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Opinion on watchbuys

"Opinion on watchbuys"

Verified Owner Comments: Great experience!!! Fast, great service, and transparent. I appreciate their rep calls you to inform you they received payment and they are ready to ship.

Watch came as expected and I’m loving it. Will definitely reconfirmed them and I will buy again from them…first I need to start saving!!, lol! Manuel

Excellent Craftsmanship

"Excellent Craftsmanship"

Verified Owner Comments: I could not be happier with my Sinn 104. The build quality is exceptional and the style is eye-catching. I get comments about this watch pretty much everywhere I go. If you are on the fence about whether to go for this one, I can't recommend it highly enough!

The 104 is perfect first automatik

"The 104 is perfect first automatik"

Verified Owner Comments: I looked at many brands of mechanical watches over the last couple years and kept coming back to this Sinn 104 in white. I really just wanted a solid automatic (my first) and this white dialed version did it for me.

I work remotely for a German company and I asked a coworker (a watch nut) what he thought a good brand was. With no hesitation he said Sinn. Glad I followed his advice. I only wish it didn't take me two years to decide.. haha!

Deserving of its reputation

"Deserving of its reputation"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 series enjoys an excellent reputation in the watch community and after having finally receiving one from Watchbuys,

I now understand why. Three things stand out:

1. It fits a wide variety of wrists due to its compact size and low overall weight
2. It has a unique blend of a crisply-printed dial, entirely-polished case finish, and potent C3 Super-LumiNova lume and
3. Its design is technically one of a pilot watch but the unusual rotating countdown bezel and day/date complication provides an overall utility that makes this watch very versatile in everyday use.

The white dial variant I have looks great on virtually every strap I mount it on, from colorful NATOs to leather to perlon straps.

Sinn 104 White Dial

"Sinn 104 White Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: I had heard this company had a good reputation which is why I went with them.

Customer service was superior and a call was made to me to confirm order and nail down an exact shipping / arrival date - sometimes a nosey wife can ruin the new watch experience, lol.

The watch arrived on the expected date. It was a great day, packaged perfectly and well protected. Perfect condition as I expected. A stunner which I doubt will ever leave my collection.

Will definitely buy here again. Thank you and highly recommend.

Sinn 104 I St Sa White on Strap

"Sinn 104 I St Sa White on Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: I've this this Sinn 104 I St Sa White on Strap for 2 weeks, So love It for daily wear The watch has vintage, crystal & sporty look

Classic tool watch

"Classic tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great, versatile watch. The white dial makes it a true strap monster. It's a good size and thickness, even for smaller wrists. The polished case means you can even get it to work at the office, with the right strap. Do NOT expect luxury-level finishing and assembly (i.e. Alignment, printing, etc) . This is still a tool/instrument. A tough watch that happens to be great-looking.

Sinn 104 I St Sa White

"Sinn 104 I St Sa White"

Verified Owner Comments: Love this watch. Sits well on the wrist and the dial is incredibly legible in all types of light.

The Watch Buys customer support was fantastic. The watch came in on time and I had no issues whatsoever.

Great Daily

"Great Daily"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my 2nd Sinn and I’ve been wearing if for about 2 weeks. Its a strap monster, looking good on natos, leather and dive straps. Extremely versatile piece and not so expensive that I’m not concerned swimming, take out hiking ect. The leather band is nice, but rather large so I will have to put in an extra hole. I think I should have bought the H-Link bracelet option as I will probably wind up getting it at some point.

Classic in the Making

"Classic in the Making"

Verified Owner Comments: This will be the vintage watch we all want and remember in 10-20 years, the white dial will age so beautifully with a timeless style. I was torn colors but their a reason these are in higher demand, such a clean look. Put it on a medium brown rustic strap and you may never change straps again.

Shout out to their communication and shipping, all aces.

Sinn 104 from WatchBuys

"Sinn 104 from WatchBuys"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been eyeing the Sinn 104 I St Sa White for some time and now that it is on my wrist, I could not be happier. The 41mm size, downsloping lugs, and low case height ensure that it wears great. It is versatile working as a tool watch as well as dressing up for the office. The dial is a beautiful design with sub-second markers giving you precise readings from the syringe hands.

Great experience buying for WatchBuys. I placed the order on a Sunday. As this was my first purchase from them, they called me on Monday to confirm the details. The watch was in my hands on Wednesday, nicely packaged and in perfect condition.

First Sinn won't be last

"First Sinn won't be last"

Verified Owner Comments: My first Sinn. Impressed with craftsmanship, build quality, fit and finish. Would certainly consider another Sinn model.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: Got this watch for Christmas 2018. First six months, watch was quartz like accurate. Now, about 9 seconds slow per day. My white dial came with the dark brown leather strap. The leather on the inside of the keepers separated, Watchbuys replaced the strap quickly and without hassle.

I wanted to replace the strap with the light brown strap that comes with the green dial. Watchbuys would not do that. I offered to pay any difference, I was told no. They replaced what I bought without hassle, but I feel the change in straps could have been accommodated. The day and date sometimes does not change until 0730. One time the day changed to the German spelling. I thought the accuracy would be better.

Great everyday watch

"Great everyday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I can’t say enough about this watch. It is the perfect everyday watch. The 41mm size makes it ideal to wear daily. It sits very comfortably on your wrist. There are tons of strap options for this watch. Great quality and craftsmanship for the price. I would highly recommend.

OK so far.

"OK so far."

Verified Owner Comments: So far watch is fine.



Verified Owner Comments: My 104 came in perfect order. The watch was flawless the service sublime The 104 was regulated to under +2 seconds a day after two weeks. Better than my one year old submariner Money very well spent

Amazing watch...

"Amazing watch..."

Verified Owner Comments: I have been eye balling the white 104 for months and finally decided to pull the trigger. Ever since it came in I have been obsessed with it. Really a 1 watch collection.

Great watch!

"Great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had this watch for almost a month and it has exceeded expectations. It's perfect in design and customer service from Watchbuys was top notch. I'm not keen about the black dial version but the white dial is exquisite and I love looking at it.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely love this watch! I'm a big fan of Sinn and finding WatchBuys has been great! Everything went as expected.

I'll be coming back to get a couple more Sinn's at a later time. Thank you!

Very nice watch

"Very nice watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn. Very nice watch and service.

Sinn 104 I St Sa White

"Sinn 104 I St Sa White"

Verified Owner Comments: Ordering experience was easy and fast. I received a call from Kevin confirming my order and detailing the shipping process, which turned out to be timely and safe.

The watch itself arrived in perfect condition, kept great time, and looks wonderful. This is my first, and definitely not last Sinn!

Must have watch

"Must have watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Stunning watch and great service from watchbuys.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: Very elegant watch, have not left my wrist ever since I got it also very good service from watchbuy.

Sinn 104 Review and WatchBuys Customer Service

"Sinn 104 Review and WatchBuys Customer Service"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch, great service

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and the quality of the watch is fantastic. I can't seem to take it off to rotate with any other watch. It is very practical and works in any occasion, the design is universal. The bracelet is a bit on expensive side so I went with a strap.

WatchBuys transaction was professional and fast, no complains.

Amazing! go ahead and buy one.

"Amazing! go ahead and buy one."

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch. i purchased because, well, one its sexy, and two for the countdown bezel. i use the bezel every day at work for various things (Im in manufacturing and time is everything) for what im doing the countdown is better than the count up of a diver. The strap is really nice too. Mine rocks various NATO's cuz thats just the way i am but the leather strap is top notch.

I really cant say enough good about this item and about Watchbuys. i will be using this supplier again (got my eye on the 556 next hehe)

Fantastic watch

"Fantastic watch"

Verified Owner Comments:

I’ve had this watch for almost two weeks and it has not left my wrist. The quality rivals many luxury watches. Absolutely stunning dial. Love the bidirectional bezel. Leather strap is of great quality. Money very well spent.

Also great customer service which made the experience even better.

Loving my Sinn

"Loving my Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: I researched for weeks on my first watch purchase over $150, and couldn't be happier with the Sinn 104. Currently wearing it with a black silicone strap which is perfect for the summer. The stock brown leather strap seems to be high quality but will need some time to break in.

All in all a perfect every day watch and WatchBuys was great to work with!

Fantastic timepiece!

"Fantastic timepiece!"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 is incredible value for money with a build quality and finishing that is very high level for the price point. Watchbuys was very thorough and easy to deal with.

SINN 104

"SINN 104"

Verified Owner Comments: First off, I want to personally thank the various customer representatives for the excellent service and information provided throughout the watch buying process.


The watch itself is beautiful. It is extremely versatile and can be used while being either dressed up or dressed down. 41 mm is the perfect size for me . The white dial is extremely legible and the lume is outstanding. If I had any complaints, it would be with the strap. I opted for the Cowhide Black / White Stitch - Alligator Grain (SI-943) strap and, to be honest, I was not impressed. The buckle /tang appear to be a bit flimsy and the strap itself a bit uncomfortable. Apparently my wrist size is such so that the watch is either much too tight or too loose. I may eventually look into an aftermarket strap.

Sinn perfection

"Sinn perfection"

Verified Owner Comments: An absolute stunner. Elegant size and finish. My new favorite in my 15 watch collection.

Excellent All-Purpose Watch

"Excellent All-Purpose Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I have worn the Sinn 104 (white dial) for 2 weeks. The craftsmanship of this watch is first-rate. The white dial is beautiful. Everything pops.

I appreciate the simplicity of the design. The dial is exceedingly legible. I wondered if is 41mm size might be too large for my 6.5 in. wrist, but this Sinn 104 is a perfect fit. There are a ton of straps that look great on this watch. The dark brown leather strap it comes with is high-quality, very thick, and takes a couple weeks to break in.

Sinn nailed the overall aesthetic for this watch. It can adapt well to work, play, and formal occasions. The high quality and style exceeds most watch brands I researched at this price point. Sinn doesn't take any shortcuts with the design and manufacturing. I feel that this watch delivers a lot of quality for price.

Beyond that, the customer service from Watchbuys was first rate. Shipping was very fast. Two representatives reached out to me to ensure customer satisfaction. I would not hesitate buying another watch from Watchbuys.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is the 2nd Sinn of my collection and has easily become my daily wear. Sinn's attention to detail continues to amaze. The bezel action is wonderfully done and the wearability on the wrist is outstanding.

First Sinn

"First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first foray into German watches. It is superb! Love the size, quality, fit and finish. I put it on a Staib mesh and its simple stunning. Its incredibly versatile and definitely a keeper.

Great watch!

"Great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is sharp looking, accurate and comfortable.

As an added bonus, the days of the week can be set to the German language, so I've learned the days of the week in German!