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Fun tool watch

"Fun tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I wanted a fun tool watch that was different and unique out of my collection. I love the finish and quality of the watch. The crystal is so clear and dial done to perfection. It does ride a little high due to the thickness but not unmanageable. The strap is a very thick and durable strap but not very comfortable, I'm sure it's very functional for as a dive watch strap. I will experiment with nato straps.

The buying experience from Watchbuys was fantastic. It was my first time buying an expensive watch on the web and the experience was very positive. No hickups, great pre-shipment call and quick delivery.



Verified Owner Comments: what a presence this watch has. For a 90% black watch with some white and a splash of red, this thing pops. The contrast of black, white and red just works. Needs a decent sized wrist I would think to wear well. The clasp is long and may cause problems on a small wrist.

Even at 3K, this watch is a bargain. I have more expensive watches that don't live up to their price tags. This one does. I have wanted a U1 for several years but never pulled the trigger until the all blacks came out. Glad I waited.

Exceeded expectations

"Exceeded expectations"

Verified Owner Comments: WOW! I just received this watch today, and had my doubts about the PVD finish. I have seen the darkness and I am a believer! The quality of the timepiece easily rivals the Tudor Pelagos I bought this past May.

And the minimalism of the Black dial is breathtaking. I had a Sinn U2 that I sold soon after I purchased the Pelagos, and honestly as nice as the U2 was, the U1 is the watch to beat IMO.

Simply Awesome

"Simply Awesome"

Verified Owner Comments: I am a long time Watchbuys customer. I have owned a few different Sinn models over the years. This is my 3rd U1. You'd think after the second one I'd stop flipping these amazing time pieces! Well as they say, 3rd time is a charm.

You can look at the reviews under the standard U1 to see how amazing this model is. Now receiving my first in all black, I have to say, this one is off the charts and even better! Even with my small wrists (6.25), the U1 wears just fine. It doesn't look too big and fits great. While I agree with the other review that the clasp is a bit overkill, it is sturdy and does it's job well. Desk diving is no problem and it doesn't feel awkward on my wrist. The strap is super heavy duty and very comfortable.

I haven't taken the watch off in 3 days and I don't even know it's there. I dive, hike, swim and do all kinds of activity. This watch will get put through the test. I'm sure it will do great! The lume seems to have improved over the years, but could still be a bit better. Though charging it with a Surefire before bed it glows until the morning enough to see it. I wish Sinn would go to a 120 click bezel instead of a 60 click, but that's not a deal breaker. I'd also like to see some micro adjusts added to the clasp. The downside to having to cut the strap is that if you lose or gain weight, or the seasons change and your wrist changes a bit, you're SOL in the adjustment department. I plan to put it on a leather soon and reserved the rubber strap for water time.

In 3 days it's gained 1 second per day! No complaints there! So if there was a rating chart and 100 was perfect, I'd give the U1 a 98!

Sinn U1 Black

"Sinn U1 Black"

Verified Owner Comments: It's a beautiful watch.

The design is unique. Love the way the second hand seems to float over the dial. The rotating bezel doesn't quite line up at 12:00 and is a bit sloppy. The clasp on the rubber band is much too long and causes the watch not to sit right on the wrist.

I put a NATO on the 2nd day. For more than $2000 it should be right.