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Awesome pilot tool watch

"Awesome pilot tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I did a lot of research prior to buying the Sinn 856 UTC Black Tegimented on Bracelet. I wanted a tool watch for everyday wear that could go to work with me, go camping, fall in a river, make it through Chicago winters, and go out with me for drinks after. I also wanted something accurate, and highly engineered. My price range was $500-$5000.

After wearing it everyday for the last three weeks, I gotta say I'm very happy. Out of the box, it was running and the time and date had been set by the Watchbuys crew, which was very cool. The watch feels super solid and smooth, and the Tegimented surface looks way better in person than in online photos. Thus far the finish on the case and bracelet has been super durable.

I'm pretty rough on watches. I wear it all day and have only a couple very very fine hairline scratches on the clasp. The ETA 2893-2 movement is great so far. Very smooth and gaining about +2 seconds per day on average. I'm impressed. The lume is bright when charged, and the dial is easy to read at a glance day or night. I set the 24 dial to UTC time to have the option to use it as a compass . The anti reflective coating is effective in nearly all conditions. The screw down crown is precise and well machined.

I work around magnetic fields, so the antimagnetic cage was important to me. This watch has the same amount of magnetic field protection as a Rolex Milguass! That's amazing. Also, the copper sulfate insert and gas filled case has been giving me peace of mind going from 15 degrees to 70 degrees and back again during my bicycle commute. No fogging. The watch is classy, classic, tough, and modern all at once. I love wearing it. I'll keep wearing it. It's engineered like a watch three times the price.

Thanks to Sinn for putting so much thought ans quality into their watches. Thanks to Watchbuys for making the process easy and fast, and for being so helpful and stand up. I'll be back.

Great Looking Watch (more)

"Great Looking Watch (more)"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been wearing this watch 24/7 since I bought it this month. It goes with me to the shower, desk diving on my laptop, hiking, rubbing it back and forth my keyboard.

My laptop itself is coated black and due to the bracelet, it has worn of the coating on the laptop. But on the bracelet itself, it is as good as new. However, I was surprised to find that the Watch dial's pvd coating has slightly worn off and showing the tegimented grey. I have no personal qualms with this, as I like that it shows that it has been worn and beaten and used, however, I had the impression that the PVD coating on Sinn watches are very durable and would withstand a lot more abuse.

Overall, I love it, but I did have the impression that the PVD coating would last longer than 3 to 4 weeks of continual wear.

Love the watch but it has minor flaws

"Love the watch but it has minor flaws"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: As the title says, I do love the watch. It looks great and is clearly of high quality.

However, after wearing it every other day for the last month, two things stand out to me. First, it easily gains 20+ seconds a day, and sometimes it seems like close to a minute. Of course it's an easy fix to pull out the crown and wait for time to catch up (meaning it's less annoying that a watch that loses time), but still, it seems like it gains more than it should.

The second issue concerns the clasp on the bracelet. The finish seems not as hard as I said, I've worn the watch every other day for the last 30 days, with many of those at my desk. The clasp shows many small scratches, and the finish on the edge has already worn quite thin. I took a picture of this but apparently cannot upload it. It concerns me that at a contact point, a formica-topped desk is able to very visibly wear through the finish, and I wonder what the clasp will look like in another few months (guessing not great).

The rest of the watch's finish remains perfectly intact, but I'm nonetheless disappointed in the apparent quality of the clasp's finish. It may not be a deal-killer, but these scratches/wear do show up on black, so if this concerns you, perhaps the grey finish would hide the wear more. Small aside/annoyance: the screwdriver supplied came nowhere near the screw when I attempted to use it to remove links. Neither I nor my wife could make it come close to working after numerous attempts. A trip to a store took care of it, but I fail to understand the point of including a screwdriver if it's perfectly useless on the watch.

All of that said, I would recommend the's beautiful and highly, highly legible at any angle. The second time zone is also quite handy and easy to set.

Great looking and very functional watch

"Great looking and very functional watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have to say that I bought a Sinn Diapal some years ago, loved the watch but found it was just too thick for my taste. But I very much liked the quality and general fit and finish of the Sinn watch and resolved to buy another one day. That day came a couple weeks ago when I decided to buy the Sinn 856 UTC in black Tegimented on a bracelet.

WatchBuys is great to deal with, I had a number of WatchPoints from the purchase of my Diapal some years ago (they don't expire!) which lowered the price of the watch and the shipping. It was delivered the following day. The Sinn box, documentation and included screwdriver/pusher tool hinted at the quality of the watch within, and I was not disappointed!

Great look and feel, the clasp mechanism is crisp and positive, the crown and movement are smooth to unscrew and set. The matte black finish of the case and dial contrast beautifully with the bright white and extremely legible hands and numerals. It wears a bit larger than a 40mm watch might, for instance it looks larger on my wrist than either my Breitling Aerospace Repitition Minutes and my Rolex GMT Master but this is a result of a larger face due to the lack of a turning bezel.

That brings me to what I'd like to see on this watch! First, same model with a bezel in 40 mm. Second, a larger date, or a cyclops in order to make the date as is readable. Third, the links on the bracelet could be a tad thicker, this would give it a higher quality look and heft. Minor ideas for what is a really very nice, well made and great looking watch. I'll be back!

856 UTC S

"856 UTC S"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a very nice watch. I just received mine earlier this week, and it's every bit as good as I expected. The picture really doesn't do justice to it.

It's not some kind of gunmetal gray, and the dial is not blurry. The color is a matte black, even under daylight, and the dial is a matching color. Under some lighting the crystal, or perhaps the anti-reflective coating, gives the dial a blue sheen. It's also legible at very extreme angles and in all kinds of lighting. The anti-reflective coating doesn't eliminate all reflections, but at many angles the crystal seems to disappear completely.

The lume is bright if charged, but sitting in a windowless office all day doesn't charge it, so I haven't seen much of it yet. The white lettering and markers have crisp edges, and the yellow UTC pointer is fairly subtle, but easy to read. The date indicator is the only weak point: it's a bit hard to read with older eyes, as it's somewhat shadowed in a fairly small window. And despite comments I've read on how easy it is to get fingerprints or smudges on the crystal due to the external coating, I've yet to have any that were noticeable, although under a bright horizontal light I can see some streaks that weren't there the other day (a few passes with a microfiber cloth removed them).

At first it seemed a bit small on my 7.5-inch wrist, but that's partly an optical illusion due to it fitting snugly against the wrist and the way the lugs curve down. The bracelet is good, with a securely-latching clasp. It's the same color and matte finish as the watch case. Easily re-sized using the included tool (it would appear be resizable to fit wrists from about 6 to 7 inches, but I didn't measure it exactly).

All said, I'm very happy with my purchase. Watchbuys was easy to deal with, and I'd recommend them to my friends.