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Hanhart Pioneer one

"Hanhart Pioneer one"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the first German made watch in my collection, and I’m not disappointed. Hanhart is well respected brand since 1882. Unfortunately not too many people know about this watch manufacturer in North America. I got this Hanhart pioneer one because simple and elegant.

I couldn’t believe this watch accuracy around +1 and +2 sec per day this is amazing. I like this watch in my collection. This is the second watch from Watchbuys they always do the great job fast and accurate shipping. Thank you guys.

great quality

"great quality"

Verified Owner Comments: i think the Hanhart watches are the most under-rated luxury watches based on quality and price. You get a lot of watch for the money. Watchbuys is the only AD for German watches in the US and their return policy is rigid. Do not put the watch on your wrist if you want to return it. They will not take it back - learned that with a Sinn purchase. their policy states this and they mean it so buyer beware if not sure about a watch.

Excellent transaction & watch

"Excellent transaction & watch"

Verified Owner Comments:

I purchased this, my first watch from Watchbuys and have been quite pleased with both the watch, level of communication, speed of delivery and ease of transaction.

First, the Handhart Pioneer One is extremely well made. I purchased the white dial version and looks great, especially during the summer. The initial few accuracy checks have been +2 and + 3.5. I was concerned about the length of the strap and with 7 3/8 wrists this did prove to be a factor. I had to purchase an aftermarket strap, but Ron was very helpful in offering advice on my selection.

The watch arrived promptly & in great condition. Additionally, the emails and telephone calls both prior to the purchase and afterwards were responded to with promptness, courtesy and provided accurate info. All and all a great transaction. I would definitely do business with this company again.