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Fantastic Watch

"Fantastic Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: thoroughly enjoying my EZM3. personally I feel Sinn represents great value for money. Love the bead blasted finish, and the H-link bracelet (you get the tool to change out the strap and two small allen key wrenches to size the bracelet). perfect size and very legible, crown function feels precise.

Watchbuys was great, they called me after I ordered and after I received the watch in the mail to make sure everything went smooth. satisficed with entire experience and the EZM3 is my new daily driver.

Luv this watch!

"Luv this watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch looks so much nicer in the flesh! The red date can be a little difficult to see in certain lighting, but this is a diving watch meant to give you only what you really need at depth! I like the red accents also.

If your not going to dive with it then the vintage strap with red accents looks great!

Amazing and Unique Tool Watch!

"Amazing and Unique Tool Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I own 10 other watches from quality brands such as IWC, Panerai, JLC, Grand Seiko and Blancpain. This watch holds it's own with all of these.

Legibility is excellent. It packs in so many features for such a reasonable price point. close to chronometer timekeeping. Only losing 2-3 seconds a day over first two weeks. So comfortable, dont want to take it off. I have small wrists (7.25 in) and it's a perfect fit. Yeah date is hard to read unless light hits it just right but really dont care and it makes sense given the understated dial.

Watchbuys is awesome and would purchase from them again.

Sinn EZM3

"Sinn EZM3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Purchased my EZM and absolutely love it. Build quality is fantastic and it is a very comfortable size for anybody’s wrist. Have purchased a 556 and had a U-1 and the lume on the EZM3 is the best of the 3. Bezel is a little tight but is very precise and lines Up perfectly.

Very happy with my purchase and it will be my perfect everyday go to watch for any occasion!

Sinn EZM3 Diver watch

"Sinn EZM3 Diver watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I ordered this watch very late and asked for next-day delivery. Watchbuys succeeded in sending it to me on time.

The Watch was packaged perfectly and after twelve days of testing in accordance with COSC criterias it fulfills chronometer requirements.

I recommend Watchbuys and Sinn EZM3

Awesome Tool Watch

"Awesome Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I know that Tool Watch is cliche with many other brands out there producing tough/rugged watches, but the EZM 3 is in it's own class. I am in a profession that requires such a watch and after doing extensive research on the EZM 1 and EZM 1.1 : I opted for the EZM 3.

This watch is thinner and is easy to read like the 1 and 1.1 I have to check my watches constantly for the date and unlike other reviews, I haven't had a problem with legibility of having a black disc with red numbers. I have beaten this watch up since obtaining it and if you're on the fence, jump over and enjoy!

Excellent Timepiece

"Excellent Timepiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I did considerable research on watches before finally deciding on the Sinn EZM 3F. I was looking for a rugged, over-engineered, cool, straight-forward watch that I can wear every day, in almost any setting - I definitely made the right decision.

The fit, finish, materials, and quality of construction of this watch are superlative. I've scrutinized every detail of this watch - and continue to do so - and find everything to be top notch. One of my prime considerations when selecting a watch was how it would look on my wrist. I have rather thin wrists (a.k.a. girly-man wrists): for that reason and the fact that I detest the current trend of wearing watches the size of dinner plates, I intentionally chose a smaller case diameter. IMO, this watch looks substantial and masculine without appearing pretentious or gaudy.

When I first received my watch I noticed that it was running quite fast. It would gain 40+ seconds per day. I contacted the Watchbuys chat operators and explained the situation. The gentleman I chatted with said that that degree of variance was not within specs for Sinn or for Watchbuys, so I should return it to the Sinn-authorized U.S. watchmakers (RGM) to be recalibrated. I did that and when I got my watch back from RGM it is now accurate to within +- 1 second/day!

The watch itself is a fantastic timepiece that I truly enjoy wearing every day. Watchbuys customer assistance during the research/purchase process AND service after the sale have been excellent. In my experience with RGM their staff was courteous, professional, and responsive. All things considered I couldn't be more pleased with my Sinn EZM 3F from Watchbuys. I strongly recommend both.

The Perfect Watch!

"The Perfect Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The most compact and comfortable 500 meter dive watch ever. The EZM line is a breeze to read. It possesses most of the technical features that Sinn has pioneered. Mine is the bracelet model but for everyday I wear it on strap.

I believe it has the highest anti-magnetic rating of any of their watches. I also has the widest temperature operating range as well. Sinn only uses the highest grade movements. It wears quite well on my 7.25 wrist. The left hand crown is certainly the way to go from a comfort perspective.

On a separate note, I have attended the Watchbuys NY Road Show and met with some of their representatives personally. They are a top notch crew and look forward to a lasting relationship with them. Sinn watches are a remarkable value. If you're sitting on the fence... go ahead and pull trigger. You won't regret it.

Sinn EZM3

"Sinn EZM3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've had my EZM3 for two weeks now and I absolutely loved it. Just can't take it off my wrist! The dial, case and the bracelet are all very high quality, and together make a nice tool watch.

Also, nice service from WatchBuys as always!

EMZ3, Best Tool Watch

"EMZ3, Best Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Every watch has to have something, this has many. Anti-Magnetic protection like the Rolex Miligauss, 500m Depth certified, Ar gas/Copper Sulfate capsule/EDR seals, special temp proof oils, left hand offset crown, and ar coating on both sides of the sapphire crystal. It's the second highest level of ETA 2824-2 calibre (TOP), has a great bead blasted finish and subdued dial.

I wear this more than my Rolex Seadweller or my Omega Seamaster because it's just more interesting. It's also inconspicuous as virtually no one but watch nerds will know what a Sinn is. No regrets.

It's just ok

"It's just ok"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Honestly, I'm not blown away by the watch. The watch is pretty plain jane, and the red date window is impossible to see under almost any condition. 

Watchbuys was a great experience and I wouldn't hesitate buying from them again.

The Sinn EZM-3 is a Great watch!

"The Sinn EZM-3 is a Great watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've really enjoyed my new Sinn EZM-3. I've worn it every day for about 3 weeks now. The bead-blasted finish is very attractive and works well with my suit-and-tie daily work attire.

The watch face is very clean and easy to ready with a quick glance.

Incredible Watch

"Incredible Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This was my second Sinn but my first purchased new and my first experience with WatchBuys. 

I can honestly say that both aspects were an excellent experience. 

Starting with the excellent customer service and finishing with receiving my EZM 3 the watch is a masterpiece. The blasted finish is flawless and it's keeping perfect time. This is a seriously impressive timepiece and well worth the money.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my favorite Sinn.

Just like any Sinn watch, the build quality is excellent. Perfect dimensions. Thin enough to slide under a shirt cuff. Versatile, able to dress up or down. Amazing technology! It's just an all around great watch. The bracelet fits very nice and is easy to size with the included tool.

Customer service, as always, was superb.

Better than Expected

"Better than Expected"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have to say that when I received my EZM3 I was blown away.

It wears larger than it's 40mm size would suggest. Fit and finish are typical Sinn that is to say excellent. Great Watchbuys service to boot.

A can't miss in my opinion.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Perfect "use any time, go anywhere" watch.

Purposeful built, yet dress watch size and handsome looks. The reason the date wheel was done in red is to separate those numbers from the white numbers going around the dial. Would have looked pretty cluttered there around 4 o'clock. Actually makes sense, and the date is still there for you.

EZM 3 on Strap

"EZM 3 on Strap"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I Like the watch a lot. But the red date is hard to read.

I am used to wearing 42-44 mm watches and I was worried about the 40mm case. It wears big and I love feel of it. I can say it has been a long time that I could wear a watch all day and forget I have one on. The weight for me is perfect.

It's a keeper.


"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: A watch made for the German Border Forces was a fitting choice for my own profession here in America. My proclivity for this watch over other divers was its reasonable size of 40 mm.

The EZM 3 is appropriate for any setting from formal business meetings to guarding the border. As others have stated, the only feature for which this watch can be criticized is its date wheel. The selected color is difficult to read when ambient light is moderate to low luminosity. Sinn designed this watch for nonessential information to disappear during operations. Unfortunately, this feature works all too well.

Nevertheless, the EZM 3 is still a great choice and a worthy addition to any collection.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Very high quality, perfectly sized watch. Much more wrist presence than I thought it would have. Very rich looking and combination of anti-reflective crystal and bezel is very handsome. Mine keeps great time.

A little weird getting used to the reverse crown location but it was intended as a functional dive watch. Negatives? Lume doesn't last long and the date is almost impossible to read (red like the Argon label). You can wear this as a casual watch but it looks fine with a suit. Versatile and classy. I get lots of compliments.

Love it.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Excellent.

Bead blasted finish extremely scratch resistant, perfectly legible dial, and a great size.

Amazing watch

"Amazing watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Solid, elegant, keeps excellent time ... looks amazing on Sinn rubber strap.

EZM3 quietly annihilates the competition with superior build, function, durability, aesthetics and exclusivity

"EZM3 quietly annihilates the competition with superior build, function, durability, aesthetics and exclusivity"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Kudos to Sinn for maintaining a course of innovation and design.

The EZM3 is the quintessential tool watch yet it can transition effortlessly to the finest suit and feel right at home. The EZM3 will keep subs in hiding under their owners sleeves.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Perfect size. tough and VERY legible.

Only thing I would change would be the RED date wheel (not sure what they were thinking)


"EZM 3"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome, last of the great EZM tool watches.

Get one while you can. Love mine.

One of Germanys best!!

"One of Germanys best!!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This watch is just what I was looking for and much more.

The technology packed into this compact functional package is impressive. It is my "do it all" watch and it does it all as advertized. Easily my most useful, most worn watch.

Excellent value!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: A very good investment and a great watch to wear daily.

The best of the Sinn line

"The best of the Sinn line"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Admittedly I am biased, but this is among the most attractive tool watches there is and a "good value" compared to an EZM1 (used), Rolex Sub or other higher end watch.

I really like the brushed dial. It actually stands out is a sea of polished metal bracelets!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love mine