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Awesome watch and excellent service from WatchBuys

"Awesome watch and excellent service from WatchBuys"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a really neat watch - rugged as a tank and ACCURATE. The oil (filled) feature makes the watch look almost "digital” in appearance (angled viewing). Best watch I have ever owned. Excellent shipping/service. Thank you.

My favorite watch ever

"My favorite watch ever"

Verified Owner Comments: My favorite watch ever. It came already set to my time zone and within one second of atomic time and has stayed right there. Because it's oil filled the dial is bright and always perfectly visible without glare, at any angle.

I'll be looking at other Sinn models from now on.

Give quartz a chance!

"Give quartz a chance!"

Verified Owner Comments:

I usually prefer mechanical watches. Quartz watches are fine, but they serve a different purpose. A quartz watch is a set it and forget it kind of tool. And that is what I needed when I started looking for a quartz watch that I could live with.

My needs were specific: I needed to be able to drum, play ice hockey and ride a vibrating V twin motorcycle while wearing it. Of course, not all at the same time. Haha.

I considered G Shocks and owned quite a few of them over time: the Frogman, Rangeman and a couple of the Master Of G versions. They were all a bit too clunky for me. It probably came down to how the rubber bands fit my wrist. Invariably, they would irritate my wrist with hard use.

I started looking at the UX 2 years ago. It was a funky, utilitarian watch with interesting technology. And it seemed like it could withstand rough use at extreme temperatures. It also was highly legible at all angles.I was really intrigued by the oil-filled case and how it was possible to read it under water without the white out reflective sheen you encounter when viewing a watch at certain angles. 2 years after my initial exposure to the watch, I bought one. Man, has it lived up to my expectations.

The roughest test I could subject this watch to is playing ice hockey. I am a Defenseman and take a lot of slapshots. The number of hard shocks the watch will take in one game is very high. Furthermore, it sits on my wrist inside my hockey glove so it rubs on the bezel, crystal and case. Not to mention the amount of sweat that drenches it. The rinks are usually very cold as well. It is gnarly environment for a watch. The watch keeps steady time. No deviations.

The second roughest test it is subject to is drumming. My left hand, the watch hand, is my snare drum hand. So the concussion from every snare beat travels through the watch. I cringe when I think of what that would do to a mechanical watch. The UX sits snugly on the wrist with the silicon strap and new style deployment buckle. I do not notice the weight and only occasionally do I get a little chafing. That is to be expected because I am not going to clamp down the watch too tightly on the wrist because that would impede wrist range of motion. The watch, unlike me some times, holds steady time. No deviations.

The third toughest test is riding my KTM Super Duke 990. This bike vibrates a lot for a twin. Not as much as a Harley of course, but it is far from smooth. The UX fits under the cuff of my main riding jacket pretty well. It is a little tight but I forget about it quickly. The cuff of the jacket rubs the bezel and case throughout rides. Fortunately my left hand is used primarily for clutching so I don't have to twist wrist too much during a ride. I ride in cold weather and hot weather. The watch keeps solid time throughout. No deviations.

These three scenarios would obliterate a mechanical watch. The UX can handle it all with ease. The case and bezel show no wear. The movement is keeping solid time. It is supremely easy to read. The silicon strap, once sized properly, has about 5mm of adjustment with the new style deployment clasp, It always fits well.

It is a beast of a watch. If you are one who will wear his watch in a tough environment with harsh use, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I give it 5 stars for fit, finish, durability and all around stealth capability. One watch to do it all. Except maybe of course wearing it with a suit or tux. If I were to wear it in that harsh environment(!), I would buy the bracelet or get one of Sinn's nice leather straps.

Thanks to Watchbuys. I cannot say I needed much help in my decision to buy this watch as I had done all the research before calling them to purchase it. But they were helpful and quick when I made the transaction. The watch was on my doorstep a day and a half after I paid for it. Very nice indeed.

Sinn watches are fantastic. I own a T2 and an 857 UTC. I think they make the best tool watches in $1000 to $3000 price range.

The UX surpasses all rivals

"The UX surpasses all rivals"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn UX is probably the ultimate, luxury, tool watch in the world today. Thanks to the over-engineered, oil-filled, German technology from Sinn, the UX can go to ANY depth (the movement is limited to 5,000m, but the case will survive ANY depth on earth!) the oil-filled case also means that you always know if the watch has lost its water-resistance (unlike other watches where you never quite know), Submarine steel with hardened, tegimented bezel perfect, unrivalled clarity of the dial - even under water - at any angle 7 year battery life Shockproof Anti-magnetic Sapphire crystal,

Super-accurate, thermo-compensated ETA quartz movement service costs similar to (or cheaper than) mechanical watches, etc., etc. And, amazingly, it's only 13mm thick, so it fits under a cuff as well :) For the money, there's nothing better IMHO.

Sinn UX EZM Hydro - Awesome Watch

"Sinn UX EZM Hydro - Awesome Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I love my Sinn UX EZM Hydro. Totally different from my Sinn U1 - I LOVE both of them. I am always getting comments on both watches.

Amazing engineering!!

A Great Watch

"A Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Totally overjoyed that I purchased the Sinn UX EZM 2 B Hydro.

The size, weight on the wrist and clarity of the dial are absolutely perfect.

It has quickly become my everyday watch of choice for all occasions.

The one of a kind Sinn UX

"The one of a kind Sinn UX"

Verified Owner Comments: Unlike any other watch. It may look like other divers, especially its brothers the U1 and U2, but the UX is unique.

It has striking clarity, the most accurate quartz movement made and engineering that puts Rolex to shame.

A great watch that looks great on the wrist.

UX Hydro on strap

"UX Hydro on strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent watch that is always accurate.

The case, bezel and crystal are all scratch-free after three years of wear.

Only suggestion is that I would get the tegimented buckle, as this is the only portion of the watch that shows any wear (fine scratches).



Verified Owner Comments: Love this watch!



Verified Owner Comments: I have owned several Sinns and have loved all of them, when the U1 came out I had to have one...great watch, the feel and look of is so substantial. I recently picked up a UX Hydro...BEST I'VE HAD SO FAR !!!

Usually not a Quartz fan but this watch is "spot on" accurate all the time, and per the manufacturer's review it is the most "readable" watch I have ever owned. Regardless of how extreme the angle of vision every character and marking is crystal clear.

Nice job SINN!!!