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Feature packed banger of a timepiece

"Feature packed banger of a timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: I hemmed and hawed over purchasing this one, mostly because I thought my wife would kill me for getting another watch. But it’s her fault for marrying me (and contributing to the problem with a Sinn 104 white dial matte finish on a bracelet for Christmas) so I pulled the trigger and couldn’t be more pleased.

Fully tegimented case, inert gas filled, active dehumidifying with the copper sulphate, bi directional (unreal action on it) count up bezel, two time zones (and you can quick set the date, instead of cycling through the UTC hand!) and absolutely brilliant lume on an incredibly legible dial all on an outstandingly substantial leather strap (has the look of a bund strap, without the bulk underneath the watch). This watch is packed with all manner of awesome Sinn tech with their classic functionally elegant esthetic.

Wears very well because of its short lug to lug dimensions and relatively thin case can absolutely be worn under a cuff. Drilled lug holes are a much appreciated bonus. Over the moon on this one. Just a dynamite timepiece. Cannot recommend it enough. Looking forward to many years with this one.

Sinn 857 utc

"Sinn 857 utc"

Verified Owner Comments: Nice case size, tegimented, crisp dial. Solid watch and strap. Highly recommended.

Great Tool Watch

"Great Tool Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I just received my watch and first have to comment about the buying experience. Watchbuys provided me with an amazing experience. I had questions about the watch and they answered everything, helped me place the order. This company did a great job at ensuring my watch arrived safe and sound. It was even set to the right time when i opened the package.

The watch itself is a decent size. Not too big or small. Reminds me of the older Rolex GMT's. the bead blasting gives the watch a greyish look which is very striking. The watch looks professional and sturdy. It doesn't sit too high off the wrist, no more than most digital watches.

I am much happier with this watch than I was with my Rolex GMT.

Sinn 857 UTC

"Sinn 857 UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: Very happy with the Sinn 857 UTC so far. Very robust watch, I like the fact that I don't have to baby it like other pieces in my collection. Really like the piece of mind having the anti-magnetic protection while traveling and working around computer equipment. I agree with another review that it would be nice if the UTC hand had lume.

Service at Watchbuys was great! I like the fact that they call you before shipping. Nice, personal touch. Watch was pre-set and running upon receipt which was a nice additional surprise.

Great design

"Great design"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great watch for any occasion. It's highly legible and very comfortable. I'm wearing it on a rubber strap and deployment clasp. It's the right size for my 7.5 wrist. I like that fact that it is thin enough to fit nicely under a dress shirt.

Overall I am very pleased with it.



Verified Owner Comments: Amazing service, fast shipping! Watch is exactly as described.

Will use WatchBuys again!

Excellent Watch!

"Excellent Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I love my 857 UTC!

I was concerned that the watch, at 43mm, would be too large since I typically wear a 40mm, but the 857 has perfect presence on my 7.5" wrist. Importantly, it fits under the cuff of a dress shirt easily. The workmanship and fit and finish are impressive. Visibility is great and it's the easiest to read watch I've ever had. Accuracy has been good with the watch gaining about 2 seconds per day.

The guys at Watchbuys are great to deal with. Like many, I had reservations about purchasing a watch I could not see in person or try on... but the customer service from WB was perfect.

Great instrument

"Great instrument"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought the 857 a while back and have really enjoyed it ever since.

It's robust, well engineered, and not a "me too" watch. I was so impressed by the quality of the Sinn that I have bought another (EZM3) and will likely buy more in the future.

To be honest, I don't like the readability of the second time register since the dial is so small, but otherwise I think it's a terrific watch.

Sinn 857

"Sinn 857"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my second Sinn purchase. I went with the Fliegerstaffel originally, but realized chronographs are a little thick for me.

The 857 has nice weight, great black dial looks, and reads quickly, unlike some busy GMT watches out there.

I'm very happy with my purchase and with the exemplary service from WatchBuys.

Sinn 857

"Sinn 857"

Verified Owner Comments: I tortured myself for several months before ordering the 857. When it arrived, it exceeded my expectations. The fit and finish is near flawless, the bezel turns smoothly and lines up precisely, the crown screws in and out with aplomb, and the dial is precise as well.

I have the double strap and it was stiff at first but after a week and a half it is like an old friend. Timekeeping is precise and consistent with very little positional variance. I am happy to have added this watch to my collection and it has been worn constantly since arrival.

I highly recommend the 857 to anyone looking for a well built pilots/tool watch. A winner!!!