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Hard-Working Tool Chrono

"Hard-Working Tool Chrono"

Verified Owner Comments: The matte finish on this edition reinforces what is great about Sinn watches: they are designed to do a job. The 12-hour chronograph on this watch is perfect for timing tasks, both high- and low-stakes, and I find the ability to track a second elapsed time interval with the bezel to be really useful, too. Think timing an overall trip and an individual leg...or multiple steps of a recipe.

The classic design is legible, precise and a little bit nostalgic, without feeling like its trying too hard. Long story short, an all around great watch.

Love it!

"Love it!"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is beautiful, and you can tell by the look and feel of it how great the build quality is. It is my first Sinn watch, and I'm so impressed with this model I'm sure it won't be my last. The leather strap is also very nice and comfortable, with thick leather and quality white stitching along the sides.

I was hesitant about the acrylic crystal, but I am glad I decided on it versus the more expensive model with the sapphire. The acrylic gives the watch a very cool look which is hard to describe without seeing it in person. It feels warmer than my other watches with sapphire crystals, if that makes any sense. If the acrylic scratches, apparently they are easily buffed out using PolyWatch.

It wears very nicely on my 6.5 wrists. It is running +-1 second a day for the two weeks I've been wearing it. I love the bi-directional bezel, and the friction movement makes it more accurate to set versus the standard click movement bezel in other watches I own. It is easy to move, but not easy enough to move that it happens on accident. The matte finished stainless steel on this limited edition model also looks excellent.

I love this watch, I couldn't recommend it enough.

A beautiful Chronograph!

"A beautiful Chronograph!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been looking At chronographs for about six months and decided on a traditional Sinn pilot . It is beautifully made and has a top grade well proven ETA 7750 movement that has been adjusted by Sinn in five positions.

Not only is it a great chronograph but Sinn is not well known in America so it’s unique and the brand has an interesting history Watch buys has been very helpful they are knowledgeable and offer excellent service I also have dealt in the past with RGM Sinn’s authorized service center in the US I consider Roland Murphy and his team at RGM one of the top in the country .

I am 66 and I’ve been collecting watches since the age of 16 when I saved $185 from my paper route to buy an Omega speed master Moonwatch which unfortunately was subsequently stolen from my school locker 🤦‍♂️ I highly recommend Sinn and watch buys !

Tool Watch with Style at A Value Price

"Tool Watch with Style at A Value Price"

Verified Owner Comments: Yes, you can get another brand of Valjoux 7750 watch somewhere else for less, but it wouldn't have anywhere near the time proven design elements - sorry for the bad pun - that have made the Sinn 103 so popular for many years.

The matte finishing of this watch helps to minimize scratches which is a feature I like. Accuracy is around +3 seconds a day, within COSC standards even though it is not chronometer rated.

I am very pleased with this purchase.