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For the watch: Sinn 103 St Sa on Strap
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Sinn 103

"Sinn 103"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch, I wear it every day and I've received many complioments.

Sinn 103 St Sa on strap

"Sinn 103 St Sa on strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great purchase experience from WatchBuys. The watch was special ordered from Germany, and I received it much earlier than expected.

Unlike other businesses, Watchbuy, actually answers the phone and treat their customers extremely well.

This Sinn 103 Sa St is a gorgeous chronograph. Absolutely love it! I'm getting many compliments from watch aficionados!

Love this watch

"Love this watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Regarding the watch, I am extremely happy and it looks even better in person than in all the pictures and videos online (look at #sinn103stsa on Instagram for plenty of pics). It fits well on my small wrists.

The most striking thing perhaps is how clear the AR-coated sapphire dial is...even my Hamilton looks bad now when next to this watch. I also love the various Sinn straps, which are pricier than what I'm used to but are worth it once you feel how solid the leather is (I'm not a bracelet guy). I also love the fact they offer short straps.

Regarding the transaction, very good experience. Two different employees responded quickly to questions about this watch and a Fortis watch I was considering. They also touched base with me after the purchase to make sure I knew the return options, etc.

At some point, I'd like my next watch to either be another Sinn or maybe a Hanhart (never had one before), and I'll be more than happy to buy it from here.

Excellent watch and service

"Excellent watch and service"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is truly a hard argument in value. I cannot justify a rolex, tudor, omega, or other such 'tool/diver/manly' watch. These sinns are so nice, the build quality is fantastic the watch is timeless and beautiful. 41mm is the perfect size for an average wrist, the 17mm thickness that worried me no longer does. It is thick, but the shape and placement of the band makes it look normal with just the right amount of flash.

This is a heavy watch for just being on a leather band, very impressive. It wears the opposite of the look, it feels light and most of the time you forget your wearing it, much more often than my Monaco. My kids will get this watch when I die and it will still be ticking right along!

Sinn 103 St Sa on Strap

"Sinn 103 St Sa on Strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Decent watch. Hands are slightly misaligned at reset which is slightly annoying for the money. Keeps good time.

A Rugged, Timeless Piece

"A Rugged, Timeless Piece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn 103 St Sa on Strap is a versatile watch. I use it for daily wear and most activities - it looks sophisticated enough to wear out to dinner, yet rugged enough for my uniform (I am in the military).

The lume is bright even in light shade. The case is thicker than expected, but the finish is comfortable on the wrist and the weight is welcomed, rather than a burden.

Thank you Watchbuys for an incredible timepiece that I can enjoy for a lifetime.

Sinn 103 St Sa

"Sinn 103 St Sa"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was looking for a sporty/dress chronograph on a strap, and the Sinn 103 St fits the bill. 

Also purchased the polished deployant buckle and it compliments the calf strap nicely, giving it a very dressy look. 

The customer service at WatchBuys is top notch.