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Fortis Dornier GMT

"Fortis Dornier GMT"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch is comfortable to wear. Strap contrasts nicely with watch. The size is right for my wrist. The GMT Indicator, is unique, and not confusing by having another pointer.

Just about perfect

"Just about perfect"

Verified Owner Comments: I had been keeping an eye on this watch for a few months. Finally bought it. I own a few other watches, none very high end (all around this price range), and I have to say this one is among the top three. I love its simplicity and efficiency. It really is everything you need in a watch, nothing more, nothing less, and it is beautiful and masculine.

I am a traveler and the GMT feature is important to me after seeing the simple way in which the second time is displayed on this watch I realized how unnecessarily complicated others are. The only feature I am not crazy about is the strap. Even though it is very nice and goes perfectly well with the watch, it is a little stiff. Not an opinion changer by a long shot.

I would still recommend this watch it really is one of those THE ONLY WATCH YOU WOULD EVER NEED.

Top-shelf timepiece

"Top-shelf timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: The Fortis Aviatis Dornier GMT is a must buy for anyone who wants a stylish, yet capable aviator timepiece that is guaranteed to attract attention. The fit and finish of this watch is above reproach with intuitive, easy to use functions. The integrated band pairs very well with the case and the subdued colors are complimented with just enough blue accents that it draws the eye to the numerous details of this limited-edition product.

The dial is matte black with raised numbers and an anti-reflective coating which has a beautiful blue hue. The expedition back is nice with a good view of the escape mechanism. Though basic with a simple engraved Fortis logo on the rotor, the viewing window adds additional cool points for overall showability. The quality movement, multiple dial details, unique GMT function, stylish hands and blue stitching make this watch a functional tool as well as a great conversation piece.

Best of all though, it is very comfortable on the wrist. At 42mm, the size is perfect for daily wear.

In addition to being very pleased with the quality and design of this watch, I was also very satisfied with the customer service I received from Watchbuys. I am not an impulsive person, so I had multiple questions before I decided to buy. The Watchbuys’ team not only answered all of my questions promptly, but they provided candid responses in a low pressure, cheerful manner.

This purchase has left me a 100% satisfied customer!