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Lifetime watch

"Lifetime watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is really wonderful. It seems to be basically impervious to normal wear and tear. Mine has proven to be very accurate and extremely robust. It’s a very sharp looking timepiece.

It definitely gets a lot of admiring glances and quite a few inquiries. It really shines in low-light environments. It’s lume is excellent. The watch design is so highly legible that even after being in the dark for hours you can still make out the time. It’s so legible that under most nighttime scenarios where there’s just a tiny bit of light, the watch is still easily read.

It looks amazing in the soft glow of a nighttime aircraft cockpit with instrument lights turned down to their dimmest setting. I love it. Easily the most impressive timepiece, from a technological standpoint, in my collection.

amazing quality

"amazing quality"

Verified Owner Comments: Sinn watches must be one of the best values on the watch market the quality of Sinn watches and engineering in each watch is amazing especially for the price.

Also Watchbuys is a great company and customer service is excellent have bought 3 watches from them. Fast ship also