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The watch I've been waiting for!

"The watch I've been waiting for!"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been looking for a mid sized legible watch for a long time. The fact that the dial on this watch is luminous is icing on the cake. I don't imagine there will ever be a time when I cannot pick up the time with just a quick glance.

The watch keeps great time and I love the spartan dial. I know this company cares as the watch arrived set with the correct date and time set (the watch was within 2 seconds of the actual time after a day + of shipping). The height is slightly under 12 mm which should present no problems with the cuffs of my dress shirts.

A great purchase, if Matt can locate the metal bracelet that would be icing on the cake.

Superior Design

"Superior Design"

Verified Owner Comments: The face of this Fortis watch is exceedingly well-done. It is more legible under most conditions than the well-known, rather cliche, Swiss railroad clock face. The precise indication of the second hand is superior to that design. The automatic movement is known to be highly reliable.

Overall a splendid everyday mechanical watch for not a lot of money.