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Very nice watch

"Very nice watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Very nicely designed and executed watch. I wanted an occasional wear watch in brown/tan, so it's great that this watch has no date and a simple pull-out crown to quickly bring the watch to life and set the time. The rotating bezel is simple and well-executed.

It's a steal at this price.

Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition

"Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition"

Verified Owner Comments: Tim suggested this watch to me. I couldn't be happier! Simple design but awesome layout and easy to read. I'm sure this watch will only grow in value. Thank you Tim got your help and always excellent suggestions. I look forward to my next Hanhart Watch with anticipation of another excellent well made watch!!

first Hanhart

"first Hanhart"

Verified Owner Comments: When watch arrived I moved it to the roundel '43 A2 Nato strap from Haveston which compliments the watch nicely as the strap the watch comes with is too short for my 7.5 wrist. Also the pictures make the watch case seem a darker gunmetal but in person the watch case is a bead blasted silver. Its a great watch and a little more robust then originally expected but I'm still enjoying it a week in to my purchase.

quality timepiece

"quality timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchaced this watch when it was first advertized, very good legibility. The strap fit but I did not have much left for the keeper so I purchaced the long strap for the watch. I will have to get a Hanhart chrono in the future

Really liking this

"Really liking this"

Verified Owner Comments: Agree with all the earlier comments (except I had no problems winding it...). I really appreciate the hands not being polished - I have other watches with dark dials and polished hands (especially seconds) and they often disappear, not so here as the hands are either bead blasted or painted, hard to tell.

The strap was quite stiff on first wear but it changed its shape in just a few hours of wear. For those that care, yes, the movement inside would seem to be one that had a date, probably removed the date wheel - there's no date window but the crown has the phantom position where you would adjust the date. This does not bother me.

I appreciate a workhorse movement (Selita SW200 if the reviews are right) for future service considerations. Legibility is fantastic, like the no-date. Does not feel like 12mm thick. Crown is large but not too large (for me). Really like the rotating bezel - in concept and in action.



Verified Owner Comments: Upon receipt of my watch I discovered that it couldn’t wind manually. I followed my warranty card and sent it back. Within a month I had my watch back running beautifully at no extra charge to me. The watch is handsome due to its quality and simplicity. My only complaint is the strap is a little too short even for my small diameter wrist.

I wouldn’t even change the design or style of its strap.

Awesome watch!

Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition

"Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is excellent.

Great finish and attention to detail. Running +/-2 Seconds per day. I received a call after placing my order to tell me what to expect and answer any questions I might have before receiving the watch. Nice touch! Impressive seller.

Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition

"Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition"

Verified Owner Comments: The Hanhart Limited edition Pioneer One fills almost all the boxes for what I need in a timepiece: Size, style, general effect, legibility , luminosity and reliability. Adding a few extras like a solid strap, a beautiful coin edge bezel, a functional minute timer, the iconic red bloop, great finish and case metal, NO DATE, and a bit of provenance make this a wristwatch I wear often, receive more than a few compliments on and feel good to have in my collection.

A pair of recent younger siblings rounds out a trio with some historical perspective, but the limted edition really calls back to a more refined time where functionality met style.

Hanhart Pioneer One LE

"Hanhart Pioneer One LE"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the bi-directional friction bezel on this watch. The coin edge for grip and a single red ceramic marker. Simple and gets the job done. I love the choice of font for the Arabic numerals. Very pleasing to the eye.

I also like that 5th of a second markers were added to the dial. Without it the dial would have looked to sterile.

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