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Bold styling

"Bold styling"

Verified Owner Comments: I like the Sinn U 1, the look the heftiness of the watch, and WatchBuys customer support are great.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: After researching the info available on watchbuys site and reading the reviews, I decided to make the Sinn U1 on rubber strap mine. Easy transaction on the phone. All my leftover questions were answered and I couldn't be happier.

The watch was delivered quickly and in beautiful new condition. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks for your help.

Couldn’t be happier!

"Couldn’t be happier!"

Verified Owner Comments: I spent a lot of time reading reviews and watching YouTube videos prior to purchasing and I was still unprepared for how incredible this time piece is! Lives up to the hype and then some.

Customer service at Watchbuys is incredible as well, the watch arrived wound and with the time set perfectly to my time zone, a nice touch! If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it!

Great Sinn U1!

"Great Sinn U1!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been very pleased with my Sinn U1. This watch feels durable and is substantial. I purchased the 104, a couple of years ago, and haven't regretted it since. Sinn makes great watches, and you won't regret owning one.

I always purchase from Watchbuys, as they are reliable, reputable, and provide great service to their customers. They ship quickly and package carefully. They are my go to for any questions or Sinn orders. You won't be disappointed in the Sinn watches or watchbuys, themselves.

Impressive Watch & Positive Purchase Experience

"Impressive Watch & Positive Purchase Experience"

Verified Owner Comments: Six years ago I saw the Sinn U1 in a watch magazine and have been searching for it ever since. Thanks to WatchBuys, I'm now the proud owner this German work of art.

It's even more beautiful in person. The watch feels solid, durable and the craftsmanship is impressive. I'm very happy with this purchase.

The WatchBuys purchase experience was smooth and efficient. As soon as the purchase was made I received an email confirmation, and within 30 minutes a representative from the company called to followup. Then, WatchBuys sent a series of email delivery updates. I would definitely recommend this company.

Literally Amazing

"Literally Amazing"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been a watch enthusiast/collector since 2004, and have been very lucky to own and wear low-mid-to high end watches, but through the years I've always kept my eye on the U1 from the venerable Sinn brand. It's everything and more a dive watch lover could ask for, professional build quality and movement performance.

The U1 rubber watch strap can be changed out for different looks, whatever you fancy in a 22mm lug width. Let's face it the U1 is so freaking COOL to look at, play with, hold, and wear and I bet in the water it's just as rock solid as it's professional specs. I hope Sinn never stops making the U1.

Unique, Bulletproof, Dressy, Great Customer Svc

"Unique, Bulletproof, Dressy, Great Customer Svc"

Verified Owner Comments: Have been looking for 3 years for a watch that I could use snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or at a fundraiser at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Great customer experience when called WatchBuys. WatchBuys helped me select the correct U1, and it was a gratifying experience dealing with them.

Beautiful Watch

"Beautiful Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been eyeing this watch for a long time and finally decided to buy it. Its a great piece and the fit and finish is top notch. This watch is built like a tank and looks great!

The Watchbuys staff is very helpful and made this a flawless transaction.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: This piece is an absolutely impressive piece of beauty and construction.

I have had a few other of the Sinn pieces in the past and I must say that this icon watch is the best in my opinion.

I can not take my eyes off it and it is certainly an everyday wear from casual to office environments.

Excellent service on U1 purchase

"Excellent service on U1 purchase"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been wanting a Sinn for a few years. The time was right (no pun intended) and I decided to take the leap. I was torn between the 856 and the U1, but since I've been planning on getting back into diving again, I went with the U1.

I placed the order, received a confirmation email and telephone call, and it seemed like I had the watch before I hung up the phone. It is a thing of beauty. Better than any Tag, Omega, and Rolex I've handled or owned. I'm proud to own it. Now I just need to get that 856.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: Well, I guess I am officially a Sinner. Ever since the first time I saw a Sinn, I knew that I had to have one. After considerable research and fund raising, I went ahead and went with the Sinn U1 and purchased it through WatchBuys. Dealing with WatchBuys was a very good experience. Someone from WatchBuys actually called me about thirty minutes after I placed my order in order to confirm everything and answer any questions I had. My watch literally arrived two days after I ordered it.

Initial impressions of the U1 are very positive. As soon as I opened the package, I knew it was everything I had hoped for. The U1 is hefty in a good way. I love the rubber strap, but that was an agonizing adjustment. The metal spacer pins were a bear to push out. I started trying to do it with the included watch tool, but ended up putting that through my hand and drawing blood. Holy cow. You know when a knife bites you, it's yours for life. Guess the same can be said for the U1. I had to get a punch to push the rest of the metal spacers out. My advice would be to start with this tactic using a punch.

I think the only gripe I have is that the clasp doesn't have a micro adjust feature. Why not add a micro adjust, you know what I mean? But I love the rubber strap as it is super comfortable. It's probably the most comfortable watch band I've ever worn. Also, I would love some tritium on the U1. The Lume is okay, but I didn't buy this watch for Lume.

I bought this watch because it is an excellent all around tool watch. Anyway, this is a great watch! I am extremely pleased with it! I have worn the U1 to work in the law enforcement setting everyday since receiving it.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I wear this watch everywhere. To the pool, to bed, to work. Seems very durable and reliable. Mine is also keeping excellent time at +3 seconds a day. Highly recommend this watch.

Also the service was top notch from WatchBuys! will definitely buy from them again.

Amazing Watch!!!

"Amazing Watch!!!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have wanted one of these for several years. I currently own other high end watches such as an Omega which I love, but I am hard on my watches and don't believe in leaving watches in a safe.  I wear them hard and use them hard. I scuba dive and spend a lot of times in the woods. I read many reviews and watched many YouTube videos showing the lasting power for the U1 and decided it was the one for me.

I have had mine a couple weeks now and it's already been to the Bahamas to go diving and hiked through the deep Texas woods. I love this thing! It has not gained or lost a second when compared to the clock on my cell phone. It has remained spot on! The rubber strap feels amazing and you don't even know the watch is on your wrist. Which brings me to another point; for what's considered a large watch, it doesn't seem large at all. I have small wrists (last hole on each end of the strap) and it looks and feels amazing!

Ok, so nothing is perfect; what's the downsides you ask? The lume, while being awesome at first, just like my Omega, loses its brightness pretty quick, like my Omega, but still is readable all through the night. Also, micro adjustments would be nice, as would they on my Omega. So, you can compare this to a watch which costs almost 3 times as much and you have a watch which is just as accurate and in my opinion, much tougher. At least you will not worry about bumping or banging it. Not that the higher prices watches can't take the abuse, but they will show it much quicker. I hope to have this watch for many years and take it on many adventures. Only time will tell how well this is really built, but I'm hoping for the best.

WatchBuys was great to deal with and I hope if I ever need service down the road they will stand behind their product, which I'm sure they will. If you're thinking about buying this, just do it!

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm not into tacky oversized monstrosities and find that the thick bezelled U1 wears more like a 42mm which I find perfect!

My next "good" watch was supposed to be a Speedmaster Pro but I hear the Sinn 358 calling my name....

The U1 is Awesome!

"The U1 is Awesome!"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the size and feel of this watch. Its hefty, but not overbearing. Never thought a rubber strap could wear so well and feel so solid. Easy to read dial.

All in all a great watch, and amazingly accurate (like +2 sec/day). I definitely recommend this for anyone on the fence, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Amazing Watch

"Amazing Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Just love this watch.

Couldn't be more pleased with the purchase and the purchase experience through the team at WatchBuys.

Digging the U1

"Digging the U1"

Verified Owner Comments: Picked up the U1 a couple of months ago after gawking at photos online.

I'm drawn to dive watches, and this watch is really fantastic. Solid case, rubber band is perfect. Enjoying wearing this unique piece, and equally impressed with the purchase experience and communication from WatchBuys.

These guys are great.

Awesome Timepiece!

"Awesome Timepiece!"

Verified Owner Comments: This SINN Watch is Awesome!

I love German engineering and am delighted with this good looking rugged timepiece.

The Sinn U1 watch combines beauty and boldness that's rare in todays watch world.

U! - Keeper!

"U! - Keeper!"

Verified Owner Comments: Great everyday watch! Love everything about it.

Perfect size, height, look-wears well w/ a variety of straps. Can't go wrong.

Utilitarian monster

"Utilitarian monster"

Verified Owner Comments: The one word I keep coming back to is 'solid'. It's heavy, yes, but the proportions feel balanced and functional - it's not large for being large's sake.

The crown turns smoothly with a satisfying amount of resistance and screws down firmly. There's a bit of play with the bezel - about 1/2 of a second's arc - if you mess with it, but it settles right into alignment the moment you stop playing with it, The 'clicks' as it rotates are a bit rough, and sound more like a muted thud rather than a sharp metallic click. Minor complaints but hey, full disclosure for minor flaws.

U1 is now my favorite watch

"U1 is now my favorite watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The photos don't do it justice. The U1 is so comfortable I have to look to see if it is still on my wrist.

By far it has replaced my Breitling watches and my Submariner as my favorite watch.

Absolutely Love This Watch!!

"Absolutely Love This Watch!!"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is everything everyone says it is and more!

I just love the way it looks on my wrist with a mesh bracelet, I get so many compliments on it.

Tough as nails, still looks like new after 3 years.

Movie stunt double - the watch survives!

"Movie stunt double - the watch survives!"

Verified Owner Comments: On a recent movie I was stunt-doubling for a famous actor, and had to grab another performer and run him through a wall.

This actor saw that my watch looked nothing like his Sinn U1, so he gave me his, saying "I'll give you $100 if you can break that watch".

Afterward, I was badly cut and the other man had a dislocated shoulder, but the Sinn U1 was unharmed. Nice to know that someone is still putting pride and effort into their products.

Highly recommended Sinn diver!

"Highly recommended Sinn diver!"

Verified Owner Comments: The U1 is a tough watch that inspires confidence.

The look of the watch is no-nonsense and it just feels purpose built in its heft and appearance. There's also a real high quality to it from the amazing silicone rubber strap and deployant to the great finish of the case, dial and hands. I own a lot of divers from various brands but there is just something about the U1 that is extremely appealing to me both aesthetically and functionally that not even some of my higher end divers can match. I've had mine for only a couple of days and it's been at around +4 per day which is excellent.

This U1 was my first Sinn (but definitely not the last!) and WatchBuys (Matt and Rob) made the purchase a breeze and answered all of my questions through email and over the phone. The customer service is top-notch.

I highly recommend the U1. In fact, only a couple of days after receiving mine, I ordered another for my father.

Perfect combat watch!

"Perfect combat watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely the toughest watch I have ever owned. Accurate, strong and water proof. I rate it along with Rolex, Breitling, and Tag...consider it tougher than the aforementioned watches.

My only complaint is the cost of the steel band, I don't think it is over priced just an added cost. I also purchased the water proof leather band made as a replacement for this fine watch......AAA for the U1

I own other fine watches but this is the most wearable due to its tough as nails construction. I used it in Law Enforcement where it took a beating on occasion, not a mark on it.

Great watch for the money!!!

"Great watch for the money!!!"

Verified Owner Comments: I've received lots of compliments on this watch.

Got both the rubber strap and SS bracelet. Rubber strap is very comfortable. You won't be afraid to wear this everyday!

WatchBuys service is top notch even to Canadians!



Verified Owner Comments: No matter what I am doing, I never worry about my Sinn U1. It can take dropping, banging, being soaked in oil and still comes up without missing a beat.

I have owned three other Sinns and many Omegas. This watch is the most dependable and most unique that I have owned.

Easily dollar for dollar the best watch I have ever owned.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been collecting watches for many years, especially divers and I have to say the Sinn U1 ranks up there with the best.

Love the sub steel look and durability, the dial is unique from a distance and extremely legible. Movement is very accurate over the past several weeks gaining about 1 sec per day. Rubber strap is very comfortable and the 44mm case is comfortable due to the off set crown.

All around great diver watch!

Watch Saved My Life!

"Watch Saved My Life!"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought the Sinn U1 while in Singapore for a ship repair. I had never heard of the Sinn brand, but I was impressed with the build quality and the uniqueness of the watch.

The thick rubber band saved me this last summer while shucking oysters! The knife slipped and went straight through the band, stopping at my wrist! I highly recommend the Sinn line to anyone.

I also have a vintage Rolex Submariner Date and a new Rolex Explorer II, but I find the Sinn U1 to be the most unique and interesting of my watches.

Awesome watch!

"Awesome watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: There are a number of reasons I love this watch.

1. Build and quality is superb. I wanted a watch that can take any abuse in daily wear yet remaining comfortable on my wrist. The rubber band is super comfortable. In fact I wore it to sleep on a first day without noticing it's there.

2. Accurate and Reliable automatic movement. While wearing it I don't feel the "winding" experience like any other automatic movement.

3. Perfect size. I have a small wrist 6.5" yet 44mm (lug to lug) x 15mm (height) is very proportional in this size. I have Panerai 111 which is also 44mm in size but compared to Sinn U1 44mm I feel I wear U1 like a 42mm and that's fine to me. I have to shorten the rubber straps all the way both sides leaving only 1 pin on a side. Please do google how to shorten U1 rubber strap before you shorten yours first so you don't make any mistake and be patient. The buckle has an extended snap for wearing over the diving suit, I find it a very cool feature. Straps can easily changed. You will have a lot of options like Panerai straps with 22mm lugs when you got bored with OEM straps.

4. Affordable. At this price range for a German U-boat steel, unique and minimalist design, I love it. I chose U1 over U2 because it does not have other Sinn hightech features that need to do maintenance later. I would buy this again if it's got stolen or lost (knock on woods!). I can see I wear it for a long time.

5. Watchbuys is an authorized dealer for Sinn. I know it's authentic. Fast shipping and smooth transaction as well. I would buy with Watchbuys again.

All in all, I love my Sinn U1. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a quality, reliable, good-looking watch at an affordable price.



Verified Owner Comments: I just received the U1 today.  All of the pics I've seen don't do the watch justice.

I'm totally amazed, Tim, Rob and Matt are top notch. The transaction was as smooth as silk and delivery was right on time.

WatchBuys and staff are a class act and will be hearing from me again.



Verified Owner Comments: I purchased my first U1 last year and stupidly flipped it. Purchased my second U1 yesterday and it is all I remember it was.

A very solid, well made very comfortable German watch with arguably the most unique watch face out there.

Two years on my wrist

"Two years on my wrist"

Verified Owner Comments: For once I bought an automatic watch that is easy to to set and is very accurate and indestructable.

It is quite scratch resistant and the rubber band is still holding up.

Shockingly awesome watch

"Shockingly awesome watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Great solid watch with more technology than any other diver watch besides the Sinn U2.

 Although not a chronometer it runs like one. Very pleased.

My U1

"My U1"

Verified Owner Comments: Received my new U-1 last week and it hasn't left my wrist.

My Sea Dweller is at rest in my cabinet drawer.



Verified Owner Comments: Just got my U1 today and I was blown away by how well thought and well made this watch is.

I came in with high expectations but having never seen a U1 (or Sinn for that matter) in person it handily beat my expectations. great watch, great company. (other watches Rolex Subdate & Panerai 111)

Great Watch.

"Great Watch."

Verified Owner Comments: This watch looks awesome. Wears great.

I've not taken it diving or put it though any hard core abuse,but it does keep GREAT time and just feels great to wear.

I have 6 other watches and this one has not left my wrist in a while.

Solid Watch

"Solid Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: A rock solid timepeice and the workmanship is outstanding-

A unique watch that I enjoy wearing everyday-



Verified Owner Comments: I have worn my U1 every day for 3 months that includes salt water dives, moto-cross, golf, power tools and yard work and the watch has performed above and beyond the call.

Love it !!

"Love it !!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have several watches. This one is by far one of the best. Especially when you consider the value for money.

I highly recomend this watch!!!



Verified Owner Comments:

The U1 is a great looking watch that wears like a 40mm.
It`s very comfortable, even on my fairly small wrist.  I`ve had it for 3 days now and it`s only 3 seconds fast! 

It's a great buy, and getting it from WatchBuys you can`t go wrong, they`re great too! Thank`s Matt!

Absolutely recommend

"Absolutely recommend"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm a recent college graduate, and bought the U1 to be my everyday watch.

I have worn it almost entirely for the 7 months I've had it (taken off for showers and exercise) and am just as thrilled with it as the day I received it.

It's accurate, robust, legible, and unique.

First Sinn

"First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: The U1 was my first Sinn, WOW!

This watch commands twice the money, a true WIS insider's tip.



Verified Owner Comments: Highly recommended!

A true bargain in the watch world.

A beater, that you can't beat up!