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Amazing Watch, Tegimented is No Joke

"Amazing Watch, Tegimented is No Joke"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch, I had high expectations and it exceeded those. The Tegimented steel is no joke, I always see some small scratches on the clasp pretty quickly but this watch still looks pristine. The super matte dial and AR crystal are also amazing. The hex key system of screws on the bracelet is also much better than the flat head screws most use.

Very Good

"Very Good"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very quick responce. Thank you very much.

All-Around Great Wtach

"All-Around Great Wtach"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn, and I could not be more pleased. The value is there - a great tool watch devoid of any unwanted bling. The crystal disappears at certain angles, and the readability of the watch is excellent.

I have not typically been a fan of metal bracelets, but this one is very comfortable. The 40mm size of the watch is also well suited for my 7.5 wrist. Now I am afraid I have become a Sinn addict!

Sinn 856 UTC

"Sinn 856 UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was in the waiting list for a long time, before I could purchase it. I really like the watch, it fits me perfectly, so far so good. it worth the wait.

Versatile, tough, and with good looks to boot

"Versatile, tough, and with good looks to boot"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love the 856 UTC. It is extremely versatile with the UTC (GMT) hand, nearly scratch-proof (sapphire, fully regimented everything), water resistance on par with many divers, and anti-magnetic to crazy levels. Not to mention the inert gas-filled case and moisture-removing wizardry.

And all that fits under a (tight) cuff! Looks great, crisp execution throughout. Simply an amazing watch at the price. I don’t know why I waited this long. Only downsides: the lume is not that great and after you buy one Sinn you’ll probably want another one (or two). I know I do!

Great everyday watch

"Great everyday watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great watch to have as an everyday wear option that you don't need to stress over. Can take abuse, water, etc without worry. Does not look fancy, but is nice, simple, and clean. I could not get the bracelet to fit quite right for me, so that was unfortunate, but it looks good on leather, canvas, and silicone straps

Happy with first Sinn

"Happy with first Sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was looking for a nice but affordable sport watch with GMT/UTC functionality. I went with the Sinn 856 UTC. Overall I'm pleased. The watch is very legible, the tegimented finish is strong, and build quality is solid. I wasn't super impressed with the steel bracelet originally but it has grown on me.

Lives up to the hype, and then some

"Lives up to the hype, and then some"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: What a watch! This is my first Sinn as well as my first time purchasing from WatchBuys.

I was able to attend one of their roadshows last year and confirmed to myself that this is the watch for me. The dial is supremely legible and, for such a no-nonsense tool watch, can be dressed up or down with ease. If you're in the market for a go-anywhere, do-anything watch, this is it.

In the two weeks that I've had it, it hasn't left my wrist. WatchBuys was a pleasure to deal with, too. All in all, I can't say enough good things about the 856 UTC. I highly recommend it.

Stellar & perfect

"Stellar & perfect"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I simply cannot praise this watch more. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve owned it, but it looks virtually the same as it did when it arrived from Watchbuys. The proportions. The quality, the legibility, the style. Fantastic. It has seldom been off my wrist - except at the airport.

As I work aboard ship, I got it for the antimagnetic property and water resistance. Has not disappointed.

Quickly becoming my most worn watch

"Quickly becoming my most worn watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought the 856 UTC to be my everyday watch that can handle just about anything, and so far it has not disappointed. It is super comfortable on the H-link bracelet and dresses up better than I had thought it would. It is by no means a watch for a suit, but I have no problem wearing it with a dress shirt.

The finish is gorgeous and seems like it will stand the test of time.

The Perfect Everyday Watch?

"The Perfect Everyday Watch?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: There are a lot of things the Sinn 856 UTC has going for it that I think gives it a strong case for the perfect everyday watch. Great legible dial, versatile color scheme, drilled lugs for strap changes, 200m water resistant, low pressure resistant, UTC second time zone function, gas-filled case, capsule to capture moisture, and tegimented hardened steel. It is also a great size for most wrists.

Does the perfect everyday watch exist? If it does, the Sinn 856 UTC makes an extremely compelling case.

Quick delivery, excellent website UI, good updates

"Quick delivery, excellent website UI, good updates"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Although the process was entirely automated, it was seamless, transparent and easy to use. I quickly received order confirmation and notification when the watch shipped. It arrived very well and securely packaged.

The watch made it to my door in pristine, new condition. Very easy transaction and would very positively recommend WatchBuys to others.

856 UTC

"856 UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The is my second Sinn watch. I first picked up the 556 and knew i had to have its big brother the 856, The watch is a tank and has all the Sinn tech to go with it. At 40mm it is the perfect size for my 6.75inch wrist.

I would highly reccomend the 856 and watchbuys to who ever is considering it. It may only be my second Sinn but wont be my last.

My new daily wear watch

"My new daily wear watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've had this watch for about a month, including a trip where I took it snorkeling and swimming. It's my favorite daily wear watch so far. Comfortable, looks great, durable (that I've seen so far), and keeps excellent time (I'm seeing +/- < 1 second a day currently). I like having the UTC hand though personally I'd prefer that the UTC hand be completely independent of the hour hand (the UTC hand moves also when you set the time).

Really though - how good can a watch be?

"Really though - how good can a watch be?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am convinced the Sinn 856 UTC is a perfect watch. If that sounds outrageous to you, please hear me out here. I'll start with the basics of my perspective. Outward appearance is one of purpose strictly utilitarian, and every detail exists to serve a clear function. Crown and crown guards are precisely the correct size - the crown easy to grip, yet utterly unnoticeable on the wrist.

Winding and setting functions are silky smooth, and it took me only three or four sets to set it precisely enough that the minute hand is exactly minute markers when the second hand hits the :30 mark, and perfectly centered on a minute marker at :00. The UTC hand is independently adjustable in one hour increments when traveling I set the UTC hand to localtime, and set it back to UTC when I return to my local time zone.

I can attest that the tegimenting process really does work - I thought that desk-diving marks were a fact of life for my use case until I owned a tegimented Sinn. Now? I've gone over six months of daily duty without adding a single blemish to the clasp, which is downright incredible. Historically I've preferred titanium watches but the balance and proportions of the 856 have opened my eyes to the level of comfort attainable by steelies. The slim profile and surprisingly light bracelet are just so as to not be any more noticeable on the wrist than all but the smallest titanium watches.

I have worn (looking at you, Seiko SBCJ Alpinist HAQ!) The front and back anti-reflective coatings on the sapphire crystal are so good as to often appear as if the crystal isn't even there. The effect can pretty eerie sometimes, and Sinn's choice of a perfectly flat crystal as opposed to domed all but eliminates the crystal's distraction from the supreme readability of the matte dial, indices, and sword-hands. So, back to my opening claim. In the five years I've been immersed in the watch hobby, I have actually owned two Sinn 856 UTCs.

To say it another way, of some twenty watches bought secondhand and sold over the years, of all kinds and styles, the 856 is the only model that I have regretted selling enough to acquire again. That was so surprising a development for me that I decided to take the plunge and actually acquire from new this time around, and WatchBuys' service and quick turnaround did not disappoint one bit! This one is a keeper, everyone. Stop waffling over it and buy it. Then sell all the other watches in your collection that encroach on the roles this Sinn will serve for you.

I will mention one caveat, if you are not accustomed to purchasing new - I did experience a one week break in period - though I now prefer to call it the shelf effect now that I've read WatchBuys FAQ on the topic (link at end of review.) If you meticulously track your accuracy as I do and notice big swings in deviation from reference in the first week or two of ownership, stay calm and keep wearing it! It took approximately 8 days for my new watch to settle into Sinn-typical sub +/- 3 seconds/day accuracy.

Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented Bracelet

"Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My first mechanical watch and purchase from WatchBuys through the internet. I was extremely satisfied with the entire process from beginning to end!

I was VERY particular with the condition of the timepiece, but had equally high expectations of the packaging and delivery procedure. I was not disappointed. The Sinn box and case were thoughtfully packaged within a padded plastic express-mail bag within a sturdy cardboard box. The Sinn labeled box and case were free from any scratch, mark, or greasy fingerprints upon delivery. I examined the watch for any signs of handling or defect with a loupe.

The quality and performance of the Sinn 856 UTC to date have been flawless. The experience compelled me to order a Sinn rubber watch strap. I telephoned and placed my order with "Kevin.” I had many questions he answered with patience, expertise, and courtesy.

A special thanks to Kevin for his assistance. My customer service experience was "ON POINT” with the quality of my Sinn!

The quintessential tool watch

"The quintessential tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 856 UTC has been excellent for me. It is an extremely balanced design, suitable for a wide range of dress codes. The dial is clear and easy to read. The case is the perfect size for my 7½-inch wrist and slides easily under a shirt cuff. The movement winds smoothly and is easy to set precisely, including the date and UTC hand. The watch has kept time very consistently and within Sinn's specifications.

The bracelet was extremely easy to size using the included tool. It is quite comfortable, thin enough not to be in the way while typing, but substantial enough to balance the weight of the watch. I also ordered mine with an additional leather strap, and changing them is easy and stress-free, thanks to the drilled lugs and the impressive surface hardness of the case. The crown is as prominent as it appears in the photos, and has rubbed on my hand a little bit, but has not caused any discomfort.

Amazing Watch

"Amazing Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great everyday watch. The tegimented steel looks great and is very high quality. The dial is easy to read and the watch keeps excellent time. Overall, this is a great watch and I would highly recommend it. Additionally, WatchBuys is fantastic to work with.

Marvelous tool watch

"Marvelous tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been looking at this watch for years and I finally jumped on it. It wears wonderfully and I look forward to many more years of use as well as future Sinn watches.

Excellent purchase experience, great watch

"Excellent purchase experience, great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on bracelet gets a 5/5. Solid construction. Looks amazing. It makes me smile from ear to ear every time I look at it. Of course - no scratches of any kind yet, so I'm planning on this looking pristine and "fresh out of the box" for a long time.

I'm glad i researched this watch as much as I did before purchasing as it's truly rewarding to own one.

Sinn 856 UTC

"Sinn 856 UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 856 UTC is a fantastic watch.

The watch keeps excellent time and the tegimented finish really works well. The guys at watchbuys go above and beyond to make the customer happy.

I would recommend this watch and watchbuys to anyone.

Fantastic Watch!

"Fantastic Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Understated, elegant, superb tool watch!

Best bang for the buck

"Best bang for the buck"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first German watch from WatchBuys, and I love it a lot! I was thinking of Omega or Rolex before I got to know Sinn on this website. Sinn 856 UTC has long list of technology you can get for a watch around $5,000~10,000 price ranges. I believe this watch is just the best bang for the buck.

The size 40mm is perfect for me, not too big not too small. I also love the simplicity of the case and the complication of the dial with UTC. It gains only one second per day after a few weeks of break-in, better than the accuracy allowed for chronometer certified watches.

The people at WatchBuys are great and they know well how to make their customers happy. When I asked questions, they replied within 24 hours every time. Shipping was also very fast and reliable.  A great watch from a great AD makes the best combination for wonderful watch buying experience. I strongly recommend it.

First serious watch

"First serious watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 856 UTC on a bracelet is my first high-quality watch and I wasn't sure any watch was worth what this one costs. I still can't be sure it is (how does one measure such things objectively?), but I can say I'm pleased with my purchase and very happy with the watch.

I've been wearing it for a month now, full time (except in bed or the shower) and haven't shown it any particular care; it receives the kind of minor scrapes and bangs you'd expect from a klutz like me.

So far: - there isn't a mark on it anywhere other than some polishing where the bracelet latches; - after 31 days it's about 11 seconds fast (!!!).

Also, I find the bracelet more comfortable than I thought it would be. Once I sized it properly (removed 3 links) it quickly became a part of my routine and I don't even notice it anymore, unless I want to know the time, or just admire it. This is an anti-bling watch; people hardly notice I have it on (which is what I wanted), but it pleases me to know what a fine instrument it is none-the-less. did a good job of getting it to me as promised.

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My husband LOVED this watch. I didn't have a Christmas gift for him one week before Christmas. Found in his computer history that he had been looking on WatchBuys at this watch and had saved it in his favorites.

They were great letting me order it to be delivered on a specific day in case he didn't like it and I could honor the 3 day return policy. I'd accidentally used the wrong charge card when ordering online and Tim helped me fix everything.

Good watch buying experience and a perfect Christmas surprise!

Subtle Ruggedness

"Subtle Ruggedness"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 856 UTC is rated to 20 ATM and with the tegimented case and bracelet, rugged enough to take what I throw at it hiking and spending time outdoors in the woods. I do not dive frequently enough to warrant a dive watch but I did need a watch that could be submerged without worry.

The 856 is not a "Hey Look At Me!" watch, yet it receives many compliments due to it's unique appearance and simple/easy to read dial. Out of the box, I was surprised at the buttery feel of the bracelet. At 40mm, with average size wrists, it is the perfect size for me. The ability to locate North is a bonus and conversation starter. The 856 is for those who need a solid automatic watch for all outdoor activities, but don't need to advertise it.

I love the look and feel of it and highly recommend it.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Fantastic Watch, I've worn this for a few months now as my daily watch.

I'm in the military and its takes a beating and looks pristine still. It keeps great time and I look forward to purchasing another Sinn in the future.

Sinn 856 UTC

"Sinn 856 UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Outstanding watch!

Very thin profile for an automatic, with a readable face in most light conditions. I actually use the UTC hand on this more than my equivalent Breitling UTC.

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: One of the best all purpose watches made by anyone.

The dial is very legible, has the tegimented technology, and has the buttery smooth 2893 GMT movement.

Amazing watch

"Amazing watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've had this watch for a week, and it's quickly become one of my favorites.

It's highly accurate right out of the box (well within COSC standards), and I have no doubt the Tegimented case and bracelet will stand up to whatever I throw at it.

With the UTC feature, the 856 is a great, durable watch for frequent travelers.

Fantastic Watch

"Fantastic Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 856 UTC is an outstanding watch that is highly accurate, reliable, easy to read, and not at all flashy, which is important when traveling off the beaten path.

Over the three years that I have owned and worn this watch it has proven more accurate than my previous go-to watch, an IWC Mark XII. Highly recommended.

Preferred over same watch on strap

"Preferred over same watch on strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Beautiful, simple, modern design. With it's functional utility and design, this watch is a classic.

Originally purchased the same watch on a black leather strap, but was not very taken with the aesthetic. Couldn't bring myself to return the watch, but decided to purchase the bracelet and that made all the difference for me.

Big fan of the chosen movement for it's well-known accuracy and so far the watch has been keeping time within COSC standards. Glad I didn't return this!

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've liked this since I bought it four years ago. It's solid, modern, high-tech but not geeky, and eminently usable, not to mention easy to read.

Solid as a rock, it's also unexpectedly stylish, and its look won't date.

Perfect tool watch

"Perfect tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is the perfect size for both dress and utility functions.

Its matte tegimented finish is spectacular to look at, and the dial and case are so cleanly laid out, especially with the bezel-less look. I love mine.

Its the perfect low-key hardcore watch for guys who don't want to sport the wannabe Navy Seal look around the office...

Great utility watch

"Great utility watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great day to day watch. Very durable and functional.

It is understated, not too flashy but classy.