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Superb piece

"Superb piece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After a very long time I finally pulled the trigger and purchase this watch. I could not be happier. It is funny but I was worried about the sickness. It is not worth it at all. Another thing that I was concerned about was smudges and scratches on the acrylic crystal. Yes it’s true it happens, but to be honest it is barely noticeable.

What I love most about the watch is how comfortable it is, and how incredibly legible it is. I love the distortion of the numbers when you tilt the watch around, I also love how light it is. I thought it would be heavy but it actually wears pretty light. Every time I look at this watch I realize just how beautiful it is.

The biggest take away is that this watch is making me think about getting even more SINN watches. Trust me - take it from someone who took a very long time thinking about whether to buy this watch. It is totally worth it.

There's nothing like it.

"There's nothing like it."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've been considering buying this watch off-an-on for 20 years, and now that I have one I can't believe I waited so long. The dial you you see in pictures, but the genius of the case design you have to experience. It's incredible how easily its 15.5mm thickness wears on a 6.75-inch wrist.

And with the (gorgeous!) acrylic crystal, it's lighter than a Sinn 104. The matte finish is nearly satin. The only downside was the regulation wasn't great: -10 seconds a day. I had the wherewithal to regulate it myself, and the Sellita 500 makes that easier than a VJ7750, I think.

Perfectly sized, flawlessly detailed, incredible value

"Perfectly sized, flawlessly detailed, incredible value"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I hemmed and hawed over choosing a modestly-sized watch in this price range, where Oris, Nomos, Bell & Ross, Farer, and Tudor all have offerings. Ultimately, I chose the Sinn 356 Flieger, and I'm really happy that I did. Every single detail is up-to-snuff.

The bead-blasted finishing is impeccable. The chronograph hands are in perfect alignment with their registers. The day and date wheels are black-on-white to match the dial. I didn't expect to be impressed by the accuracy of this watch, but I am. So far it has been running at +/- 1-2 seconds/day.

And this watch is a strap beast. Depending on your choice of strap, you can easily dress this watch for formal or laid-back occasions. All the other brands I mentioned check some of these boxes, but you certainly won't find a chronograph in their catalogs at this price. And you won't get the buttery-domed crystal that makes the Sinn 356 Flieger a standout.

The WatchBuys team was great, by the way. The watch arrived at the promised time and in perfect condition. (For those concerned about the watch being too big, I have a 6 inch, flat wrist, and the fit is perfect.)

Flawless Purchase

"Flawless Purchase"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I just received this Sinn 356 on strap a few minutes ago, and the watch is everything I’d envisioned and more. The overall size is a hair smaller than I’d imagined (for two years) but it looks so conservative and classy at this size.

Trey and the WatchBuys team were thoughtful, responsive and prompt with all communication, and I’d recommend them as a first-call when you’re looking for your next watch. This transaction has been flawless.

Great daily wearer

"Great daily wearer"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 356 Flieger has been continously on my wrist since I received it three weeks ago. I love everything this watch has to offer. I haven't seen any mentioned of COSC rating associated with this watch but so far it has been very accurate. At 38.5 mm the diameter is ideal for me but, if Sinn can find a way to shave off a couple of mm in thickness, it would be perfect.

Even with all information on the dial, the watch is easy to read, and at certain angle the dome acrylic offers an intriguing/delighfully distorted view of the dial. All in all, this watch is very satisfying to own and wear especially when it can be had for a fraction of the cost of a Daytonna, Speedy, or a Panni (even after the price hike!).



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love the simplicity!

Sinn 356 acrylic

"Sinn 356 acrylic"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Ok so I have probably bought 5-6 watches so far from watchbuys and they really do have impeccable service.

All my other Sinn watches are literally amazing but the watch I received had a very small crack in the acrylic crystal. I was going to deal with it because this watch is so friggin cool but, everytime I looked at the watch my eye was drawn to the affected area. After contacting watchbuys they gave me a couple options and ended up sending the watch in for repairs. They were extremely fast getting back to me as well as quickly finding a solution to the problem.

This watch was a engagement present from my future wife and I hope I can get it back in time in perfect shape for our wedding. If that happens I'll be extremely grateful. Things happen, but I feel that watchbuys handled this issue with the customers satisfaction in mind instead of just saying uhh ya know I don't know what to tell you. I'll be back once again for a Fortis or a Nomos watch in the future. As for Sinn, I love their products and the durability of their watches. I've taken the 104 and the 556 models skiing, snorkeling, skydiving, hunting, ect.

I'm sure once I get the 356 back it will also keep me company on my future endeavors. I see them as adventure watches for guys who don't want to wear G-Shocks when they go outside. Enjoy it and buy with confidence.

Sinn 356

"Sinn 356"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After receiving my Sinn 356...I have to say it looks stunning in person. Being it’s a 38.5mm one would think it would be on the small side but having a thin bezel and being a chronograph it’s quite pleasing to wear on my 7.25 wrist.

The dial has a timeless design and is quite legible for a chronograph. I love the look of the acrylic crystal and even though the acrylic crystal can get scratches (can be buffed out) there is something about the way a domed acrylic crystal captures the light and distorts the numerals...very cool!

Overall an amazing looking chronograph and would recommend the Sinn 356!

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: And easy process. Had the ship date pushed back a day with no issues. Watch is amazing.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watch is beautiful. Regularly receive comments. the face is a bit small, but the watch has presence on the wrist. Sharpe, purposeful, and handsome look. Wears well with both casual and dress attire. Reserve battery tends to last about 36 hours for me. Every week my watch seems to be -5 seconds or so, but this really isn't much of a concern for me. Would highly recommend for someone looking for a handsome and quality watch that no one you know will have heard of or owned.

Was a bit hesitant to buy a watch without seeing it or knowing anything about the seller (watchbuys). Couldn't be happier with the process. Received a call promptly after ordering the watch and a rep went over critical details with me. Very transparent and easy to work with. Immediately alleviated my concerns.

I will not hesitate to shop with them again.

Nice Flieger!

"Nice Flieger!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I really like the look of this watch. My first watch with a Hesalite crystal. It adds a nice effect when looking at the dial. Performance so far has not been as good as I hoped. Seeing +10-15 s/d. Hoping it will improve. Chronograph is working great.

Most of my watches are larger but this watch wears bigger than I thought it would. I was also considering the 358 Diapal but liked the classic look of the 356.

Sinn 356

"Sinn 356"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've worn the 356 for three weeks and I'm really enjoying it. This is my first Sinn and first chronograph. I have a small wrist and the 38.5 mm case is perfect for me. It’s keeping incredible time and I strongly urge you to not avoid the acrylic crystal model. It's lovely.

Watchbuys service was great.

Topnotch watch!

"Topnotch watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I'd been pining for the Sinn 356 Flieger Acrylic on a strap for a couple of years. Meanwhile, I watched it go through a couple of $100-price increases. So I finally decided to spring for it and, now that I have it, I couldn't be happier.

First off, it's a perfect fit for my 6.5 wrist. Second, I thought that Sinn's replacing the Valjoux 7750 with the Sellita SW500 was going to be a deal-breaker for me, but so far the Sellita actually out performs the chronograph I have with a 7750.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. And, both Rob and Kevin at WatchBuys were very helpful, attentive, and responsive to my pre-purchase inquiries about the 356.

What a beauty

"What a beauty"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Such pleasure doing with Watchbuys. I love my Sinn 356. It is such a classic watch and Ive been wanting for ages. Extremely comfortable to wear on the leather strap. Equally at home on a nylon G-10.

I love everything about this watch.

356 Flieger

"356 Flieger"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Canadian customs and duty were very expensive and added lot to the price of the watch.

The watch itself is very nice and is extemely accurate. The finish is very beautiful and I am very happy with this watch. I replaced the black strap that came with it with a vintage leather brown strap also made in Germany.

The quality is the best.

Sinn 356 Flierger

"Sinn 356 Flierger"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The buying experience from Watchbuys was one of the most pleasant that I have had.

Communications was excellent and the watch was delivered as promised.

The Sinn 356 is a beautifully made watch and has been averaging 6.5 seconds per day over a week. I have had some trouble resetting the chrono, however, when the minute counter is in the 13-16 minute range. Not big enough a problem for me yet to return it for service, would hate to give it up that long.

Overall the watch is a great classic chronograph and suits me perfectly.

Awesome watch

"Awesome watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was torn between the Sinn 356 and the Damasko DC56. After doing some research, I opted for the Sinn with its classic profile.

I'm glad I did.

It's a gorgeous watch, and sized just right. It has presence without being ostentatious. The materials Damasko uses may be better, but the look and feel of the Sinn 356 is, in for my money, the better choice. And the good people at WatchBuys could not have been more helpful.

I'm a happy customer.

Sinn 356 Is Perfect Everyday Watch

"Sinn 356 Is Perfect Everyday Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is the perfect timepiece for any occasion. 

It's sporty and dresses up pretty well too. I ordered it with the rubber strap and I've worn it nearly every day for the past month. I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do, but it's a great watch. 

Keeps accurate time as well.

Fantastic Flieger!

"Fantastic Flieger!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have always been a Flieger fan, and I love this Sinn 356 due to its styling and size. 38-40mm is the sweet spot for my 6.5 inch wrist. Great build quality and the acrylic really gives it a vintage period look.

The watch arrived carefully packed in a non-descriptive package for security. I am very happy with this purchase and would do so again. And thanks to Rob at Watchbuys for his quick and helpful email response (on a weekend)!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: A very beautiful and classically designed piece. Timeless. Perfect size, with good height. But the acrylic is what makes this.

It's amazing. I love this watch.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: My Rolex Sub and my Omega SeaMaster have not been worn. The Sinn 356 is much more accurate.

Wish I had found Sinn before purchasing the Rolex or the Omega.