks great, day/date, bezel that actually makes sense from a countdown perspective and accurate. I set the watch by my atomic clock and it loses 2 seconds a day, which is within COSC standards for a chronometer.

The bracelet is your best choice, tools are included to remove links and size yourself without needing a jeweler. In my opinion, you can pay many times the cost of this watch for a prestige brand and actually get a lesser watch. This one is a keeper!