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One of the Best for Daily Wear!

"One of the Best for Daily Wear!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have now purchased multiple models of the Sinn 104 in multiple colors from Watchbuys.

As always, the watch is amazing, as well as the service. Truly one of the best watches for daily wear - highly recommend!

Great transaction

"Great transaction"

Verified Owner Comments: Product arrived in perfect condition with very quick shipping.

Beautiful watch for a reasonable price

"Beautiful watch for a reasonable price"

Verified Owner Comments: All positive to say except one thing: the clasp. Sinn could do a better job on the stamped metal clasp. That said, I love the watch and am really happy with the purchase.

Sinn 104 White dial with H bracelet

"Sinn 104 White dial with H bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: All the other reviews are correct that this is a beautiful piece. It's every bit as nice as my Rolex Submariner and the white dial is a fun contrast. I see a lot of submariners around but not many of these. It has its own look and a design that says I'm not a Rolex me too.

The metal bracelet is not as comfortable as the Rolex oyster. It will catch a few hairs on your wrist. I had an issue with the stamped clasp which had sharp inside edges. They were sharp enough to cut into my wrist when pushing down to close the link.

Watchbuys did not hesitate to replace this part and immediately send a temporary clasp by Fed X. They also said a new part would be ordered from Germany. The temporary clasp does not have the sharp edges so this should not be a concerning issue.

Great customer service with Watchbuys. I'm wearing the watch on the leather strap now. The straps are very thick and would benefit from some tapering. Over time the stiffness should improve. The leather strap is lighter and very comfortable. I plan to wear the strap in winter and the bracelet in summer.

I would highly recommend a quality spring removal tool if switching bands. I tried it with the cheap Amazon tool and it wouldn't work without risk of damage and scratches. I bought the Bergeron tool (Swiss made stainless), and it was simple to get bracelet removed. The pins are tucked in a little further and the fit is snug. You have to unspring both before removing. The bidirectional countdown bezel is very practical. I find myself timing meat on the grill a lot more than surfacing from a deep sea dive.

The watch is great for everyday.

Great watch and service

"Great watch and service"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the watch! It was very easy to adjust the sizing, setting was easy and the WatchBuys experience was great. If I ever decide to replace this watch, I’ll definitely shop at WatchBuys again.

Sinn 104 St Sa White Dial

"Sinn 104 St Sa White Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this watch. I have no complaints about it at the moment, after wearing it almost every day for 3 weeks. It's a great size for my 6.5 wrist and I love the glossy white dial.

Customer Service was great and thorough.

My Favorite Sinn

"My Favorite Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 is a phenomenal everyday watch - this is no secret. I've owned the black dial before, but this white dial takes it to another level. It somehow makes it even more versatile on a variety of straps and gives it that extra little bit of differentiation I was craving.

Absolutely love the piece and the service was top notch as always from Watchbuys!

Sinn 104W on H-Link

"Sinn 104W on H-Link"

Verified Owner Comments: This Sinn 104 is a fantastic piece. At 41mm it fits my 7.5'' sized wrist quite well. I was glad that I went with the bracelet. The bracelet is well built even if the clasp leaves a bit to be desired. Sinn watches are priced fairly for what you get.

Watchbuys was great to deal with. Good communication and quick shipping. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Watchbuys again!

Sinn 104 w review

"Sinn 104 w review"

Verified Owner Comments: It's a great watch that i'll own for years. If you're hesitating buying this watch then just get it. The white looks more classy and looks great with the black contrasting bezel.

Watchbuys is a great service and would recommend 100%

Sinn 104 White on H-Link

"Sinn 104 White on H-Link"

Verified Owner Comments: Just got this watch a few weeks ago and I love it. The finishing and attention to details is exceptional and on par with watches that cost significantly more. I highly recommend this watch.

I'm glad I bought this on the H-Link bracelet. It's very comfortable and looks great. The clasp isn't the best out there, but it is solid and well built. It's worth the extra money over the strap if you're a bracelet guy/girl. That being said, this watch will look great and a ton of different straps.

Watchbuys was great to deal with. They shipped it right away, contacted me to go over a few details, and I got the watch the next day.

104 watch superstar

"104 watch superstar"

Verified Owner Comments: Everyone already knows the 104 is a great watch, it does not disappoint. I favor the white face and the bracelet is great, glad I elected for it.

Also watchbuys is great!

Sinn 104 white

"Sinn 104 white"

Verified Owner Comments: Umm What can I say this is a fantastic and beautiful time piece, love the white dial thanks watchbuy, I would love to purchase another watch from you guys in the future!

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had this watch for about two weeks now and I am more than pleased. The craftsmanship is superb. The time keeping is spot on. Very comfortable to wear. This is my perfect daily watch.

Beautiful Sinn 104 White

"Beautiful Sinn 104 White"

Verified Owner Comments: I already had a Sinn 104 with the black dial so I knew what I was getting. I like them both but find the white dial a bit more distinctive and different. The size for me is perfect because my wrist is on the thin side. At 41mm that's about as large as I go but because this watch is not too thick it wears well on a smaller wrist and under a shirt cuff. I love the clean dial and fine markers.

It's also a great value within the Sinn lineup. Highly recommended.

Great watch and great transaction

"Great watch and great transaction"

Verified Owner Comments: The buying experience from WatchBuys was fantastic. I received a personal email when the watch became available. And it was just my luck I only had to wait a few days.

The customer service was so helpful as I could tell I was emailing with an actual employee, not an off-shore support service. I received the watch very quickly. Within 2-3 business days of purchase I believe. And the watch itself is amazing. The Sinn 104 (white dial) is a wonderful addition to my collection.

I would most certainly buy again from WatchBuys. Thanks guys! Colin