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Perfect watch for a spouse!

"Perfect watch for a spouse!"

Verified Owner Comments: My wife, who doesn’t love watches as much as I do, mentioned she was thinking about getting a non-smart watch to wear every day. The 434 checks all the boxes at a modest price, HAQ, slim, classy, useable WR, functional (slight) lume. We both couldn’t be more pleased.

She loves it and I know she has something a little different from a great brand!

Worth it in every way

"Worth it in every way"

Verified Owner Comments: First off, customer service leading up to the purchase of the 434 was exceptional. They let us know the special order options and were prompt and courteous in their communications.

My wife was looking for a nicer watch but was torn something fancier for special occasions and something she could wear daily for any situation. Our only concern apart from trim options was size as this is on the larger side diameter wise for ladies watches. WB made sure we were aware of their generous return policy and suggested if the size was wrong or we wanted to special order a different one, we could return the one they had on hand. No need to return. Pictures online can't do it justice.

Understated elegance and beauty. While the watch face is bigger, the watch is very thin and light overall. The face makes for easy reading and the watch is unobtrusive on the wrist. I thought my wife would want a bracelet as that is what she has always had, but she has been enjoying how light and thin the leather band is. She would always take her watches with bracelets off before when she was typing or home for the night, but the 434 stays on. Huge plus there. Presentation box, like the watch itself was nice and understated. Quality of the watch, probably goes without saying, is impeccable. The sapphire crystal and the Swiss HAQ were important factors for us. The watch is not flashy, which is what she wanted. It catches the eye with a simple understated beauty of quality and craftsmanship. Nothing out of place on this one.

My wife may very well end up with a second 434 with the gold trim or diamonds for fancier occasions and just have two because she likes it so much, but for now she is really enjoying this one because she can wear it in any situation. To anyone on the fence, give it a try.

434, a beautiful watch and strap

"434, a beautiful watch and strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Delighted with the 434 St S. The finishing is elegant and flawless. The band is very supple and silky smooth. As much as I like mechanical watches, I give a quartz credit, it's always ready to strap on and go.

The time has been very accurate. Size is perfect on my wrist. If you have a petite wrist, you may wish to ask fir a short strap. I have a 7 wrist, so the regular was just fine.