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"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Nice watch with a great feature set. I purchased the black leather strap version, the pictures don't do it justice.

Watchbuys service was great, like usual - they swapped the strap for a different size prior to shipping.

The ultimate tool watch

"The ultimate tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I used to be much more of a watch collector back in the early 2000s and had a couple of Sinns back then, a 144 which I got new, maybe even at WB, and a 156 I bought on one of the forums. I've always regretted moving them on from my collection.

This is my first watch purchase in over a decade, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I love that it has its own aesthetic, and doesn't try to ape a Sub or Seamaster. It looks and feels tough as nails without being brutish. It's eminently legible, and every element of its design is functional. Its size is perfectly wearable, too, for someone like me with a 16.5 cm wrist. The compact lug-to-lug distance is another element of its thoughtful design.

To me this is the ultimate tool watch, and I already have it on a Nato, as I plan on using it daily, including during strenuous activity. No need to sweat into the nice leather strap it comes with. This is one Sinn that is a keeper for sure.

WB's service is excellent: the watch arrived in just two days, and I appreciated the call prior to shipping to make sure everything was in order.

Great Tool Watch

"Great Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have had this about a week and a few things stand out.

1) It is very comfortable. I was surprised at how well this watch sits on my wrist.
2) Very accurate. This watch is about 3 seconds fast a day.
3) Great craftsmanship. I have a feeling I will have this watch a long time.
4) Works well with just about any outfit. From gym shorts to a suit I think this watch would not be out of place.
5) Unique, this isn't your standard dive watch and that stands out.
6) The bezel is easy to turn and easy to grasp. Overall this watch looks like it could go through anything and still has that understated appeal that sets this as a tool watch and not jewelry.

Wish I bout this years ago.

Compact Monster

"Compact Monster"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Understated, discreet and humble. The EZM3 shows up for work right off the bat. This is a serious compact monster of a watch. German engineering almost at pure perfection. Workhorse with style. The bezel is a non-nonsense 60 click bezel made to remove debris if bezel play despite what you might read on the internet. Getting used to the size at 41mm (Full disclosure is that I normally wear 42mm-44mm). Does not look small on my wrist I have a 7.25inch wrist. Immediately love having the crown on the left side of the watch.

The EZM is wearable and comfortable. Movement is crisp, fluid and accurate...expecting nothing less from Germany. The dial is clean but holds the only flaw. The red date is impossible to read. I like having a date on my watches and this gives argument to the no date function for dive watches. Am disappointed with the lack of readability for the date window - looks great in pictures but fails miserably in execution. If you like the date, give thought to getting the EZM3F. Not sure I have a suggestion for the color of the date window...white, yellow...anything for readability. On the plus side, the lume is fantastic strong and long-lasting. So many watch brands boast of powerful lume, few back it up.

Sinn's lume is top-notch and is on par to Seiko Prospex luminosity. Not sure why Sinn put a leather strap on a dive swatch...will be switching out for a rubber strap. However the leather strap is extremely well made and sturdy. Despite the lack of readability for the date, I am extremely satisfied with the EZM3. Will be tough to take this off. Looks great with a suit or jeans and a t-shirt. Dresses up and down equally well. It's eye-catching and I like the fact that you rarely see someone wearing a Sinn. I wish I had this watch for some of my deployments. Looking forward to putting it through its paces.

As for WatchBuys...service and knowledge is unparalleled. WatchBuys answered every one of my questions with PhD brilliance. I also like the fact that they wear Sinn too...walk the walk. Bottom Line: get a Sinn from Watchbuys!!!

Best dmn watch I own...

"Best dmn watch I own..."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My Sinn EZM 3 is the best-built, and most rugged, tough, durable, precise and accurate watch I own, HANDS DOWN.

Mine is 14 years old and still does not have a mark on the case, anywhere. Also my most accurate watch, running typically at +0.75 sec/day. Excellent legibility, a hallmark for clean, legible, functional design.

Best dmn watch I own.

Great watch for a lefty

"Great watch for a lefty"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Although designed with the crown on the 9 o'clock side of the watch to keep the crown from interfering with a righty's hand movement, I find that the crown is well placed, such that it does not interfere with this lefty's hand movement either. 

A plus is that I do not have to take the watch off my right wrist to hack the time (which I don't have to do very often with this watch, since it keeps great time), unlike with most other watches with the crown on the 3 o'clock side. 

Another quality watch from Sinn.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Just got this as a workwatch, figured it would be good skiing, boating, etc. 

This is a very serious watch, double the features of a Omega or Rolex and 1/3 the price. The leather strap has a casual sporty feel. 

Very happy with the purchase. 

Also my wrist is under 7 inches so this 40 mm feels just big enough. I see this becoming my favorite watch in no time.


"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have wanted an EZM 3 for quite some time, and I finally decided to pull the trigger two weeks ago.

I could not be happier; the quality of the watch is incredible - extremely well made, amazing attention to detail, and it's +/- 0s over two weeks.

The WatchBuys customer service is equally as good - you will not be disappointed. I do not see this coming off my wrist any time soon.

Solid purchase

"Solid purchase"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Some say the outside anti-glare coating may scratch, but if so that is a minor concern in my opinion as it is coated both sides to the best of my knowledge.

Mesmerizing to watch this one tick.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: by far the best I own.


EZM3- Accuracy Great

"EZM3- Accuracy Great"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Have now had this watch for about 8 weeks and it keeps getting more accurate.

Very happy with this purchase and keep getting compliments on it....well done.

Why did I wait so long?

"Why did I wait so long?"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Rolex quality at 1/5 the price.

Prettier than my Rolex sub. I should have bought one years ago. I'll keep my Rolex, but why did I spend so much money on it?


"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolutley love my new EZM 3. As an engineer, I really appreciate all of the Sinn Technology inside of this watch and really look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

Watch came on time and appreciated the contact from WatchBuys to make sure everything with my order was ok.

Highly recommend this site.

New EZM3

"New EZM3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great service.

The EZM3 has the same quality as any of my Rolex at 1/5 the price.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Perfect "use any time, go anywhere" watch.

Purposeful built, yet dress watch size and handsome looks. The reason the date wheel was done in red is to separate those numbers from the white numbers going around the dial. Would have looked pretty cluttered there around 4 o'clock. Actually makes sense, and the date is still there for you.


"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A watch made for the German Border Forces was a fitting choice for my own profession here in America. My proclivity for this watch over other divers was its reasonable size of 40 mm. The EZM 3 is appropriate for any setting from formal business meetings to guarding the border.

As others have stated, the only feature for which this watch can be criticized is its date wheel. The selected color is difficult to read when ambient light is moderate to low luminosity. Sinn designed this watch for nonessential information to disappear during operations. Unfortunately, this feature works all too well.

Nevertheless, the EZM 3 is still a great choice and a worthy addition to any collection.

All you need in a watch

"All you need in a watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Super nice "tool" watch.. I have owned many Sinn watches. This is one of my favs..

Great all around, good looks, easy to read dial. Not overstated a pleasure to wear everyday. This one is a keeper..

Great All 'Rounder

"Great All 'Rounder"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Absolutely love this watch. I evidently just bought their last one and added the bracelet. Has the typical Sinn quality with a different look than the U series.

Classy and dressy enough to be worn anywhere, but robust enough to be a working diver. I told Matt this has instantly become my favorite watch. I've had more compliments and comments in a couple days than with any other watch I've owned. It wears "big" so looks a little larger on the wrist than its 40mm size would suggest.

Only funky detail is the red date is too hard to read for my tired eyes, but I don't care much about date anyway on my watch.

A Very Cool Retro-look Diver!

"A Very Cool Retro-look Diver!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A perfect size diver for those who don't care for the current trend of oversized wrist watches.

As tough, as a watch can be, and I can wear it in any situation.The sandblasted case adds to its sporty, yet serious, appeal The small amount of red script, makes the dial pop. A whole lot of "funky/cool" tool watch goodness here.

I love it!

No need to pay more

"No need to pay more"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome, last of the great EZM tool watches.

Get one while you can. Love mine.

My tried and trusted EZM3

"My tried and trusted EZM3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: So how many fine sport watches can you find with a lefty crown? Not too many. Maybe an Oris TT, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Sinn EZM3.

Has been one of the most durable, time reliable and comfortable sport watches I've owned. Tough to find but German engineering to a "T." Pretty cool to trump so many more common place and WatchBuys has been a delight with service. Okay...only bad is that the date dial is in red and a little tough to read at a glance. Other than that the watch has been perfect!

Get one before they're history like rest of EZMs!

Beautiful and perfect size

"Beautiful and perfect size"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: At a time when so many dive watches are behemoths, this one is perfectly sized for business or casual dress.

The dial is a classic. And despite what some say, the bezel action is not too loose and pleasing to me.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have owned this watch for a few years now, I love it, a beautiful watch.

Next best thing to an EZM1

"Next best thing to an EZM1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: If you liked the EZM1 then you need to get the EZM3.