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Verified Owner Comments: Very easy company to deal with, the watch arrived as expected in the time frame they told me to expect it. Very easy to talk with over the telephone if you have any questions or concerns.

Would do business again in the future.

Wow...Even better than the original U1!

"Wow...Even better than the original U1!"

Verified Owner Comments: As a long-time owner of a Sinn U-1 on the dive band, pre tegimenting - I can say that the U-1 S may be even better than the original! The bracelet is very comfortable, balancing out the weight nicely (I find the original a bit top heavy without the bracelet). And it maintains the sporty, unique look of the original, but the red and white markings and accents on the face and bezel really stand out against the matte black finish.

And the cool factor of the tech in this beast of a watch cannot be overlooked - submarine tegimented steel, 1000m water resistance, captive bezel...This watch is built to survive AND look good doing it!