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Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I love my 856 so far. The only small complaint I have is the second hand is not lumed.

Sin 856 UTC - A Review

"Sin 856 UTC - A Review"

Verified Owner Comments: Having never had any desire to own an expensive watch, but having always been a connoisseur of fine automobiles (inevitably therefore, German), the passion finally overlapped with my desire to have a precision, mechanical watch (I'd generally been in the $150-300 range).

After a metric ton of research, I landed on the Sinn 856 as being the best watch for anything less than $5,000. So far, I couldn't be more pleased.

Every week it's gradually getting more accurate - I reset it according to the world atomic clock every Monday. At first, it was 3.2 seconds fast per day. After a month, it's down to 2.5 seconds fast per day. I'm excited to see where it is in 3 months. (People say we shouldn't expect accuracy, that accuracy isn't the point- but it most certainly is. Without the expectation for accuracy, we are hedonites).

The styling is better in real life than in pictures, the leather band is comfortable, the finish and glass seem extremely durable. I love the watch. I hope I never lose it or break it, but if I do, I'll buy another.