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Just an amazing Watch for the Price point

"Just an amazing Watch for the Price point"

Verified Owner Comments: What an amazing experience i had and that WatchBuys provides to you once you purchase your time piece.

I had been in the process of trying to find a well made Automatic mechanical watch for some time and after some time and research came to the decision to pull the trigger on the Fortis Spacematic ( PVD, black dial ) on the nice leather strap. What truly amazing heritage & history you are getting with the brand Fortis. If you are unaware i advice you to check them out.

Would like to thank the staff at WatchBuys for providing the greatest experience i could have imagined. They were very helpful and made sure I understood how the shipping process would work & took the time to answer any questions i had on the Watch.


Fortis Cosmonaut Spacematic Stealth

"Fortis Cosmonaut Spacematic Stealth"

Verified Owner Comments: I already own two Fortis watches and after seeing this watch on You Tube decided to add this to my collection. So far I have been extremely happy with this watch, the stealth finish is of a very high quality and so far seems impervious to daily wear.

I was worried that any sort of finish other than stainless would be prone to chipping or scratching and also have a dull finish. In this case the black stealth finish is very glossy and extremely durable. I also really like the simple design of the watch face, it's extremely legible and easy to read at any distance. In the dark the luminosity of the hands and watch face is outstanding allowing for easy reading at night.

Absolutely a great tool watch that I use when I'm doing something I wouldn't want to do with a more expensive watch. For the price this watch offers really outstanding value.

Fortis Cosmonauts

"Fortis Cosmonauts"

Verified Owner Comments: Crisp ultra-legible dial, seamless day-date integration, perfect 40mm size, this is a pvd watch with style and class. The piece has a really nice heft to it and feels solid and robust. Mine is running about +2s per day out of the box. It is unique yet minimal, like a future 90s retro field watch. My only complaint is the strap is too long. My wrist is ~7 inches and I'm on the 2nd to last hole in the strap. If it were 6.5 I'd probably have to punch another hole to get it to fit.

Overall very pleased. This one is a keeper.

Clear and Legible

"Clear and Legible"

Verified Owner Comments: Easy to read, yet unique. After a few months has settled down to +5s/day. Could not use the strap, too long. Wears great on an MN Black Ops strap.

Very happy with the watch & WatchBuys.

Great watch. Super legible. Included strap is awful.

"Great watch. Super legible. Included strap is awful."

Verified Owner Comments: The Spacematic Stealth looks good on the wrist, keeps accurate time and is super legible. Mine isn't quite COSC-accurate, but it's close. What I like most about this watch is the legibility. It's really easy to read at a glance. The lume is great too and looks awesome at night. I love the quick day/date adjustment. My only complaint is the band. It's simply terrible. It's really fat in the middle with some kind of padding inside, which makes it very difficult to put on and remove.

I replaced it with the bespoke white silicone strap that comes on the 2018 version, directly from Fortis. I also tried it with the blacked-out Fortis NATO strap, again directly from Fortis in Switzerland (WatchBuys did not have either strap). I did a ton of research on this watch before buying it, and it seems to be quite rare compared to many of their other models. Maybe other people don't appreciate the minimalist design, but I absolutely love it. I'll be keeping this one for sure. Dealing with Watchbuys was quick and painless. They delivered on time with no problems. 100% would buy again.

Great Watch!

"Great Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Order process was smooth and staff were friendly. Watch is keeping very good time (gained 1 minute in about nine days). Had a person ask about the watch who turned out to be a watch collector, which has never happened before-even with my vintage Rolex! Great watch, easy to ready and keeps great time!

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