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Fantastic Watch!

"Fantastic Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn watch and it is an absolutely gorgeous watch. The on-line pictures do not do this watch justice. The silver guilloche dial is striking, especially in different lighting situations. This watch is just a joy to wear and sits nicely on the wrist. Fits perfect on my 19cm wrist along with being very light weight and very easy to tell the day, date and time. Especially for these old blurry eyes.

I am so glad I purchased the watch with Sinn satinized fine link bracelet. Truly a stunning bracelet that is extremely comfortable to wear and very easy to adjust thanks to the link hex/allen screw design. As a bonus, the 2 hex/allen wrenches required to adjust the bracelet are included in the box. It took a whole 2 minutes to remove a link and make the bracelet size fit perfectly to my wrist.

The dual push button locking design of the clasp is very secure and not once have I felt the watch was going to come off my wrist. A strap/bracelet removal tool is also included in the box. The chronograph buttons give a very satisfying "Click” that is common to German watches. Love that "Click” sound! You absolutely know when one of the chronograph buttons is pushed.

After measuring the accuracy of the 356 Flieger III on a timegrapher, I consistently get +/- 2 to 6 sec per day with a 0 to 0.2ms beat error, depending on the measurement angle of the watch. Not great, but very good. Sometimes it takes a month or two for the movement to "break-in”. Since I have only been wearing this watch for a few weeks, these numbers should improve over time. The screw down crown works perfectly and setting the watch is very easy if required. The stop second function of the watch also permits exact time settings to a reference source time like an atomic clock.

As another bonus, the transparent case back lets you into a finely detailed and elegant SW 500-1 movement. Sinn definitely put some nice finishing touches inside the 356 with heat treated blue screws, finely detailed guilloche base plate with a fine circular pattern and a very nice Sinn specific rotor for automatic winding of the watch! Two very minor nitpicks. I wish the Lum was a little brighter and the bracelet had a micro/fine adjustment mechanism in the clasp. In the end, just an all-around fantastic watch!

This may be my first Sinn watch, but definitely will not be my last! Highly recommended!

Awesome all Around

"Awesome all Around"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first higher-end watch and first automatic. I decided on a Sinn after a fair amount of research and glad I did. Not only is it a great watch - really a marvel of engineering an artistry right on my wrist - but it's also rather unique which, for me, was a plus.

The Model III is really sharp. The sliver dial looks great on the fine link bracelet and I'm really glad I opted for that pairing. It's totally appropriate wear for a board room, a formal event, a casual evening out or a round of golf. I live in the U.S. and have never seen a Sinn advertisement or sports sponsorship I think the brand is pretty under-the-radar here and I like that.

I don't mind paying for quality and Sinn delivers it but without as much marketing costs baked in as a lot of the other watches I was considering. In fact, I had budgeted a bit more than I ended up paying for this watch but frankly didn't see the need to spend so much once I found the Flieger III. It's a great option if you're into maximizing value and less concerned about brand status.

That said, watch enthusiast who've stoped me for a look typically know and appreciate the Sinn name (though few had seen one in person before.) I'm not sure what all that means for resell value vs. better-known brands, but I have no plans to sell it anyway I hope to just pass it down someday to someone who appreciates it as much as I do. It certainly has the classic look and build quality of a true heirloom watch. I will point out the fine link bracelet version I have does not feature the hex screws on the removable links that are found on the H-link bracelet. It has slot heads that come set VERY tight. I'm pretty handy and followed the manual using the provided driver and still managed to strip the slots on a couple before giving up and taking it to a jeweler to size it. I wish I had just done that to begin with.

I will say WatchBuys was totally accommodating when I called about the screws and sent me some replacements they had in stock. In fact, they were great to deal with throughout the purchase. I ask a lot of questions and they were very accommodating and knowledgeable. I admit to being a bit apprehensive about buying a luxury watch from an online retailer at first but I have only good things to say about the experience and would definitely buy from them again.