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Highest Recommendations

"Highest Recommendations"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Superb watch - exactly what I was looking for, excellent service and impeccable packaging/delivery from WatchBuys.

One more happy owner here!

Sinn U2

"Sinn U2"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: U2 is all you'd expect from Sinn. This is now my daily watch - I love it. Even though it is 44mm - it wears on a (kind of) small side - at least comparing to my other divers. Which is not a bad thing. Crystal is not flat - and that takes time to get used to (for me). the style of German watches.

As for watchbuys - phenomenal service - lightning speed delivery, excellent communication - thank you!!

The watch for when the zombies learn SCUBA

"The watch for when the zombies learn SCUBA"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolute tank of a watch. Feels like you could use it to beat a giant squid to death after bailing out of a sub. Incredibly legible dial. Build and finish quality are off the charts. After the first week it was 6 seconds fast.

It’s keeping better time than my Omega. My only complaint would be that I with it had a half link for the bracelet to make it just a hair more adjustable. The bracelet uses tiny Allen screws and is super easy to remove and replace links and there is a micro adjustment on the clasp, but a half link would make sizing even more flexible. Overall I love it.

As Good As It Gets, A watch guy's watch.

"As Good As It Gets, A watch guy's watch."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: If your Rolex Submariner needed a dive watch, this is the watch is would get.

Outstanding piece of equipment. When you wear a Sinn you let everyone know that you know what you are doing. A watch guy's watch. Impeccable quality. This watch has some heft to it, like any good tool. I can't write enough about this watch. The hands line up perfectly, I could go on and on.

Special note regarding Watchbuys service. First rate.

Customer service called me to notify me that the watch would be shipped and will be arriving on a particular date. However, I would be out of town, so they shipped it over night. Not much else you can write. Thanks.

New addition!

"New addition!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have often thought of getting the U2, but held off, instead getting a UX, then Arktis 103, an EZM3, LE U1, then an EZM 10, then I found an EZM 1.1, well... the Arktis was stolen and later, the UX met with a disastrous fate. SO, it was a good reason to finally acquire the U2.

WOW! The face and the subtle dome of the crystal are just amazing! Truly impressive! A real stand-out in an excellent 'watch drawer'. I can't believe I waited so long to get the U2!

Fantastic Watch!

"Fantastic Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love the U2 and am very pleased with my purchase. It's my 2nd Sinn watch as I also own an 856 UTC. It's well machined, is very accurate (within COSC specs), and it looks great.

As a professional outdoor landscape photographer in the mountains, my work watches are regularly exposed to water, rather extreme temperature changes, altitude changes on a regular basis, physical abuse and more, and this watch appears to be built to take it all without a hiccup. The 4-o'clock crown is a big plus and helps tremendously with comfort, a feature I wish more watches had.

Overall I am thrilled with it, it's definitely a keeper!

Sinn U2

"Sinn U2"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Just a lovely watch - as long as my wife doesn't ask me too much. And I'd like to buy another Sinn when I can afford it!

Sinn U2

"Sinn U2"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: One of the best divers made.

The dial is very legible and has the tegimented technology on the bezel, which is the most scratch prone part of the case.

U2 EZM 5

"U2 EZM 5"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Just got my new Sinn. really nice and solid. German engineering all the way.

Originally bought the U1 but then decided on the U2 EZM 5. Liked the look better and the two time zones is a big plus for me. Purchased the rubber strap and changed out the bands as soon as I got it. Wanted the rubber strap model but did not want to wait a month to get it. The black strap really makes the face and body look great.

You cannot go wrong with one of these. I will update in a year to let you know how its doing. All black tagimented model next......

U2 beautiful heavy metal

"U2 beautiful heavy metal"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've owned this watch a little over a year. It's easliy one of my favorite 1 or 2 watches.

Bulletproof case, extemely accurate time keeping. The sword hands are very elegant on such a robust and well built watch. The heft of the watch is very pleasing. I've been able to read the lume as late as 5-6 a.m. in the morning.

This is a classic dive watch.

U2 - Some kind of Watch

"U2 - Some kind of Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

Have had my new U2 for exactly one week. Have had plenty of high quality mechanical watches, but this one is the most accurate...has lost 3/4th of a second in one week!
Looks terrific too. Unfortunately, the bracelet is not up to the same quality as the watch itself, but overall, it's terrific.

U2 is a great value

"U2 is a great value"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

I originally started with the U1 but quickly found the lack of domed crystal a problem and started to view the U2 with more interest. From the very moment that I looked upon the U2 I was impressed. The dial layout and visual representation is an added bonus with very minimal strain put on the eyes as you quickly look for the time.
The Lume is sufficient to last all night but it will lose most of its power within the first couple of hours. If you want to read teh time in a movie, it might be hard but in the middle of the night, no problems. The UTC/GMT hand is of a proper subdued look so as to not detract from normal timekeeping but once the eyes focus on it, becomes quite clear to the viewer and is easy to read. The bezel is very well done with only 60 min. increments but the markers all line up with the minute tracks on the dial.
The bracelet as others have stated is the one weak point on the U2 and it isn't because of the construction but lack of construction pertaining to the clasp and the choice of material used. Ideally, the same sub steel would have been perfect but at the least the tegimented bracelets as found on other watches should have been a given. The simple fold-over clasp is a tried and true design but is a bit on the small side for such a robust watch.
I found myself retrofitting first the large clasp found on the rubber strap as well as the smaller clasp to the bracelet to even out the feel and weight (both fit the overall design very well).

U2 is Awesome

"U2 is Awesome"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I own a Sinn U2 and I can't praise it enough.

The watch is as rugged as can be. It is almost two years old and looks as if it just came out of the box brand new. I have never seen a more robust, scratch-resistant timepiece. It's hefty but very well-balanced, and extremely attractive in appearance. In contrast to the watch itself, the bracelet does seems to be a bit susceptible to minor scratching, but no more so than any other bracelet I've seen. Indeed, there is a "fine tuning" provision to adjust the length of the bracelet. It's in the form of three small springbar holes on one portion of the deployant clasp.

The U2 has convinced me that Sinn watches are among the very best values in fine timepieces available today. I HIGHLY recommend this watch! It's fantastic.

U2 EZM 5

"U2 EZM 5"

Verified Watch Owner Comments:

This is probably the highest tech dive watch on the market today. Very elite. The watch is rather heavy, but is balanced very well, so the weight is not noticeable.
The U2 is the most accurate mechanical watch I own. It has averaged about -1 to -2 secs a day. The only complaint I have is with the bracelet. It does not have a very wide range of fine tuning adjustment (there are no "half" links), and is rather easily scratched. A more scratch resistant finish on the bracelet would be a big improvement.
All in all, I am satisfied with this purchase, and plan on buying another Sinn in the very near future.