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Verified Owner Comments: Once up and running, my 856UTC Tegimented is exactly what I’d hoped for. Simple and beautifully crafted, it retains its accuracy up to five seconds over a week. The large face is readable under all conditions of light. I thought I might replace the Sinn band with my old leather band, as it was already broken in and soft however the new band is gorgeous, and is breaking in beautifully.

The service at Watchbuys is outstanding, I don’t believe I’ll look for anywhere else to buy watch in the future. They were on top of the purchase from the moment of inception until I received it. Thanks.

fantastic, no-nonsense, unpretentious, rugged daily wear

"fantastic, no-nonsense, unpretentious, rugged daily wear"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought this for my daily wear watch. I wanted a watch I wouldn’t hesitate to wear about my usual day-to-day. The 856 UTC is my first Sinn, and this was my first experience with Watchbuys.

I love the watch, and the purchasing experience via Watchbuys was a breeze. After placing my order, someone from WatchBuys called to confirm the purchase, verify my shipping preference, and answer some questions. The standard delivery option was quick, just a few days.

This is a striking looking tool watch. The dial on the 856 UTC is easy to read, and all business. The UTC hand and markings give the dial just enough color and pop for my taste, and the UTC function is handy. I’ve never been a fan of gigantic watches. The 40mm 856 UTC sits comfortably on my 18.5 cm wrist. Not too large, not too small.

My first impression of the watch was that it felt lighter and slimmer than I had imagined. The fit and finish of this watch, at this price point, are excellent. This is a fantastic, no-nonsense, unpretentious, and rugged watch you wouldn’t worry about grabbing and going about your daily activities. The leather strap on this thing is quality as well.

Sinn 856 UTC

"Sinn 856 UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: Decided to go in the German tool watch direction, decided on Sinn and chose the 856 UTC for several reasons

1) case material, hardened steel should age well and has matte non chrome non brushed non bling finish I was looking for

2) Dial has vintage aeronautic gauge design

3) didn’t want a rotating bezel on this watch , have a Seamaster for that, prefer the UTC numbers on this dial for the couple times a year I change time zones.

4) size, 40mm full size but not oversized for my modest size wrist

5) leather band is well made and good match for watch 6) Sinn -some history and tech

Great everyday/travel watch

"Great everyday/travel watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the wear and subtlety of this watch as an everyday piece on 7 inch wrist. Looks great on both oem strap as well as everything I have put it on this far.

Watch buys was a pleasure to deal with especially as somebody with a military address when it can be difficult to get things quickly. Hughly recommend for those looking for a true tool watch.

Amazing watch!

"Amazing watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great watch with UTC dual time function, anti-magnetic, and ruggedness for a decent price.

Watchbuys customer service is amazing with their follow up service. Highly recommended brand!

Superb timepiece

"Superb timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: Awesome watch, perfect in every way.

Watchbuys got the watch to my house in just 2 days!

Go to for day to day

"Go to for day to day"

Verified Owner Comments: Purchasing was a snap and I really appreciated the courtesy follow up call as I am a new customer. The piece itself is a fantastic example of some fun engineering. As I am an engineer and wanted something that kept time well, two zones, scratch resistant case, this was the logical choice.

Watchbuys also sold me a deployant clasp. As I ordered what I thought would be the one most complimentary to my 856, they communicated again to make sure and corrected my error in buckle finish choice to more closely match my 856. Thanks again and consider this the first of a few purchases.

Perfect everyday watch

"Perfect everyday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my new favorite watch. Sturdy, accurate and looks great. I followed by my purchase with the matte finish clasp and it's now perfect.

Watchbuys contacted me to confirm my order and checked that everything was in order before shipping my watch. Great customer service. I'll definitely buy from here again.

Sinn 856 UTC - Great watch!

"Sinn 856 UTC - Great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn as I gifted my 756 Duochronograph (pre-Tegiment) to my son. The 856 UTC has all the features that I need considering the number of time zones that I cross. Durability, as with the 756 is top notch. Accuracy so far is excellent and the thinner case provides a very comfortable fit. You also don't get the sensation of the rotor spinning as with the 756. Lots of compliments from those unfamiliar with the brand. Once I add the deployant buckle, it will be perfect.

My experience with Watchbuys has been excellent. Immediate response to questions and follow-up on the order. Highly recommend this watch and Watchbuys.

Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented

"Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented"

Verified Owner Comments: Great looking watch with outstanding detail and build quality. UTC complication moved to the inside is a clever idea and easy to read. Classic B/W pilot style with that slight attitude in the flo yellow detail.

As usual, Watchbuys is great. They have the right stuff, great service and fast delivery. I ordered late yesterday afternoon about 2 mins before the FedEX cutoff. Watch was on my wrist the next morning at 10:15. Kick ass. I'm rockin' my first Sinn!

Incredibly clean look, couldn't be happier

"Incredibly clean look, couldn't be happier"

Verified Owner Comments: Upon placing my order, I was contacted by an employee at WatchBuys to confirm the purchase and make sure the watch would be shipped exactly as I wanted it. We ended up changing around the band and discussed some things as simple as winding and wearing the watch as this was my first automatic purchase.

Once the watch arrived, I opened the box and found an incredibly clean and well packaged time piece that looked even better in person than I could have imagined. I love wearing this Sinn 856 UTC- it is super clean and feels very hearty. The tegimented case fits in perfectly with my active lifestyle, and with the silicone band I have no worries about getting it wet or going fully submerged with the watch.

And the best part... this watch fits in just as well when we go out for a nice dinner. It just looks good.  I was looking for a do-everything watch that looked great and functioned flawlessly... I was not disappointed!

And the customer service from Watchbuys was incredible from start to finish.

Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on Strap

"Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Very, very pleased with this watch. Very easy to read with its bold hands and face. I've already had an incident that would have scratched a lesser piece, but not a mark on this watch.

Wear the watch constantly except when sleeping. After three weeks of ownership, the watch is running about 4.5 sec fast per 24 hrs. The purchasing experience was top flight. Matt graciously answered all my questions over a two or three day period. Watchbuys was having free next-day shipping when I purchased, so that was a nice little perk as well.

Will definitely purchase another Sinn from Watchbuys in the future.

Customer service

"Customer service"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been extremely impressed with the cutomer service before and after my initial purchase. I am in the process of another purchase from watchbuys and Tim and the guys are being patient through my selection process. I've read some reviews on the watch forums about the lack of service here but find that not to be the case.

My expectations are high and have been met. The only thing I would like to see is a consistant road show to Florida, there are several to California this year maybe one could be changed to Florida.

Excellent watch, great service.

"Excellent watch, great service."

Verified Owner Comments: I would like to thank the very helpful WatchBuy staff, who responded to my comments by swapping the strap to the short version.

The watch is perfect size and thickness for my very thin and flat 6.25" wrist. It is extremely well made, and looks better than I expected. I like the UTC complication, without it the watch might look a bit plain in my opinion.

In terms of accuracy, It's probably still setting in but I'm getting +/-2 seconds per day mostly, so it's pretty good!

Sinn 856 UTC

"Sinn 856 UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: I received my Sinn 856 two weeks ago from WatchBuys. They were very helpful throughout the entire process. Excellent customer service.

The watch is perfect! It has kept excellent time, and the finish is superb. I have received many compliments on the watch, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a high quality instrument watch that can be worn on a daily basis.

Simplistic elegance.

"Simplistic elegance."

Verified Owner Comments: This is my 3rd Sinn. I also own a U1 and a 556.

Love all three watches, but I am thinking of selling my 556 because the 886 is basically an upgraded version of it that contains a lot of Sinn's great proprietary technologies.

This watch rides perfectly on my smaller 6.5" wrist. It's light and keeps +5s to the day. I love simplistic easy to read tool watches, and as far as they go, the 886 is king.

Highly recommended.

I travel often and make great use of the UTC feature, but even when I'm not traveling, it's still useful as a 24-hour clock.



Verified Owner Comments: Have had for 6 months, amazingly accurate.

Have gotten more compliments on this than my Explorer II- have with small clasp rubber band-Awesome.

Thinking about adding another Sinn to my collection

Excellent, efficient service

"Excellent, efficient service"

Verified Owner Comments: Just what I was looking for: no nonsense looks, yet elegant. It is an instrument for telling time and not an oversized, gaudy piece of jewelry.

The UTC component adds functionality for world travel. I am very pleased with it.

WatchBuys provides excellent and efficient customer service.

Outstanding watch

"Outstanding watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the third 856 UTC I have purchased.

My oldest son snarfed the first one. My youngest son slipped off with the second one. I guess someday I'll lose this one to my grandson.

I'll just keep buying more!!

856 UTC

"856 UTC"

Verified Owner Comments: I wear it always - I work with my hands, fly and am active outdoors.

This is not showy, heavy or cluttered. It is easy to read in any light condition and looks great. And, I see, it's gaining value.



Verified Owner Comments: I had a hard time deciding between the UTC/non-UTC versions of the 856 - and I suspect that many before/after me did and will also. In the end, despite the 'clean' look of the non-UTC version, it was just too plain for me. Turns out I made the right decision after all, as the 856 UTC dial is beautifully proportioned, with absolutely nothing looking cramped or out of place.

The UTC hand is visible but discreet at the same time, and makes for a nice compass marker too, when you are using the watch to orient north/south.

Just a classic!!



Verified Owner Comments: My first of three Sinn watches and definitely one of my favorites.

I was drawn to the 856 because of its clean look and slimmer profile which is perfect for wearing it under a dress shirt. The dial is very legible and the lume is good. The UTC function is an nice addition as my work requires me to travel occasionally.

Another great Sinn watch!

"Another great Sinn watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: The 856 UTC is my second Sinn after the U1 and like the U1, I find the 856 UTC very purposefully designed with no unnecessary gimmicks. Just really useful technology for a great price!

It is a very striking looking watch and the 40mm case size is perfect. I alternate various straps on it including some custom made leather straps and it's already a favorite in my rotation after 3 weeks.

And again, Matt and the crew at WatchBuys offer fantastic service!

Sinn 856 UTC - Superb

"Sinn 856 UTC - Superb"

Verified Owner Comments: This is an elegant, simple watch that is not ostentatious. It does what a superb watch should; keep very good time, and do so for generations.

I require both UTC and local time readily available; this has no clutter, showy complications. Perfect.

Perfect Sports Watch

"Perfect Sports Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This great watch is unique, rugged, readable and superb for all outdoor activities.

I use mine for biking, hiking, & shoveling in the garden. You name it. Bang it up, get it wet, it's a survivor. If you don't need a chronograph or bezel, the simple instrument design is just right. You will draw many questions and compliments, too.

You may find, like I did, that there is another strap you prefer to match it with.

Great everyday or tool watch

"Great everyday or tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I'd recommend the 856UTC to anyone.

The dial and hand design on the 856 is very easy to read, and the lume lasts a good 8 hours if its "charged" for a minute or so under a flourescent light. The 2nd time zone is great for travel or any profession or hobbly that requires the use of UTC time, ie: pilots or ham radio operators. Or for just keeping up with what time it is where friends or relatives live.

Accuracy is good, mine gains an average of 5.7 seconds/day when rested face up on the dresser overnight. Gain varies according to rested position, and 5.7 s/d is the fastest it runs in any position. Some other overnight positions would result in less overall gain, but since I'm satisfied with any mechanical watch that stays between 0 and +6 s/d, I prefer to lay it face up flat on the dresser when I take it off.

A Fantastic Watch

"A Fantastic Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a fantastic watch. It is very accurate, great looking and comfortable.

The anti reflective crystal is invisible in most conditions and really makes the dial look great. I don't need the UTC, however it does add an interesting element to the watch. It is comforting to know that this watch can handle conditions that I would not expose myself to.

I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Owner Comments: This is one of three Sinn watches that I own and of all the watches that I own, it may be my favorite. This watch is perfect for both formal and casual wear and its second time zone feature is very handy for anyone who travels between time zones.

 I've received a number of compliments about this watch ... I'm very pleased.

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Owner Comments:

This is my third Sinn watch and like its stable mates the 144 and U2 it does not disappoint.
The first thing that struck me upon removing it from its box was how light it was. I was sure that with the steel case it would feel heavier, but I was really surprised by the light weight. Accuracy is on the average of -3 or -4 a day. I will have to do some more in depth testing to confirm that. Fit and finish is typical Sinn (perfect). Once again Sinn has integrated the Copper Sulfate anti moisture capsule technology into one of its products. A little unexpected as this is a pilots watch and theoretically not subjected to much moisture, but welcome just the same.
As a pilot, I use the UTC function all of the time as all times used by the FAA are in Zulu (UTC) time. Most of my watches have a second time zone feature for this reason. Another feature attractive to me as a pilot is the anti reflective coating on the crystal. It makes cockpit readability of this watch much, much easier than a watch that doesn't have it. Negatives: For me the strap is a little on the narrow side. The 142 Cowhide Integrated strap would be a nice choice if you like a wider strap. I took the wider strap off of my 144 and put it on the 856 with nice results. Aside from this minor point which is more personal preference than anything else, the Sinn 856 fulfills its designed purpose beautifully.