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LOVE this watch!

"LOVE this watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: GREAT Sinn model! The 556 is easy to read! Fantastic case size for my 7 inch wrist! BLUE dial color is just stunning! Goes GREAT with the BLUE leather band. Very happy!



Verified Owner Comments: Purchased a Sinn 556 B Blue dial and am very pleased with the watch. Great value for the money. This is a rugged sports watch (200 meter WR and a hardened steel case) that looks like a watch suitable for office wear and will look fine with a suit. Sinn uses an upgraded ETA/Sillita movement.

Most other watch brands in this price range use the basic movement from these movement manufacturers. Sinn is a quality product.



Verified Owner Comments: Very Classy watch. Easy daily-wear size and weight, beautiful color, and a great leather band. You won't be disappointed.



Verified Owner Comments: Photos do not do justice to this blue dial. The watch is a combination of simple beauty and practicality.

All the superior components come together to make this a wonderful tool watch that fits perfectly on my 6.5 inch wrist. I wish I had discovered Sinn a long time ago.

Great watch. Great service.

"Great watch. Great service."

Verified Owner Comments: Pictures don’t do the blue dial justice, it really pops. Quality craftsmanship all around, happy with my purchase.

Great customer service as well, my order was confirmed and questions answered by a rep before shipping.



Verified Owner Comments: Gifted this and it was well received. Keeps great time. Beautiful watch.

Sinn 556i b - A dressy tool watch

"Sinn 556i b - A dressy tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been refining the collection to just a few pieces.

This is the second Sinn I have purchased from Jon at Watchbuys. As always, impeccable customer service, excellent communications and prompt shipping.

The watch is perfect. It is dressy enough to use for my corporate officer and portrait photo shoots and the occasional sport jacket. It is a tough watch that is simple, elegant and beautiful in its starkness. My other Sinn is a 104i and they compliment each other in purpose and looks. To my eye, I prefer the German watches over the better known Swiss brands. I am a fan of the form over function approach and the Sinn fits right into this way of thinking.

556 Blue

"556 Blue"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 556 Blue is a great add to my collection. The near perfect size, vibrant blue dial, exciting case back and commitment to doing one thing really well makes this a great piece to wear and enjoy.

Highly recommended - any color, any style.

Sweet blue and satinized steel

"Sweet blue and satinized steel"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought two 556’s, the Blue and a Mocha. Pleased with each. Gave my business partner his choice as a gift (30 years since starting company), and he chose the blue. The blue dial is great, but it’s the case that does it for me.

Easy deal with Watchbuys!

Sinn 556 I B

"Sinn 556 I B"

Verified Owner Comments: You can’t get a much better watch than a Sinn 556. Why get an IWC Pilot when the Sinn 556 is just as good (better) at less than one third the money? The IWC has an in house movement, that’s true. But I really think that many in house movements are overrated as well as overpriced.

Are the Beatles better than the Rolling Stones? Are Sinns better than Rolexes? Can a person walk around with $9000 attached to his wrist? I love this Sinn 556 I B with the blue dial. I’m not one of those fellows with ten watches. This is going to be my watch for the next ten years. I couldn’t be happier with it. A classic look with classic proportions but modern inside.

Great version of the 556 I.

"Great version of the 556 I."

Verified Owner Comments: This version of the 556 I with slightly thinner indices and hands give a nice refined look. The blue dial is stunning in person. Good size/thickness for wearing with dress clothes and looks great with jeans.