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Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a very good watch.

The bracelet is interesting as you have to use the provided Allen wrench to remove the links. Watchbuys delivered just as promised.

Sinn 103 st sa

"Sinn 103 st sa"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch. Greatly exceeded all my expectations. Not one blemish or fault. Excellent craftsmanship.

1st time Sinn buyer so I called with some questions. Spoke with Jim who provided such Extraordinary customer service That I bought the watch then & there.

Excellent Watch, Perfect Size

"Excellent Watch, Perfect Size"

Verified Owner Comments: Overall: It’s a little stressful to buy a watch online that you can’t see or size, but once delivered, I was immediately happy with it. I didn’t bother to ponder it for the whole 3 day wait period "just to be sure.” I took off the plastic after a couple of hours... Size: I have small wrists, about 6.25 inches diameter.

This watch, with its short (~48mm) lug-to-lug is perfect for it. It looks good, with enough bracelet showing past the lugs to indicate that "this watch is not too big for this guy.” I was concerned with the thickness before buying - very concerned, actually. Now, it’s trivial. Makes no difference at all. With small wrists anyways, it even fits under most of my button cuffs easily. 17mm thick seems like a lot on paper, but it doesn’t weeble or wobble at all, and is more comfortable than some thinner watches I have as well.

Dial & Case: a very deep, matte black with glossy white hands. Hard to get a good sense with Internet Pictures you can find in various forums, but in person, there’s a lot of depth. The non-blue AR coating is great, and enhances the depth of the dial. The lume is pretty good, too, and glows very noticeably when coming in from outside. On the rare occasion I see this in the middle of the nigh, the lume is still pretty bright with nigh-adjusted eyeballs. I was also concerned that the case would be too glossy, and I might have wanted something more sports-watchy like bead blasted or brushed. Those would look great, but I’m surprised at how much I actually like the high polish. I think that, because it’s not a huge watch to begin with, the polished parts don’t stand out as much as I had anticipated.

Function: seeing the movement is great, and the decoration, while not ALS or PP, is fun to see and show off. The fact that the chrono goes up to 12 hours, but the bezel counts down, is a great feature mix, and I use both timing components often. I’ve had no issues with the timing seconds jumping or any other issues, and the watch in general is keeping about +3 seconds/day, which works for my general, non-astronomical lifestyle.

Bracelet: Comfortable, thick, but the hex-screws were a bit harder to change than I expected. It’s a cool feature in theory, but kind of a pain when you want to move links. Not a big deal in general, since once it’s done it’s probably done for life. The whole clasp mechanism is mostly machined, not stamped, so it’s quality build. The dive/suit extension is probably useless, unless I ever need to have it outside a fat jacket for some reason. There are 3 stages of micro-adjustment available, too, but you have to use a pin/toothpick or something, not like fancier brands that have a faster microadjustment feature.

In general, the classical styling of this watch, with the fantastic build quality, easy-to-service movement, and all the features I need in an everyday watch make this something I’ll have for life. I can’t imagine selling this thing, it’s perfect for me. I’ll pass it to my son when I’m 100 years old, and he’ll wonder why he has to deal with an obsolete timing device... in the meantime, this thing is going to travel the world with me for the next many decades!

Sinn 103 St Sa on bracelet

"Sinn 103 St Sa on bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Great product : Great , professional service: and delivered in a timely manner ! Very satisfied! FIVE STARS

Wonderful watch from a trusted vendor

"Wonderful watch from a trusted vendor"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought this watch without having had the benefit of first examining one in person. I was not disappointed when I opened the box and handled my 103 St Sa for the first time. For those of you contemplating the purchase of this watch, but who have not had the opportunity to first handle one, let me describe it for you. This is a beautiful, well-engineered and precisely made timepiece. The watch is hefty and solid and conveys and immediate sense of quality. The dial draws your eye in instantly. While packed with information, it is clear and conveys its information with just a passing glance.

The anti-reflective coating on the domed sapphire crystal, the hi-contrast white numerals and markers, and the syringe shaped hands contribute to making the Sinn 103’s dial highly readable. The bezel is solid and rotates with precision and with just the right amount of friction, conveying a feeling of superb German engineering. The exhibition case back is a nice feature too, and allows you to see the beautiful Valjoux 7750 movement that Sinn has adorned with colorful accents, engine turning, and a gorgeous signed rotor. The rotor is beautifully balanced and rotates effortlessly with the slightest provocation.

The bracelet is hefty and well suited to the watch. The deployant clasp is easy to operate and has a safety hasp that securely locks it in place. It also adjusts very easily, as the links are attached by screws with hex heads. Included with the watch are two allen wrenches that allow for very quick and easy link removal and installation, so you can size the bracelet yourself quite readily. There are micro-adjustments as well to get the bracelet just right, and a diver’s extension just in case you feel like popping it over a flight suit or a wet suit. Sinn also provides a very nice quality tool for making micro adjustments and for changing straps. The watch does not wear "big” – rather, while the case is 41mm, it fits even my average-size wrist very comfortably. The lugs curve down which keeps the watch looking tidy and proportionate. Despite its heft, it is very comfortable on the wrist. As for accuracy, it is running within 1 second a day, so it is plenty accurate.

The signed crown screws in and out easily and the watch winds with a beautiful, smooth action. The pushers are surrounded by knurled lock down collars and have a very crisp feel when starting or stopping the chronograph. The quick set day/date feature is easy to use and the day and date change with an authoritative snap. I chose the 103 St Sa over the 103 St because of the sapphire crystal. The acrylic crystal of the 103 St seemed like a liability, as they tend to scratch. I also opted for the bracelet, even though I prefer this watch on the black strap with contrasting white stitching. Buying the bracelet with the watch makes better economic sense – I can always add the leather strap, which is quite affordable.

The guys at Watch Buys were great. They went above and beyond to answer all my questions and to make me feel comfortable with the transaction. Special thanks to Rob! In sum, this is a wonderful watch and Watch Buys is a vendor that you can trust.

Another winner from Sinn!

"Another winner from Sinn!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn purchase. I am a big fan, the workmanship and finish are excellent for the price. Very comfortable to wear and easy to read the time and date. Just a joy to have on my wrist.



Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn after a 556A. And now my poor 556A never gets any wrist time.

If you get it I really think you should go for the steel bracelet. It's beautiful a similar level of craftsmanship goes into it as does the case itself. You can always buy the leather strap later.

Absolutely love mine

"Absolutely love mine"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had mine for over a year now and I'm still in love with it.

It has great looks, good feel/heft. And it runs superbly!

Great watch, very well constructed

"Great watch, very well constructed"

Verified Owner Comments: Just received this watch. Well made with a beautiful finish. Pictures do not do it justice.

This is one of my new favorites.

Classy watch

"Classy watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I have the Ar version of this watch, and I cannot recommend it enough.

It's a truly beautiful timepiece. Certainly one of the best values in terms of watch/ dollar.